Month: March 2007

Walt Disney Treasures Wave 7 Announced

Breaking News: A seventh wave of the popular Walt Disney Treasures DVD sets has just been announced by Walt Disney Home Entertainment. The official press release follows:

Meet the Robinsons opens

Hitting approximately 3,413 theaters this weekend, Disney’s Meet the Robinsons is generally earning praise among critics. “Meet the Robinsons is a visually impressive children’s animated film marked by a story of considerable depth,” summarizes the consensus of Rotten Tomatoes. Still, even with good reviews, how will the film do against last weekend’s champ, TMNT, and […]

Shrek fun not so Far, Far Away is now open for business. Self-described as “a place for all things Shrek,” the site includes a multitude of activities concerning the three movies and upcoming Holiday special starring the famous ogre. Fans of the franchise may also wish to check out Coming Soon’s new behind-the-scenes featurette for Shrek the Third.

RIP Disney direct-to-video sequels?

In a three-page piece, Animation World Magazine contemplates the end of Disney direct-to-video sequels, reminiscing on the numerous follow-up titles released throughout the years. DisneyToon Studios head Sharon Morrill, as well as directors Frank Nissen (Cinderella III: A Twist in Time) and Jim Kammerud (The Fox and the Hound 2), weigh in on the matter.

Surf's Up full trailer

The full trailer for Sony Pictures Animation’s Surf’s Up is now available to view at Moviefone, in standard and HD QuickTime formats. The film’s teaser trailer may still be seen at

Sneak peek at Miyazaki's Ponyo on a Cliff

During a recent interview, master anime director Hayao Miyazaki provided more information regarding Ponyo on a Cliff. As pointed out by Twitch, artwork from the film may be seen in videos of the discussion, hosted at Ghibli World and

Meet the Robinsons roundup #3

Yahoo! Movies/Reuters considers the fine-tuning John Lasseter, Disney Feature Animation’s Chief Creative Officer, did on Meet the Robinsons, and how much effect that involvement will have on the film’s critical and financial reception. In other Robinsons headlines, Coming Soon speaks with members of the movie’s cast and crew, in a new video featurette. Providing their […]

Canadian NFB moves into Hothouse

The National Film Board of Canada has opened the doors to Hothouse. This exciting venture includes a podcast series that follows eight emerging filmmakers as they create their first professional animated film via the NFB Animation Studio’s Hothouse Program. Mentoring the directors is none other than Torill Kove, who recently took a Best Animated Short […]

DVD details: Arthur & the Invisibles

DVD Active has the lowdown on what consumers may expect from the Arthur & the Invisibles DVD, to be released on May 15. “Extras will include a ‘Voices of Arthur‘ featurette, a ‘Visual Effects of Arthur‘ featurette, the Quest for Love music video, a making of featurette for the music video, and trailers.”

Meet the Robinsons roundup #2

In preparation for the film’s nationwide debut tomorrow, numerous sites are providing contests for Meet the Robinsons. One may enter to win prizes at A Girl’s World, Cinema Confidential, MoviesOnline, MovieWeb and Teen Hollywood. Concurrently, photos from the movie’s Hollywood premiere may be viewed at Access Hollywood, Getty Images,, USA Today and Yahoo! News. […]

Katzenberg, Poehler talk Shrek the Third

According to Reuters via Yahoo! Movies, DreamWorks Animation Chief Executive Jeffrey Katzenberg feels confident that Shrek the Third will do well against fellow third installments Spider-Man 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. “We are the only family film, the only PG-rated movie and we are 81 minutes long. That pretty much means […]

Cusack, Hayes meet Igor

The Hollywood Reporter writes that John Cusack has replaced Christian Slater as the voice of the title character in Exodus Film Group’s Igor. Concurrently, Sean Hayes has taken the role of Brian the Brain, described as “a brain in a jar who is one of Igor’s sidekicks and inventions.” The duo join a cast that […]

EXCLUSIVE! Lamb, Gagner talk A World of Barriers

With Animated Views, Visual Resource’s president, Kellyann Lamb, and art director, Scott Gagner, elaborate on the making of the Adobe promotional video A World of Barriers. Specifically, the interview refers to the concept behind the film, from its 1950s style to its balance of humor and education. Interestingly, the facial inspiration for Barriers‘ host, Dr. […]

Disney to revisit South?

The Associated Press via Yahoo! Movies considers the chance of Disney re-releasing Song of the South in the near future. In addition to explaining why the film could be considered offensive, the piece also summarizes reasons as to why the Song may be soon sung again.

U.S. box office actuals: March 23-25, 2007

Courtesy of Box Office Mojo: 1) TMNT with $24,255,205, averaging $7,799 over 3,110 theaters (1st week) 23) Happy Feet with $395,313, averaging $976 over 405 theaters ($197,207,309 total; 19th week) 59) Arthur and the Invisibles with $22,218, averaging $383 over 58 theaters ($14,929,879 total; 13th week)

TMNT revives Turtles franchise

The LA Daily News examines the succesful box office performance of TMNT last weekend. Grossing approximately $24.25 million in its debut, the film is the latest in a line of projects to revive important franchises. In the meantime, it appears that the Ninja Turtles’ most recent television incarnation is being re-released to DVD, indicates TV […] previews Surf's Up

Courtesy of Sony Pictures, Coming Soon was recently treated to an exclusive look at Surf’s Up. With the festivities being held at special luaus in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the site was able to chat with Surf’s Up stars Shia LaBeouf and Jon Heder, directors Chris Buck and Ash Brannon, and producer Chris Jenkins.

Hunger Force creators talk Boston bomb scare

With SCI FI Wire, Aqua Teen Hunger Force creators Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis confirm that they are not allowed to speak on the infamous publicity stunt held for their show’s big screen venture. Occurring on January 31, 2007, the ploy involved numerous electronic devices planted around Boston, Massachusetts, creating fear of terrorism among city […]

Sanders awakens to dream job at DreamWorks

Variety reports that jilted Disney director Chris Sanders, who received a rude awakening when he was kicked off his own American Dog project, has been selected by DreamWorks Animation to direct Crood Awakenings, a cartoon caveman culture clash comedy due for release after Shrek IV in 2010. UPDATE: The following official press release has been made […]

New first for Dragon's Lair

Coming Soon reveals that the classic 1983 Don Bluth videogame Dragon’s Lair, the first arcade game to incorporate full scenes of hand-drawn animation, will now become “the first game title ever to be released for the Blu-ray Disc High Definition format using BD-J.” Plans to release the game’s sequel Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp and […]


The latest installment of Jennifer Shiman’s animated parodies of classic movies performed by bunnies has been released for viewing online by Starz Entertainment. View Spiderman Now

Kellyann Lamb, Scott Gagner on A World of Barriers

Animated Views speaks with Kellyann Lamb and Scott Gagner of Visual Resource, regarding their promotional video A World of Barriers for Adobe.

From the Red Carpet: World Premiere of Meet the Robinsons

On Sunday, Walt Disney Pictures held the world premiere of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ next CG-animated film Meet the Robinsons. o-meon was there talking with director Steve Anderson, Disney Animation President Ed Catmull, and the stars about their experiences bringing William Joyce’s book, A Day with Wilbur Robinson, to life. Here then, are some of […]


Turtles rule the box-office!

Stop-Mo Expo

Reminding people that hand-drawn and computer-generated are not the only two types of animation, ASIFA-Hollywood will be hosting a Stop-Mo Expo on April 21 at Woodbury University. Organized primarily by ASIFA-Hollywood’s intrepid blogger, Larry Loc, the expo will feature special guests such as Mark Caballero & Seamus Walsh of Screen Novelties, The Chiodo Bros., Corky […]

Jungle Book Platinum Edition cover art, extras

Details for the Jungle Book Platinum Edition DVD have arrived, as posted by Ultimate Disney. Scheduled for an October 2nd release, the two-disc set will celebrate the film’s 40th anniversary. “Extras will include deleted songs (including a never before heard version of I Wanna Be Like You), an all-new music video, a ‘DisneyPedia: Junglemania’ feature, […]

TMNT opens

Warner Bros.’ TMNT opens today in 3,110 theatres according to Box Office Mojo. The critics aren’t shelling out much praise for the film – currently at 25% on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer. Entertainment Weekly says the film “is missing the goofy excitement of the old TMNT”, while The Hollywood Reporter believes “the movie seems driven […]

Greg P. talks about John K.; more Filmation cartoons coming

Batman and Superman shows announced from Filmation on DVD!

EXCLUSIVE! Raketu CEO Parker on John K. collaboration

Last week, a press release announced that Raketu Communications Inc. had teamed with Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi for an exciting new marketing campaign. Today, Animated Views speaks with Greg Parker, CEO and Founder of Raketu, about his company’s latest marketing strategy. During the discussion, Parker provides a picture of what exactly Raketu is […]

Digital 3D – Everybody's Doin' It!

The March 30 release of Meet the Robinsons in Disney Digital 3D on over 600 screens, is seven times the number of screens that ran Disney’s Chicken Little in 3D. In New York City, Meet the Robinsons will only be seen in 3D. Last week, DreamWorks Animation announced its intention to produce all of its […]