Month: July 2005

New Corpse Bride pics

Warner Bros. Pictures has unveiled its 2005 Fall Preview, which includes some new shots from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Those pics are available to view at Latino Review. Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride will awaken on September 23, 2005.

California and Florida 2D animators start 'Miracle' in Wisconsin

The July 28th edition of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel examines Miracle Studios, composed of artists from both Disney and Warner Bros. Located north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the company, which has been producing small commercial projects for the past year, is busy working on their first feature length, traditionally animated film.

Update on Count Duckula DVD, Barnyard trailers

The official website for Capital Entertainment has the trailer for the Count Duckula: The Complete First Season DVD. Meanwhile, one may now see the trailer for Barnyard in a variety of Quicktime sizes, at

Dan Ritchie to appear at Siggraph's Birds of a Feather meeting

The brain behind the PD Pro Digital Painter and Project Dogwaffle Paint & Animation software, Dan Ritchie, will be in attendence at this year’s Birds of a Feather. The meeting, hosted by, will take place during SIGGRAPH at the LA convention center, on Thursday, August 4th, at 2pm. Please click “More” to read the […]

Breaking news: 2D is not dead

At last night’s program “The Animated Performance: Art Meets Technology” held at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences the question was posed, “Is 2D animation dead?” Brad Bird (who pretty much owned the evening with his wit and infectious rambunctiousness with Eric Goldberg as a close second) responded with, “I don’t think it’s […]

Kirikou Teaser

The French site Allocine has a teaser for the traditional animated feature Kirikou et les bĂȘtes sauvages. The movie is a sequel to the acclaimed 1998 feature Kirikou et la Sorciere, and stars the little african kid Kirikou in new adventures. The movie premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year and is directed by […]

Happily N'ever After Trailer

The trailer for Vanguard’s CG fairy tale Happily N’Ever After is now up on BFC Berliner Film Companie web site. Inspired by the classic Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales, this feature comedy “explores what would happen if the balance of good and evil were set out of whack in Fairy Tale Land. Tired of the status […]

Barking Bob webisodes online

Sounding off with a “Tally Ho!”, Barking Bob battles against the evil Emperor Zang, who is bent on world domination. One may view the canine conqueror’s heroic escapades in six webisodes, or play a game similar to the classic Asteroids, online at Barking Bob’s official website.

Interview: Spaff Animation director Dave Spafford

Spaff Animation director Dave Spafford speaks with vfxblog‘s Ian Failes regarding the opening titles and flip book sequence used in the film House of D. In addition, Spafford shares his thoughts on the ‘traditional versus computer animation’ debate.

Ottawa '05 International Animation Festival announces selections

The Ottawa ’05 International Animation Festival has revealed their selections for the Official Competition and Showcase screenings. With a range of 1,883 entries from 64 countries, the festival selected 108 films to compete in 15 different categories, including: Animated Features, New Media Works, Commissioned Films, and Independent Films. However, no longer in the competition, at […]

Coming events

There’s a couple good animation events in the Hollywood area this weekend. On Friday night the Science and Technology Council of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presents The Animated Performance: Art Meets Technology at 7:30 p.m. “This program will illuminate the process of the animator being, thinking and creating as a performer […]

\\Surf's Up\\ at Sony

The August 2005 issue of \\{{link Animation Magazine}}\\ has a few details on Sony Pictures Animation’s 2007 feature \\Surf’s Up\\ that they picked up at the Licensing 2005 International: “\\Surf’s Up\\ is a CG toon mockumentary which reveals the little-known fact that penguins were the actual inventors of surfing. Ash Brannon (\\Toy Story 2\\) […]

Lowdown on Sky High has a 10-minute preview of Disney’s newest comedy, Sky High, which opens in theaters this Friday. The footage includes a peek at the movie’s animated opening, tailored to look straight out of a comic book. Furthermore, Coming Soon has two interviews with the stars of Sky High, one with Michael Angarano, Kurt Russell, and […]

Tarzan II

Another Disney hero gets the “mid-quel” treatment as we find out most undramatically just what Tarzan got up to between finding family with the apes and discovering Jane.

Cinderella hits big screen briefly

Looking to see some quality hand-drawn Disney animation on the big screen? Laughing Place points out that Cinderella will be showing at Disney’s own El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood in a special engagement from September 16th to the 25th.

CGCHAR to coincide 2005 Siggraph Conference with presentations

CGCHAR is holding a half-day series of presentations to accompany the 2005 Siggraph Conference in Los Angeles. Speakers for the occasion include animators, supervisors, and directors from the animation studios of Disney, Sony, DreamWorks, and Pixar. The subject matter of the presentations is geared toward both current and future workers in 3D, CGI character animation […]

Animation Block Party calling for summer submissions

Animation Block Party is on the lookout for summer submissions. This year, the festival will have no special theme, with its goal being only to “exhibit the most well-rounded and diverse work we can find for one evening of animation excellence”. While the early postmark deadline for entries was July 12th, the late postmark deadline […]

Pixar teleconference to review second quarter 2005 earnings results

Pixar’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Steve Jobs, and Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Simon Bax, will conduct a teleconference to review the company’s earnings results for the second quarter of 2005, as well as other recent or upcoming developments affecting the company’s operations. The teleconference will take place on Thursday, August 4, […]

Japanese trailer for Chicken Little online

Containing both Japanese and English languages, the Japanese trailer for Chicken Little is now up, in Quicktime format, at While the recent American Chicken Little trailer revealed the comedic aspect of the tale, the Japanese trailer shows a more dramatic side. It is also worth noting that going by the poster at the bottom […]

Inspector Gadget's Biggest Caper Ever screenshots

Screenshots and DVD cover art for the upcoming DTV film Inspector Gadget’s Biggest Caper Ever are now up at DVDtoons. The CGI flick will be available to own on September 26, 2005.

Latest on Trace Pictures

Trace Pictures has been keeping busy lately, whether the studio is taking in awards or working on their next projects. For a list of the latest happenings at Trace Pictures, be sure to check out the studio’s press release, by clicking “More”.

Mind The Gap, Inc. to aide in feature animation technology

From animation industry veterans George Bruder, Kevin Cureton, and Marlon Montgomery comes the animation pipeline development and consulting company Mind The Gap, Inc. The company is has been launched for the purpose of providing unique products and services in regards to feature animation technology. To read the press release for Mind The Gap, Inc., please […]

DisneyToon Studio's Australia to be closed

An animator for DisneyToon Studio’s Australia writes to Cartoon Brew, announcing that the studio’s staff meeting today revealed some surprising news. As it turns out, DisneyToon Studio’s Australia will be closing its doors for the last time, upon the completion of Cinderella III. The reason for the studio’s shutting down is said to be the […]

Frog gets walking papers

Toon Zone reports that One Froggy Evening star Michigan J. Frog has recently been fired as the mascot for the Warner Bros. television network. Does that mean he’s moving on to Loonatics?

Star Wars continues

Revenge of the Sith may have been the last live action Star Wars film but a recent article at indicates that there may be an animated Star Wars feature film in the works in addition to new Clone Wars episodes set to debut next year. Good news for aspiring digital animators as well because […]

Special Edition DVDs for Muppet films to be released

According to Ultimate Disney, to celebrate Kermit the Frog’s 50th anniversary this year, Disney will be releasing Special Edition DVDs of The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, The Muppet Christmas Carol, and Muppet Treasure Island. While no release dates nor bonus feature information is known yet, the promo for the DVDs promises that the […]

Domain names registered by Disney reveal studio plans

Jim Hill Media writes of some website names registered by Disney, including quite a number taken just for the Tarzan and Mary Poppins Broadway shows alone. In addition, plenty of domain names have been grabbed for the website of Toy Story’s 10th Anniversary Edition DVD. However, one of the most mysterious domain names that Disney […]

Focus on 9

Variety [paid registration required], via Coming Soon, reports that Universal’s Focus Features will venture into animated movies for the first time, with the Tim Burton-produced 9. Set to be directed by Shane Acker, who directed a short of the same name, the pic is described as, “Surreal fantasy takes place in a parallel world where […]

Leroy & Stitch to wrap up Lilo & Stitch: The Series?

Ultimate Disney points to a forum thread at, where a post attributed to Lilo & Stitch: The Series writer/executive producer Jess Winfield reveals what the mysterious project Leroy & Stitch is. Apparently, the title is a direct-to-video feature that will conclude Lilo & Stitch: The Series, set for a spring 2006 release. Writes ‘jesstifer’ […]

First season of Creature Comforts coming to DVD

Columbia has announced that the first season of Creature Comforts is coming to DVD on September 27th. All thirteen nine-minute episodes of the season will be included in the release. Included as a bonus feature for the DVD will be the original Creature Comforts Oscar-winning short. DVD Answers has the cover art for the set.