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Family Guy Live! coming to Chicago Theatre

Playbill reports that Family Guy Live! will play two shows at The Chicago Theatre on September 15, at 7 and 10 PM. According to the announcement, the event will include “an uncensored live reading of a classic episode” with “bonus material never before seen on FOX.” Likewise, the cast is set to perform musical numbers […]

Ratatouille places rat shop in spotlight

Upcoming Pixar notices that an article from The Seattle Times explains the history of a certain rat-themed shop featured in a key scene from Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille. [Warning: the piece contains spoilers regarding the noted scene from the film.]

Looney Tunes: Golden Collection, Vol. 5 DVD art

The finalized front and rear cover artwork for Looney Tunes: Golden Collection, Volume 5 has been introduced by TV Shows on DVD. The four-disc set will enter stores on October 30.

New website for Mr. Men Show

Toy News writes that Chorion has relaunched the online domain for The Mr. Men Show, a forthcoming animated sketch series for kids. At the site, folks can meet and interact with characters from the show. The Mr. Men Show will hit television in January 2008, on Five in the UK and on Cartoon Network in […]

Interview with Ghibli Dub Director

GhibliWorld has an extensive interview with Gualtiero Cannarsi, the director behind the Italian versions of Studio Ghibli films such as Howl’s Moving Castle, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, My Neighbour Totoro, Porco Rosso and Whisper of the Heart. Cannarsi has also worked as a scriptwriter and a dubbing supervisor on the Italian versions […]


There’s just one new thing to report today, but it’s the one you’ve been waiting for: our review of the fantastic new Popeye The Sailor: Volume One DVD set! I tell you guys and gals, this one was worth the wait. The cartoon restoration is generally excellent, and the content is beyond reproach. We can […]

Popeye The Sailor: Volume 1 1933-1938

The Fleischer Popeye cartoons are at last available to own in an authorized DVD edition. The cartoons are glorious, and Warner put together a fine set of extras to go with the restored cartoons. It was worth the wait!

Opus' Wish for Wings coming in November

Universal Studios Home Entertainment will release the 1991 animated television special Opus ‘n Bill in A Wish for Wings That Work on November 6, reports DavisDVD. At this time, it appears the DVD will not contain any extras.

Berger, Wright talk Caspian visual effects

IGN Movies speaks with creature supervisor Howard Berger and visual effects producer Dean Wright, regarding the special effects in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Topics in the conversation range from the production’s tight schedule to the visual differences between it and its predecessor, The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe.

Cars Blu-Ray trailer

Upcoming Pixar points out that a trailer for the Blu-Ray release of Cars is now available to view at the official Disney Blu-Ray website. As the earlier site notes, the preview includes a sneak peek at the Car Finder and Cine-Explore special features to be found on the disc.

Contests: TMNT, Simpsons, Aqua Teen, Super Friends, South Park

The Digital Bits is giving away a slew of new animation-related DVDs. Folks may enter to win TMNT, Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Colon Movie Film for Theaters for DVD, Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show – The Complete Series, South Park: The Complete Tenth Season and The Simpsons: The Complete Tenth Season. The contests […]

TV to DVD: Sonic Underground, Super Mario World

The DVD release of Captain N and the New Super Mario World has been officially announced, reports TV Shows on DVD. The two-disc set will arrive in stores on November 13. Meanwhile, the site indicates that a four-disc package for Sonic Underground is scheduled for December 18, with the fourth disc being a CD soundtrack.

Starz On Demand Gets Animated In August

The following is the official press release outlining the the many animated offerings during the month of August on the Starz network including a marathon of Jennifer Shiman’s famous movies reenacted by bunnies, as well as broadcasts of Open Season, Chicken Little, Monster House, The Wild and Valiant:

Matt Damon to appear in Arthur

Matt Damon, star of the Bourne film trilogy, will be making a guest appearance on the children’s show Arthur, reports USA Today. Damon will appear in the September 3rd episode as himself, encouraging young viewers to send in homemade videos for “Postcards From You!”.

Simpsons science

USA Today has posted a preview of a novel by Paul Halpern that takes a look at the science featured in the long-running television show, The Simpsons. The book, titled What’s Science Ever Done for Us? What The Simpsons Can Teach Us About Physics, Robots, Life, and the Universe, takes specific events that occurred in […]

What the heck? Cult animation, live-action and seals in love!

New Cultoons! reviews, Filmation’s Secrets Of Isis and our Phil Nibbelink: Sealed With A Kiss interview!

Cultoons! Volume 2: Animated Education

Thunderbean unleashes another collection of those “rare, lost and strange cartoons” that ultimately prove to be a bemusing and entertaining collection, well served on DVD.

Cultoons! Volume 1: Ads And Oddities

This collection of “rare, lost and strange cartoons” sets up a unique series and presents some totally oddball curios in a fine context.

G.I. Joe finds a director

In the latest ‘animated television series-turned feature film’ news, ComingSoon reports that Stephen Sommers, director of The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and Van Helsing, is set to helm the upcoming G.I. Joe movie. The article also provides a link to a 40-year history of the G.I. Joe franchise, which can be read on Hasbro’s site […]

Four new Beowulf posters

Several new posters for the upcoming motion-capture film Beowulf have appeared at CanMag, each featuring different characters from the movie. Larger version of the posters can be found at IMP Awards.

Ratatouille on DVD in November; More on Pixar Shorts and Cars Blu-Ray release

UltimateDisney reports about many upcoming and highly anticipated Disney-Pixar dvds this November including the critically acclaimed Ratatouille which according to the site has been scheduled for a November 6 release. Unlike most of Pixar’s earlier two-disc sets, Ratatouille will be a single disc release. Extras will include deleted scenes, a documentary, and the all-new short […]

Winners Announced for FJORG! Animation Contest Sponsored by DreamWorks Animation

SIGGRAPH 2007 officials, along with DreamWorks Animation, HP, and AMD, just announced the winners of the world’s first international FJORG! Competition – an “iron animator” event in which 16 competing teams from around the world had 32 hours to create the most impressive character-driven animation of at least 15 seconds in length adhering to at […]

Simpsons to sample Winehouse?

Yahoo! News/WENN records that singer Amy Winehouse has reportedly agreed to make a guest appearance on a forthcoming episode of The Simpsons. This news follows the announcement earlier this week that the voice of Spanish tenor Placido Domingo will likewise soon be heard in the show.

Paisley gets animated at concerts

It appears that Brad Paisley has added animator to his resume, as USA Today writes of the country singer’s appreciation for animation. Paisley, whom the piece refers to as a “cartoon buff,” began using the medium last year to accompany instrumentals on stage. Among the animation Paisley has crafted are shorts showing him as a […]

Ratatouille a hot dish in France

Variety via Upcoming Pixar indicates that Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille has broken box office records for an animated feature in Gaul. The article explains, “Taking in nearly $16 million through 1,951,074 ticket sales on 721 prints, the average of 2,706 viewers per screen is the highest-ever bow for a cartoon.”

Heroes has animated adventure

The Pop Candy side of USA Today reminds readers of the latest chapter in the online Heroes graphic novel, noting its animated delivery. Titled Golden Handshake: Part 3 – One More for the Road, the arc deals with the backstory of the character Claude.

EXCLUSIVE! Phil Nibbelink on Sealed With A Kiss

At Animated Views, animator-director Phil Nibbelink discusses his latest feature, Romeo & Juliet: Sealed With A Kiss (2006). This traditionally animated movie presents a unique vision that was single-handedly brought to life by Nibbelink. Describing the project as a “labor of love,” he explains the journey taken to write, direct and animate the comedic adaptation […]

Big-screen adaption of Voltron headed this way

After the success of the cartoon-inspired film Transformers, New Regency, reports Variety, is looking to make their own giant robot flick. The studio is currently developing a live-action adaptation of the Japanese animated television series Voltron: Defender of the Universe, which follows the struggle of a group of apocalypse survivors using huge machines to fight […]

Romeo, Romeo…Sealed With A Kiss DVD Special!

The complete lowdown on Phil Nibbelink’s own hand-made feature Romeo & Juliet: Sealed With A Kiss, with a full review of the DVD and an in-depth discussion with the filmmaker himself!

Phil Nibbelink talks Romeo & Juliet: Sealed With A Kiss

Phil Nibbelink discusses the traditionally animated Romeo & Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss, which he single-handedly wrote, directed and animated.