Month: December 2006

The Dick Tracy Show: The Complete Animated Crime Series

Dick Tracy is relegated to a supporting player in this early 1960’s kiddie show. Despite the presence of many of Dick’s famous rogues, the cartoon lacks any of the intensity or interest of the comic strip.

Hanna And Barbera: A Cartoon Appreciation, Part 1

This first part of our look at the famed Hanna-Barbera team examines their early lives and career together, up to their lay-off from MGM.

The Fox And The Hound 2

The “mid-quel” follow-up to the original bypasses the melancholy feelings of the first to present a fun if quiet adventure whose greatest attribute is its country soundtrack.

2006: The Year In Pix

Check out o-meon for a QuickTime slideshow of photos from some of the many animation and Disney-related events that took place during this last calendar year. Some of the events featured include the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest premiere held at Disneyland, the opening nights for Lady and the Tramp, Dumbo, and The […]

Play the game of life . . . insurance

An article in The Orange County Register attempts to articulate which famous cartoon, comic, and movie characters are most in need of a life insurance policy. The piece reports on a survey in which respondents were asked their opinion on whether Spider-Man, Batman, Fred Flintstone, Harry Potter or Marge Simpson needed such coverage. Make your […]

Murphy talks Tinker Bell

With Sci Fi Wire, Brittany Murphy speaks about voicing the title role in Disney’s upcoming animated feature Tinker Bell. “It definitely shows her life with Peter and the Lost Boys, but it shows Tink with her girlfriends and also feeling inadequate about being a tinker fairy,” the actress explains. “Pots and pans, kettles; that’s what […]

Disney ends 2006 with $3.26 billion box office

According to SYS-CON Media/PR Newswire, the Walt Disney Company has indicated that it grossed $3.26 billion in global box office revenue during 2006. That total was helped by the company having the year’s biggest box office draws: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, which pulled in $1.06 billion, and Cars, which acquired $462 million. […]

Glover given "raw deal" for Feet?

The New York Times suggests that Savion Glover has not been given the proper credit he deserves for providing the motion-captured tap-dancing of Happy Feet’s protagonist, Mumble. Nonetheless, Glover insists he is pleased with his treatment, commenting, “I love George Miller, and was happy to be a part of the film. I have no problem […]

Sonic the Hedgehog series readies for March arrival

From Shout Factory, Sonic the Hedgehog – The Complete Series will burst into stores on March 27. With the package’s cover artwork displayed, TV Shows on DVD lists the special features for the DVD release.

Borat goofs on Iger: Make benefit glorious company of Disney/Pixar

The Motley Fool has a humorous piece with fictional Kazakstani reporter Borat acting as various figures of interest in the financial realm. In one mock interview Borat acts as Disney CEO Bob Iger in a conversation with Steve Jobs. If you don’t read the piece “Borat Iger” may be execute.

Surf's up! Fantastic Four teaser now online

Apple Movie Trailers is now featuring the teaser trailer for next June’s release of Marvel’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (via Cinema Confidential). Watch the Human Torch investigate the appearance of a mysterious alien visitor.

Where's the pizza? TMNT screen shots

AICN has posted six screen shots from the upcoming TMNT animated feature. Beware of visual spoilers, dude.

Mulan on the small screen

In an apparent reaction against Disney’s animated feature film Mulan, feeling it was not true enough to the ancient poem it was based on, JTAC will produce a television series about “the courageous Chinese girl who dressed up as a man so she could take the place of her aged father in battle,” according to […]

New Simpsons for new year

Animation World Network reports that brand new episodes of The Simpsons will begin on January 7 on the FOX Network. Read the full article for the New Years resolutions of some of Springfield’s citizens.

Eloise New Years

The following promotional image gives information on the Eloise marathon on the Starz Kids & Family Network this coming January 1, 2007:

House, Feet among Newsweek's top movies for 2006

The Newsweek section of has conducted its list of the best movies of 2006. Two of the films to have a quick mention in the piece are none other than Monster House and Happy Feet, as both come “highly recommended” by the magazine.

Happy Feet moved by Animal Logic explains the ingredients used for the creation of Happy Feet, one of which being the visual effects composed by Animal Logic. Studying Antartica, as well as such creatures as penguins and elephant seals, digital supervisor Brett Feeney sought a “photo real effect” for the animation in Happy Feet, as directed by George Miller. In […]

More on ILM's work for Dead Man's Chest

Following similarly enlightening articles from JoBlo and Coming Soon, DVD Talk investigates the visual effects found in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, courtesy of Industrial Light and Magic. Animation supervisor Hal T. Hickel, visual effects art director Aaron McBride, and creature model supervisor Geoff Campbell take the site on a tour, explaining the […]

Museum of special effects

The Los Angeles Times notices the nearly 500 special effects that can be seen in Night at the Museum. Under the supervison of Jim Rygiel, whose work for the Lord of the Rings trilogy brought him three Oscars, Rhythm & Hues helped craft the film’s visual magic.

Overview of Disney in 2006

The Associated Press via Yahoo! Finance reviews the performance of the Walt Disney Company for the year of 2006. Under the leadership of Chief Executive Robert Iger, the company enjoyed success through such actions as the acquiring of Pixar and the distributing of video content through iTunes.

Tap dancing with Happy Feet

The Washington Post looks at the dancing displayed in Happy Feet. For the film, the signature moves of master dancer Savion Glover were motion-captured and transferred to the penguin picture’s star, Mumble.

TV to DVD: Spongebob Squarepants, Justice League

TV Shows on DVD has the lowdown on the April 17 release of Spongebob Squarepants: Friend or Foe, which will contain seven episodes of the hit series. Concurrently, the site offers cover artwork for Justice League Unlimited – Season 2, coming March 20.

Second round of Animator vs. Animation

Atom Films displays the sequel to the popular online film, Animator vs. Animation. Lasting a little over three minutes, Animator vs. Animation 2 reveals the humorously unfortunate happenings that abound when a stick figure brings chaos to a desktop, battling the AIM man and the Firefox fox.

Doug ‘Mater’ Keever, a person of the year

The Hickory Daily Record has chosen Doug ‘Mater’ Keever as one of its “people of the year.” Discovered by Pixar Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter, who was visiting Lowe’s Motor Speedway to research the racing culture, Keever’s “life-of-the-party” racing enthusiasm made him the inspiration for the comic sidekick Mater in Disney/Pixar’s Cars.

Walt Disney and his European influences

Reminding readers of the television documentary Walt Disney: Once Upon A Time, which aired on the Canadian network CBC Newsworld this past Christmas Eve, The Toronto Sun writes of the impact Europe might have had on the “Old Maestro.” Traveling to the continent twice, once as a soldier in World War I and another time […]

Flushed "flop"?

In its list of films that failed to attract large audiences in 2006, Variety includes the DreamWorks/Aardman collaboration Flushed Away. Noting that the movie pulled in $61 million, along with critical acclaim, the piece adds, “made more cheaply, [this] pic likely wouldn’t have made this list.” Variety suggests Flushed Away involved a budget of close […]


Short and sweet Christmas message

Where's Nemo? At Disneyland, of course

Better than news about terrorist attacks, natural catastrophes, global warming, murders and other crimes, The Orange County Register has as its top story today a report on the Disneyland Finding Nemo submarine attraction set to open in June 2007.

Nightmare among Forbes "Top Holiday Movies"

In Forbes Magazine’s countdown of “The Top 15 Holiday Movies of All Time,” The Nightmare Before Christmas comes in at #15, having grossed a domestic total of approximately $50,379,629 since its release on October 13, 1993. That figure does not include the $8,616,662 the movie’s 3D re-release has gathered thus far this year.

Walt Disney editorial inspires noteworthy feedback

On December 3, The New York Times reviewed Neal Gabler’s Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination. It might be said that the editorial painted Walt in an unflattering manner, using such descriptive phrases as “largely friendless, moody, impatient…” Thus, John Culhane has responded to the review, defending Walt’s character, in a new New […]