Trace Pictures has been keeping busy lately, whether the studio is taking in awards or working on their next projects. For a list of the latest happenings at Trace Pictures, be sure to check out the studio’s press release, by clicking “More”.

For Immediate Release:

Trace Wins Big at Promax/BDA’s
Trace Pictures won five silver awards this year at Promax/BDA, including one for ‘Best Reel’. Trace is pleased to announce their awards for the following projects:

*Silver – Best reel
*Silver – Typography – The AJC “A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words”
*Silver – Commercial – The AJC “A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words”
*Silver – Sport Open – Fearless for OLN
*Silver – Sports Promo – Lance’s Five Battles Won

Trace Cooks Up Hot New Opener for OLN
Trace recently completed a sizzlin’ show open for OLN’s new series ‘All-Star BBQ Showdown’. Using a combination of HD live action, 2D and 3D animation, Trace created a fast paced sequence that pitted the All-Star chefs against each other in a battle of the BBQ. Click link to view:

What’s Trace Up To Now?
Trace is currently working with OLN on a series of IDs for their new re-brand. In addition, they’re creating a full show package for 360 Vision, a current affairs show for Vision Television. Trace also continues work with Primitive Entertainment on an HD series for The History Channel.

More Info or Reel Request?
For more info or to view Trace’s current reel, please contact:
Trisha Emerson
Trace Pictures
Tel: 416-516-6255 x333

You can also check out Trace’s reel online at:

About Trace Pictures:

Trace Pictures is a mixed media Animation and Design company that combines 2d, 3d, stop motion, live action and more to create innovative broadcast design and commercial projects.