sierraboggesslittlemermaidlarge.jpgAs promised, Jeremie’s Little Mermaid interview series continues today, with something really special: he’s literally jumped back to Ariel’s beginning to speak with none other than lyricist Glenn Slater, composer Alan Menken’s new collaborator in bringing the original 1989 animated classic to the Broadway stage.

The show’s been treading the boards for a good few months now, but we seem to have heard relatively little about it since it opened. So, as part of our Mermaid celebrations, we’re taking a dive under the sea for a sneak peek behind the scenes of Disney’s latest magical, musical extravaganza, and it’s a conversation you won’t want to miss.

Glenn reveals all about what’s gone in to making the Broadway adaptation of one of Disney’s most cherished films a most special live event (and it certainly looks most lavish), and even teases an upcoming project that he’s been working on with Danny Elfman, which he “can’t say too much about right now”, but if I’m guessing correctly that it has anything to do re-animated canine corpses, I’m more than a little excited.

We’re going to have a few more reviews come up for you this week, and don’t forget that still to come on Friday is Jeremie’s final Mermaid article: staying with the 1989 film is a tribute to Ariel’s original lyricist Howard Ashman, by those very close to him.

So…stay tooned! – Ben.