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The Art of Princess and the Frog: Down in New Orleans with author Jeff Kurtti

Celebrating the release of Disney’s return to traditional animation, Jeremie Noyer speaks exclusively to Jeff Kurtti, author of The Art Of The Princess And The Frog!

Disney historian Didier Ghez on the Walt Disney Family Museum: a flame more alive than ever

Walt’s People historian Didier Ghez speaks to Jeremie Noyer about the recent opening of The Walt Disney Family Museum at the Presidio in San Fransisco.

Zorro: How Disney Legend Floyd Norman was put in jail by Sergeant Garcia!

Disney Legend Floyd Norman recalls visiting the Zorro set on the Disney back lot in our exclusive interview!

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure: Ellen Jin Over on art directing Pixie Dust and Art Nouveau!

Jeremie Noyer speaks to art director Ellen Jin Over about her latest adventure: bringing a touch of Art Nouveau to Tinkerbell And The Lost Treasure!

From one sanctuary to another: Christophe Vacher on art directing 9

Christophe Vacher speaks to Animated News & Views about his assignment as art director on the feature-length 9.

Peter de Seve Breaks the Ice with Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

Character designer Peter de Seve talks Sid, Manny, Diego…and Scrat!

Peter de Sève: the time of his life designing A Bug’s Life

Jeremie Noyer speaks with Peter de Sève about designing the characters for Pixar’s second feature A Bug’s Life, now on Blu-ray Disc!

Enrico Casarosa’s The Venice Chronicles

Jeremie Noyer speaks with artist Enrico Casarosa about his personal comic book project The Venice Chronicles.

Once Upon A Time In New York City: Oliver & Company Animator Dave Pruiksma!

Jeremie Noyer speaks to Disney animator Dave Pruiksma about the Studio in the 1980s, the development of Oliver & Company and his many achievements since!

Despereaux: Olivier Adam discusses a European tail!

Jeremie Noyer speaks with art director Olivier Adam about the adaptation of the story of a mouse, a princess, some soup and a spool of thread, The Tale Of Despereaux!

Frank Walsh: On set with Prince Caspian’s Final Battle – The Beruna Bridge Sequence

Jeremie Noyer conlcudes his discussion with Narnian art director Frank Walsh, describing the practical set work that went into Price Caspian‘s epic Beruna Bridge climax!

Bolt: Cinzia Angelini – one bold, Bolt animator!

Jeremie Noyer speaks with Bolt animator Cinzia Angelini about her career and various projects!

Bolt: Joe Moshier – one bold, Bolt designer!

Jeremie Noyer speaks with Bolt character designer Joe Moshier about his career!

WALL•E: Animator Victor Navone gives soul to a bot, and Cars a Toon-up!

Jeremy Noyer speaks with animator Victor Navone on bringing life to WALL•E and directing the new Cars Toon series!

DisneyToon Studios and The Sequels That Never Were, with Tod Carter

Jeremie Noyer speaks to story artist Tod Carter about his involvement with DisneyToon Studios and a couple of projects that never made it to screens…

Ariel’s Song: Tony Pulham, a fortunate art director under the sea!

Jeremie Noyer continues his trip under the sea and behind the scenes for a look at the work of art director Tony Pulham, as he recreates Ariel’s world for Ariel’s Beginning.

Eric Goldberg takes us on a Character Animation Crash Course!

Animated News & Views’ Christian Ziebarth speaks with Eric Goldberg about the animator’s new book, Character Animation Crash Course!

Perfect Nightmare: Mike Cachuela on storyboarding Christmas

Jeremie Noyer continues his nightmare journey behind the scenes of Tim Buton’s stop-motion classic, speaking to Nightmare Before Christmas‘s storyboard artist Mike Cachuela!

Frank Walsh: On set with Prince Caspian’s Final Battle

Jeremy Noyer speaks to Frank Walsh, one of Prince Caspian‘s art directors, about the challenges in pulling together the elements for the film’s impressive final battle.

How Dean Wright and Wendy Rogers brought FX to Prince Caspian

Jeremie Noyer speaks with Dean Wright and Wendy Rogers, the VFX gurus behind the breathtaking sights in The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian!

Frank Walsh: Setting The World of Narnia

Jeremy Noyer speaks to Frank Walsh, one of Prince Caspian‘s art directors responsible for the overall look of the film and pulling the various visual departments together.

Get Enchanted! Chapter Five: Animation with James Baxter and Thomas Schelesny

Animated Views’ Jeremie Noyer speaks with the two men responsible for Enchanted‘s traditional animation and computer animated effects: James Baxter and Thomas Schelesny!

Get Enchanted! Chapter Four: Artists Harald Siepermann and Troy Quane

Enchanted‘s visual and story development artists Harald Siepermann and Troy Quane speak to Animated Views’ Jeremie Noyer about how they brought Giselle’s adventures to life!

Dalmatians 101: “Spotting” fun facts with Andreas Deja

Animator and Disney villain expert Andreas Deja looks back on the production of One Hundred And One Dalmatians with Animated Views’ Jeremie Noyer!

Dalmatians 101: Marc’s wife Alice Davis talks about her Legendary husband

Jeremie Noyer talks to legendary animator Marc Davis’ wife, the equally legendary Alice Davis, about her husband’s Cruella contribution to One Hundred And One Dalmatians!

Floyd Norman: Story Of A Storyman

Disney Legend Floyd Norman speaks to Animated Views about his career at the Disney Studios, including his experiences working on Walt’s final animated classic The Jungle Book.

A Conversation with Ben Balistreri

The character designer of Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, Foster’s Home and various Disney video projects, Ben Balistreri, speaks exclusively with Jeroen Van Zwol about his career and upcoming publication of Seaweed!

Enrico Casarosa on storyboarding Ratatouille

Enrico Casarosa talks to Jérémie Noyer about his career, artistic interests, and storyboarding Ratatouille.

Deja and Henn on the return of The Goof!

Animated News & Views’ Christian Ziebarth exclusively talks to celebrated Disney animators Andreas Deja and Mark Henn about Goofy’s new short How To Hook Up Your Home Theater!

Another Conversation with Eric Goldberg

Animated News & Views’ Christian Ziebarth sits down once more with Eric Goldberg, as the two reminisce on their previous conversation and discuss more recent happenings.