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Lists offer Holiday fun for "inner Scrooge"

Entertainment Weekly humorously presents two lists that Santa is more likely to ignore rather than check twice. In “Christmas with the Cranks,” ten Christmas movies with an edge are presented, including The Nightmare Before Christmas and Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights. The other article, “Seven Sinful Santas,” suggests films in which jolly ol’ Saint Nicholas […]

Restoring Rankin/Bass' Rudolph and Santa

The New York Times covers the history of two Rankin/Bass puppets of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Santa Claus. Crafted from wood, felted wool and wire, the figures were created in the 60’s by Japanese puppet makers, for the television specials from Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass. Following a long journey from oblivion to […]

Buena Vista Preview reveals Enchanted release change

As projected at Coming Soon, the Buena Vista Pictures 2007 Preview reveals that Enchanted is now scheduled to be released on Wednesday, November 21. As of right now, the only other picture opening that week is the Frank Darabont thriller, The Mist. Enchanted was originally set to open against DreamWorks Animation’s Bee Movie, on November […]

Disney politics

Industry observer Chuck Oberleitner’s latest editorial sheds some more light on the recent removal of WDFA director Chris Sanders from his pet project, American Dog. “In animation, story is everything. At Pixar, story is practically a religion . . . “

Director Jim Kammerud on The Fox and the Hound 2

Animated News & Views speaks with director Jim Kammerud about his latest project, The Fox and the Hound 2.

Almost in Paris; Kammerud Komes Klean; and a Merry Christmas to all!

Disney Paris is coming! Jim Kammerud talks! And a Merry Crimbo to all!

Van Dyke intrigued by visual effects

The Los Angeles Times spotlights Dick Van Dyke’s enthusiasm for visual effects. For approximately four decades, the actor has practiced crafting special effects within his home studio. In fact, Van Dyke has even contributed visual effects to some of the projects in which he has acted, such as Diagnosis Murder and Night at the Museum, […]

TMNT stills, poster

Cinema Blend showcases four stills from TMNT, the next Ninja Turtles theatrical outing. In addition, the site displays the newest one-sheet for the film, which will enter cinemas on March 23.

Tinkering Tinker Bell

The Los Angeles Times confirms a Jim Hill Media report published Monday, which speculated that Disney’s direct-to-video spinoff Tinker Bell may be experiencing some story problems. According to the Times, Pixar executives John Lasseter and Ed Catmull decided that the project’s script remains in need of “substantial work.” In addition, there is some concern that […]

Wobots Christmas set for TBN airing

A Wobots Christmas is scheduled to air on TBN this Christmas Day, December 25, at 2 p.m. (PST). From Porchlight Entertainment, the Holiday tale follows an orphan named Zak, who finds himself amidst a group of defective androids in their underworld home of Scraptown. More information regarding the television appearance of A Wobots Christmas may […]

TMNT roundup indicates that Stewart will voice the villain Max Winters in next March’s computer-animated Ninja Turtle enterprise, TMNT. Concurrently, USA Today spotlights the film, revealing that Sarah Michelle Gellar will voice April O’Neil, Chris Evans will voice Casey Jones and Kevin Smith will have a cameo as a “greasy-spoon chef.” Also, eBay sports the latest […]

DVD sales: December 10-16, 2007

Barnyard: The Original Party Animals entered fourth place on the DVD First Alert sales chart last week, as seen through The Hollywood Reporter. Meanwhile, Cars continued a steady pace at #5, while Ice Age: The Meltdown landed in the eighth position. As for The Fox and the Hound 2, the Disney sequel debuted in the […]

Avatar – Season 2, Volume 2 coming to DVD

TV Shows on DVD announces that Avatar: The Last Airbender – Season 2, Volume 2 will arrive in stores on April 10, 2007. The package will include episodes 6-10 from the second season of the series, along with an exclusive comic book.

Hi-def disc updates; new Walt bios; Disney Treasures out!

New release announcements, Walt book bio comparisons, new Disney Treasures in stores.

Join Starz Kids & Family for a Christmas Movie Marathon

The following promo image tells all about the Christmas movie marathon, including several animated films, airing on the Starz Kids & Family Network this coming Christmas Eve day, December 24:

[Updated] Enchanted artwork, character designs!

“Kinoo” at the Animated News & Views Forum has posted artwork and character designs for Walt Disney Picture’s Enchanted. Arriving from “Prince Kido” and “Unpseudoriginal” at the French message board Disney Central Plaza, the images reveal the look for the animated incarnations of Princess Giselle, Prince Edward and Queen Narissa. Update! It appears that Enchanted […]

Joe Barbera; Gremlins and Disney's Dog

Joe Barbera, RIP; Gremlins book and Disney’s American Dog update

The Gremlins

Walt Disney and Roald Dahl’s wartime collaboration never made it to celluloid, but this deluxe reprint is a great glimpse at what might have been…

Shrek the Third trailer now in variety of formats

As was reported last Friday, December 15, the teaser trailer for Shrek the Third has been released. Today, trailer is provided in a variety of formats, including Windows Media, Real Media, Quicktime, Flash, PSP and iPod. In addition, high-resolution pictures for the latest Shrek adventure are displayed, including the latest image, which offers a sneak […]

Joe Barbera, RIP

Legendary animation producer Joe Barbera, of Hanna-Barbera fame, died Monday at 95. Along with Bill Hanna, Barbera was responsible for such animated classics as Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Yogi Bear, Scooby-Doo, and many more. The Associated Press has more info, and Cartoon Brew is posting an expanding list of memories of Joe […]

CFO Leslie to leave DreamWorks Animation

Reuters via Yahoo! News indicates that Kristina Leslie will soon leave her position as chief financial officer for DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. Having been at the company for over ten years, Leslie will remain with DreamWorks through February 2007 to manage the reporting of the company’s end-year results.

Happily N'Ever After premiere

Last Saturday, December 16, the Los Angeles premiere of Happily N’Ever After took place. Pictures from the event, which brought such celebrities as Andy Dick, Patrick Warburton and producer John H. Williams, may be viewed at Yahoo! News, as well as Getty Images.

Explore Dead Man's Chest

The visual effects powerhouse Industrial Light and Magic has opened a section of its online home to promote the company’s work for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. The site allows visitors to see part of the progress underwent to transform actors into the film’s antagonists. Likewise, the website offers downloads, as well as […]

Disney tins, rumors, and the Shrek 3 trailer…what’s up with that?

Disney Treasures in for review; send us a scoop; the Shrek 3 teaser trailer…

Seven films shortlisted for VFX Oscar

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced Friday that seven films are on the shortlist for a nomination in the Visual Effects category at the 79th Academy Awards. The films are: Casino Royale, Eragon, Night at the Museum, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Poseidon, Superman Returns, and X-Men The Last Stand. […]

The buzz from Jerry

MSNBC/Newsweek talks with Jerry Seinfeld about his work on DreamWorks Animation’s upcoming Bee Movie. “The movie . . . is animated and stars Seinfeld’s distinctly New York voice as Barry B. Benson, a bee who leaves the hive and discovers, to his horror, that humans have been stealing their honey. While out in the wide […]

Chris Sanders no longer on American Dog?

CORRECTION: this story has been moved to its correct category at Animated Views. Be sure to check out the Rumored Rumblings section for more information on this story.

Chris Sanders no longer on American Dog?

The latest rumors on a surprising turn of events for what is arguably one of the most anticipated of Disney’s upcoming films.

Something for the weekend…?

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Shrek the Third teaser trailer

The teaser trailer for Shrek the Third is now hosted at Moviefone. Audiences will also be able to catch the ad this weekend in theaters, with the release of Eragon. Meanwhile, the online domain for the latest chapter in the Shrek saga presents a few treats, including wallpapers that preview the franchise’s new characters Artie […]