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International TMNT posters

The Internet Movie Poster Awards showcases a group of international one-sheets for TMNT. From Germany arrives a new poster featuring the Ninja Turtles in action. Meanwhile, Thailand also provides a group shot, in addition to character banners for Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo.

New Pooh Christmas tale coming to DVD

Coming to stores November 20, Pooh’s Super Sleuth Christmas Movie is a spin-off from the upcoming computer animated Playhouse Disney series My Friends Tigger & Pooh. In the 70-minute feature, Pooh and his pals, including a six-year-old girl named Darby, must return Santa’s magic sack and a lost reindeer to the North Pole. Extras for […]

Toy Story makes "greatest soundtracks" list

The Observer counts down the “50 greatest film soundtracks,” with a variety that includes The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars and The Pink Panther. Surprisingly, Toy Story was the only animated entry on the menu.

9 gets eight

Coming Soon lists some of the key members in the voice cast for Shane Acker’s animated epic 9. Voicing the title role will be Elijah Wood, who joins fellow thespians Jennifer Connelly, Crispin Glover, Martin Landau, Christopher Plummer and John C. Reilly for the motion picture. 9 “takes place in a world parallel to our […]

Reprint for Jungle Book

Yahoo! Movies/Reuters briefs readers on some of the early details for the The Jungle Book Platinum Edition DVD. Interestingly, the article writes, “This month, the Platinum Edition of Pinocchio, which debuted in theaters in 1953, gave Borat a serious run for its money in stores when both titles came out the same day.” However, it […]

TV on DVD: Batman, Superman, Pussycats

In an update to a story reported last Friday, March 16, TV Shows on DVD presents the press release for both New Adventures of Superman and Batman. The Filmation titles will be available in two-disc DVD sets, on June 26. Likewise, the site notices the blog My Name is Earl Kress, where word arrives of […]

Chicken Little comes to BluRay

Disney’s Chick-Lit goes Hi-Def!

Raketu CEO Greg Parker on John K. collaboration

Animated Views talks to Greg Parker, CEO and Founder of Raketu Communications, Inc., about his company’s marketing collaboration with Ren & Stimpy creator, John Kricfalusi.

Chicken Little: Blu-ray Preview

A look at the Chicken Little Blu-ray disc, the first “Disney Classic” released in the new high definition disc format.

New Shrek the Third poster released!

In the teaser poster for Shrek the Third, a crown was seen resting upon a certain familiar forehead. Now, viewers are able to catch the famous ogre’s complete kingly attire in the latest one-sheet for the second sequel, discovered at Cinematical. As the poster explains, “He’s in the royal treatment.”

Hayao Miyazaki works on Cliff reports that Hayao Miyazaki’s next film is Gake no ue no Ponyo (Ponyo on a Cliff). Set to open summer 2008, the movie’s plot focuses on the Princess goldfish Ponyo, who longs to become human, and a five year-old boy named Sosuke. Interestingly, the model for Sosuke is Hayao’s son, Goro Miyazaki, when he […]

Adobe taps Visual Resource for animated online tour

“Visual Resource today announced the launch of A World of Barriers, a Web tour created for Adobe Systems Incorporated, highlighting the features of their new Acrobat 8 Professional product, specific to marketing professionals. The project puts every facet of the agenc’s multi-talented animation team on display.”

Ratatouille trailer's trailer

Yesterday, details were presented regarding the new Ratatouille trailer, scheduled to make its television and online premiere this Friday. Today, JV Pixar News links to the homepage of, where a click of the Ratatouille icon located in the video’s playlist will start a special preview for the upcoming trailer.

Creators DiMartino, Konietzko talk Avatar film, season finale

With SCI FI Wire, the creators of Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender, Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, reveal tremendous enthusiasm for their series’ film adaptation, to be helmed by M. Night Shyamalan. “The movie is in the earliest stages, so it is too soon to comment on exactly what we will be doing,” notes Konietzko. […]

Counting Sheep

The International departments of Aardman and Nickelodeon are teaming to bring viewers in Benelux, Spain, India, Australia and New Zealand the television series Shaun the Sheep, indicates Toy News Magazine. CBBC Newsround has a behind-the-scenes peek at Shaun, whlie a press release at E-consultancy summarizes the steps Digital Outlook is taking to promote the show.

X marks the spot for Aardman

Mobile Entertainment reports that Player X will handle the North American distribution for premium mobile video content from Aardman Animations. The deal includes videos for Wallace & Gromit, Angry Kid and Creature Comforts.

Director Anderson, producer McKim talk Robinsons

Director Steve Anderson tells SCI FI Wire that audiences of Meet the Robinsons should look out for a few sly references to a certain other famous futuristic Robinson family – the one from Lost in Space. In addition, producer Dorothy McKim explains to the site why Robinsons could very well be “the biggest 3-D release […]

Ratatouille trailer news

Presenting the most recent promotional image from the film, Coming Soon, as noticed by JV Pixar News, posts that the new U.S. Ratatouille trailer will hit this Friday, March 23rd at 9:05PM PDT. The ad’s online entrance will follow its television debut that same evening, during Cory in the House on The Disney Channel. […]

TMNT roundup #2

Superhero Hype! points to, where an online game allows visitors to fight with TMNT action figures. The earlier site also notices that eleven video clips from the CGI flick are now at A twelfth clip, “Who Said I Want To Be Led,” is now screening at IGN. In other TMNT news, contests to […]

Horton Hears more stars

Coming Soon spreads the news that Carol Burnett, Seth Rogen, Will Arnett, Isla Fisher, Dan Fogler, Amy Poehler, Dane Cook, Jaime Pressly and Jonah Hill are all lending their voices for Fox/Blue Sky’s Horton Hears a Who. The stars join a cast that already includes Jim Carrey in the title role of Horton, as well […]

A Princely Valiant review, plus best He-Man…

Prince Valiant volumes one and two get the once over, plus an archive review for the Best Of He-Man set.

Pirates go dancing with the stars; At World's End trailer debuts tonight

In the better-late-than-never department comes the news that a trailer for Disney/Bruckheimer’s much-anticipated, sure-to-be-an-enormous-blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End will premiere tonight on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars at 8pm (7 Central). See the movie’s official page for more information. The trailer will also appear on a dedicated Yahoo! Movies page that includes […]

The Legend Of Prince Valiant: Complete Series, Vol. Two

Prince Valiant is already a knight in this second volume, but his friends continue their quest to join him at the Round Table. The serial storytelling gets even more involving with the addition of romance and higher stakes for Camelot.

EXCLUSIVE! Peter Pan Platinum Edition interviews, review

Animated Views presents the article “Beaumont and Kerry: Peter Pan‘s Leading Ladies,” featuring thoughts from Wendy’s vocal artist Kathryn Beaumont and Tinker Bell’s live-action reference Margaret Kerry. Both lovely ladies share their memories of how they came to work on Pan, while also shedding light on the actions each job required. Likewise, Beaumont and Kerry […]

Pan panned…!?!??

Comments on the Peter Pan: Platinum Edition, AKA my favorite Walt Disney picture royally screwed up on DVD! After many glowing reviews online, here’s my 700lbs gorilla version…

Peter Pan: Platinum Edition

A favorite Walt Disney picture gets royally screwed up on DVD, and in a supposedly deluxe 2-disc set. Less Never Never-Land, you’ll wish this edition had never never-happened!

[Update!] Chinese Ratatouille trailer!

A brand-new trailer for Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille has been placed at YouTube, reports Upcoming Pixar. While the language spoken in the ad is English, Chinese subtitles are also displayed. Update! At the Animated News & Views Forum, ‘Kinoo’ of the website Pixar’s Room has placed the latest one-sheet for Ratatouille.

Pinocchio history lessons

Breaking down what each site has contributed thus far, Cartoon Brew highlights a group of blogs that have helped in preserving the memory of Pinocchio‘s making. Michael Sporn Animation, Inc., A. Film L.A., and Mayerson on Animation all have been involved in this special venture, honoring Walt Disney’s 1940 masterpiece and the talent behind it.

Hellboy to face The Phantom Claw

At the Hellboy Animated blog, Tad Stones reveals that the title of the third Hellboy animated adventure will be The Phantom Claw. Previous entries in the franchise include Sword of Storms and Blood & Iron.

Groening explains his work on The Simpsons

On Thursday, March 15, ‘JimBobthe3rd,’ attended the Simpsons Paley Festival event in Los Angeles. At the event, the attendee asked Matt Groening, “Your role on the show is rather mysterious. What exactly is your day-to-day role?” Ain’t It Cool News has the answer.