Month: February 2008

WALL•E site updated, New poster

UpcomingPixar shares some updates on the Pixar’s upcoming film WALL•E. According to the site, Disney/Pixar have updated the Official WALL•E website with some new animations and music from the film. In addition to this, the blogsite also shares a link featuring a new poster for WALL•E. A super-high res version of the poster can be […]

Interview with Claymation pioneer Will Vinton

Filmthreat has an exclusive interview with Academy award winning Claymation pioneer Will Vinton wherein he reflects back on his early evolution as a filmmaker and animator. Vinton, who helped to perfect and commercialize the art, even holds a registered trademark on the term “Claymation.” In the interview, Vinton talks about various short films he worked […]

Meet Madame Tutli-Putli and one of her directors!

Our latest interview: Jeremie speaks to the co-director of the Oscar-nominated Madame Tutli-Putli!

Madame Tutli-Putli vs. The Crazy Locomotive

Animated Views’ Jeremie Noyer speaks to Marciek Szczerbowski, co-director of the Oscar-nominated Madame Tutli-Putli!

DreamWorks drops HD DVD

Despite a baffling announcement yesterday that the studio was stuck with HD DVD despite the disc’s recent demise, it seems DreamWorks will be dropping the format according to High Def Digest. The HD DVD version of Bee Movie, which was set for release in less than two weeks, has been cancelled. Whether a Blu-ray version […]

Freddie Highmore to voice Astro Boy

ComingSoon reports that Freddie Highmore, the young star of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and The Spiderwick Chronicles, is set to voice the title character in Imagi’s upcoming adaption of the classic manga series, Astro Boy. “I am very thrilled that Freddie has accepted this role,” producer Maryann Garg said concerning the news. “He is […]

It's the Superman music box set, Charlie Brown!

We review the latest WB Peanuts release, plus the announcement of an awesome looking Superman music score collection!

DreamWorks sticking with HD DVD?

Even though every other major Hollywood studio has come out in support of the Blu-ray high definition disc format Reuters is reporting that DreamWorks, for the time being, is sticking with HD DVD. This despite the fact that Toshiba, the primary hardware backer of the format, has all but killed it off. The Digital Bits […]

It’s The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown: Remastered Deluxe Edition

Though not especially “deluxe,” this disc nonetheless contains two pretty darn good Peanuts specials as well as a nice featurette.

How To Train Your Dragon release date pushed back

ComingSoon reports that the original release date of DreamWork’s CG flick How To Train Your Dragon has been changed from November 20, 2009 to March 26, 2010. The animated comedy follows the efforts of a boy named Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III to capture and train a small dragon to pass an initiation.

Hoodwinked 2 cast information

ComingSoon reports that Hoodwinked director Cory Edwards has revealed the cast for the the upcoming sequel Hoodwinked 2: Red Vs Evil, which he is currently co-writing. While Glenn Close, Patrick Warburton, David Ogden Stiers, and Andy Dick are returning for part two, Anne Hathaway, who previously provided the voice for Red Riding Hood, will be […]

Slew of Horton posters

A handful of new posters from the upcoming CGI comedy, Horton Hears A Who!, have appeared at Internet Movie Poster Awards. The one-sheets feature individual character posters as well as group shots. Horton and the gang will be hitting theaters this March 14th.

Wall-E featured in Total Film Magazine

Scans of a Wall-E centered article in Total Film Magazine can be found at First Showing. Several new images can be seen in the scans, including concept art, movie stills, and a photo of director Andrew Stanton. The article also includes and interview with Stanton, who gives information on both the creation and plot of […]

Sleeping Beauty Platinum Edition DVD cover art

UltimateDisney has posted the cover art for the upcoming Sleeping Beauty Platinum Edition DVD which will hit the stores on October 7, 2008. A Blu-Ray release will also be made available, day-and-date with the new standard re-issue.

Grindhouse with Bunnies

The Starz Bunnies are up with their “60-ish seconds” version of Grindhouse which summarizes both features and also includes a trailer medley. Bunnies’ version can be watched here.

Warner Bros. Academy Award Animation Collection: 15 Winners, 26 Nominees

15 winning cartoons and 26 nominated ones make up a terrific 41-short film collection, and while there are some drawbacks, the bonus material makes this a winner.

And the Academy Awards went to…; plus much more in our Oscars Special!

Oscar Special, with 2008 coverage, interviews with nominees Jan Pinkava and Michael Giacchino, Warners’ Oscar cartoon collection reviewed, contest winners announced, new contests and more!

Jan Pinkava reveals “les ropes” of Ratatouille

Jeremie Noyer talks to Jan Pinkava about his Pixar short Geri’s Game and his original version of the feature film Ratatouille!

Michael Giacchino cooks up tasty tunes for Ratatouille!

Jeremie Noyer talks to Oscar-nominated composer Michael Giacchino about cooking up his themes for Ratatouille!

Enchanted Giveaway – Winners Announced!

Magic yourself one of three copies of Disney’s Enchanted – Winners Announced!

One Of One Hundred And One Dalmatians – Winners!

Walt Disney’s One Hundred And One Dalmatians: Platinum Edition – Winners Announced!

Archie’s Funhouse: The Complete Series – Winners!

Archie’s Funhouse: The Complete Series – Winners Announced!

Ratatouille wins Oscar

Brad Bird picked up his second Academy Award as Ratatouille took the prize for Best Animated Feature. It is the third time a Pixar film has won the award. Suzie Templeton and Hugh Welchman won Best Animated Short Film for their stop motion version of Peter and the Wolf. Best Visual Effects went to Michael […]

Wall•E Wondercon Panel

A summarization of several panels at this year’s Wondercon has been posted at ComingSoon. Included in the article is a report of Wall•E‘s panel, which featured director Andrew Stanton as a speaker. He describes Wall•E as a love story that follows a cinematic style set by sci-fi movies of the 70’s, also mentioning a new […]

Popeye the Sailor: 1938-1940 Volume Two DVD in June

DVDActive reports that Warner Home Video has announced the release of Popeye the Sailor: 1938-1940 Volume Two on dvd. The 2-disc set will include 31 uncut and remastered shorts and will be available in stores from 17th June. Extras on the discs will include Commentaries, Popeye Popumentary featurettes, an “Out of the Inkwell: The Fleischer […]

Oscar night approaches, as does Bravestarr!

The Oscars are coming! Bravestarr is here!

Bravestarr: Volume One

Here we have thirty-three episodes of westen-style space opera, as the good marshal battles numerous outlaws on New Texas.

Verbinski, King & Logan to make animated film

Gore Verbinski, director of all three Pirates Of The Caribbean films, and The Departed producer Graham King are teaming up to develop an animated feature, reports ComingSoon. John Logan, nominated for an Academy Award, is in talks with the two filmmakers to pen the script for the big-budget film. Though it is not mentioned in […]

Warners adapting Akira with DiCaprio

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Leonardo DiCaprio is developing a live-action take on the classic manga feature Akira. DiCaprio will produce the film, which will be distributed by Warner Bros.

Coraline teaser

The first teaser trailer for Henry Selick’s stop-motion Coraline has appeared on Cineplex. Due out in theaters in 3D on February 6th, 2009, Coraline is the dark tale of a girl who enters a parallel reality that appears to resemble a fantasy version of her own life. The film is an adaption of a best-selling […]