Month: January 2004

Update on \\Chicken Little\\ pic

In {{link yesterday’s news}}, we reported that a site had what we thought might be a first pic from Disney’s upcoming \\Chicken Little\\. Our friends at {{link}} have let us know this picture is actually “taken from the {{link 2003 Annual Report of TWDC}} where it can be found in MUCH […]

"Get Them Before They Disappear" – Disney DVDs go out of print remind us that seven Disney DVD titles go back into the vaults today, and will probably remain out of print until an eventual re-emergence on high-definition disc format. The classic titles include Sleeping Beauty, Fantasia and its continuation Fantasia/2000, as well as the box that brings both of these films together and adds The […]

Shark Tale sequel named already?

‘MusicFan’ in the {{link AN Forums}} points out that DreamWorks have “registered the domains ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’”, so it looks like the upcoming first film’s sequel will go under the title Another Shark Tale. However, was this title choice based on the fact that a too-eager cyber squatter had already registered the name […]

Jim Hill on the Disney/Pixar break-up…

As expected, Jim weighs in on the current hot topic concerning The Walt Disney Company and their splitting with blockbuster supplier Pixar Animation Studios. Posted late last night (early this morning?), {{link Jim chimes in}} with the latest, as well as a report on {{link some emails}} Disney Animation head David Stainton has […]

Could Apple buy Pixar?

{{link CNN}} has a semi-serious article on the merits, pitfalls, and feasibility of Apple Computer (CEO Steve Jobs) buying Pixar (CEO Steve Jobs). “Apple, with its huge success in the online music arena, is beginning to look more and more like a content company, as opposed to a pure hardware firm. Plus, Apple is […]

Ruben Aquino Talks: Interview with Brother Bear Animator

Kristin has alerted us to an interview at Out Now! with Ruben Aquino, supervising animator of Denahi for Disney’s Brother Bear, who has also worked on such Disney classics as The Little Mermaid (Ursula), Rescuers Down Under (Jake the kangaroo mouse), The Lion King (adult Simba), Pocahontas (Chief Powhatan), Mulan (Captain Shan), and Lilo & […]

\\The Incredibles\\ toys

An {{link;f=1;t=007545 Animation Nation}} post points out a link to {{link}}, a website with pictures from the 2004 UK Toy Fair with pictures of some of Hasbro’s \\The Incredibles\\ toys.

\\Chicken Little\\ pic

{{link Animagic}} has what appears to be the first picture from Disney upcoming (and first all-CG) film \\Chicken Little\\. The article, entitled “What’s next for Disney”, is in Portuguese. Check out the link for the full picture, and check out {{link Babelfish}} if you’re in need of (a basic) translation.

Disney to push ahead with Toy Story 3 without Pixar?

Following Steve Jobs’ announcement,’s Corporate Press released a statement, which has ended up on the {{link;f=1;t=007538;p= Animation Nation}} boards. The first half of the statement features the quotes we’re reading in other stories, but towards the end, Disney reminds us (and Pixar) that they own all rights to the existing Pixar films, as […]

Eisner may face unfriendly shareholders at March meeting

{{link CBSMarketWatch}} has it right when they say that “Disney’s shareholder meeting, scheduled for March 3, just got a little more interesting”. They believe that Roy Disney’s calls for “Chief Executive Michael Eisner to step down could be heard by more shareholders as they wonder where the Disney chief is leading the company”, and […]

Warner Brothers, Pixar a good fit?

According to {{link Dow Jones Newswire}}, Warner Brothers may be the most natural fit for Pixar “based on their domestic and international film-distribution strengths”. If a Time Warner/Pixar deal occurs, the Dow Jones analyst thinks the “giant entertainment company might try to strike a deal with Disney to buy the two movies left under […]

Pixar gave Disney no advance notice, may be bluffing

According to {{link Business Week}} “like everyone in Hollywood, Disney execs learned about Pixar’s surprise move from the press release”. Even Disney’s studio chief Dick Cook, “who enjoyed a stronger rapport with Jobs than Eisner did, was caught off guard by Pixar’s announcement. No phone call. No heads-up… Cook, who called Jobs after hearing […]

Roy Disney and Stanley Gold's press release on Disney/Pixar breakup

\\Roy Disney and Stanley Gold Dismayed, But Not Surprised by Loss of Walt Disney Company’s Relationship With Pixar\\ As significant shareholders of The Walt Disney Company, we are extremely dismayed, but not surprised by the loss of Disney’s Pixar relationship. More than a year ago, we warned the Disney Board that we believed Michael Eisner […]

Disney's press release on ending talks with Pixar

\\Disney and Pixar End Talks\\ Pixar has elected to conclude its discussions to extend a successful long-term partnership with The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) following the delivery of two more animated features, \\The Incredibles\\ expected in 2004 and \\Cars\\ expected in 2005. “We have had a fantastic partnership with Pixar and wish Steve Jobs and […]

Pixar's press release on ending talks with Disney

\\Pixar to End Talks with Disney\\ Emeryville, CA – January 29, 2004 – Pixar today said that it is ending its discussions with The Walt Disney Company to extend their existing five-picture deal, and will begin discussions with other studios to distribute its films beginning in 2006. After completing the final two films under the […]

Warner to distribute Longnose?

Little Longnose, the Russian animated feature we {{link previously reported}} about, looks to have been picked up for distribution by Warner Brothers (who’ll do anything to keep trying for a slice of the animated feature pie – think they’ve got their eye on Pixar, perchance?). Dark Horizons mentions the studio’s name along with a […]

Vote for the BAFTAS!

‘Disneyaholic’ in the {{link Animated News Forum}} points to where viewers can vote for the Orange Audience Film Award at this year’s British Academy Awards. “Voting is currently going on and will end on Febuary 13. Of the 10 nominees, both Pirates of the Caribbean and Finding Nemo [plus The Lord Of The Rings: […]

UPDATED: Pixar ends talks with Disney; Eisner responds

{{link CNN}} reports that {{link Pixar Animation Studios}} has announced it has ended talks with {{link The Walt Disney Company}} over extending their five-picture deal. “After ten months of trying to strike a deal with Disney, we’re moving on,” Pixar CEO Steve Jobs said in a statement. “We’ve had a great run […]

\\Shrek 2\\ to debut at Cannes

\\Variety\\ reports (this time via {{link Toon Zone}}) that \\Shrek 2\\ will make its debut during the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. The film will be screened on Saturday, May 15, and open in theaters on May 21.

\\Thru the Moebius Strip\\ film in post-production, to become TV series

{{link}} reports on a \\Variety\\ story about Jean Giraud’s sci-fi fantasy film \\Thru the Moebius Strip\\. Senator International will handle worldwide sales rights of this CG feature written by Jim Cox and Paul Gertz. Currently in post-production, \\Moebius\\ will be completed this year. The film features the voice talents of Mark Hamill, Chris […]

\\Mary Poppins\\ star speaks about her role

{{link Playbill}} quotes a \\Variety\\ report about Laura Michelle Kelly, the 23 year old actress who has landed the title role in the upcoming stage musical \\Mary Poppins\\. Kelly, who says she saw the film version as a child, won’t be watching it again anytime soon. “I won’t see it again until I’ve finished […]

\\Shark Tale\\ promo mailer pic

{{link Movie Poop Shoot’s}} Jeffrey Wells shows off the \\Shark Tale\\ mailer he recently received from DreamWorks. “I got this toy shark delivered to me the other day. It’s supposed to promote DreamWorks’ \\Shark Tale\\… Ever since he arrived this little guy has been sitting on my kitchen counter, grinning and trying to help […]

Space Ghost Gets Serious Makeover

Newsarama reveals that a darker twist on the “Space Ghost” character will be the focus of a new, six-part miniseries, which will provide the origin of the hero, and give him a more realistic updating. Joe Kelly and Ariel Olivetti are currently working on the miniseries. “It’s Space Ghost played straight,” Kelly said. “And I’m […]

Bambi II happening after all?

Despite protests from long-time Disney fans not to create sequels for the older animated classics, Disney looks to be going ahead with a sequel to 1942’s Bambi. Many rumors persisted that production had been shut down on it as well as the proposed continuations of Snow White and Dumbo, and that the company would focus […]

Asbury goes Imaginary…

Kelly Asbury, director of the upcoming Shrek 2, has been tapped by Southpaw Entertainment to write and helm Imaginary Children, “a live-action/CGI fantasy adventure about a cartoonist whose creations inhabit his house and cause an estrangement from his son, who can’t measure up to them”. The news comes from {{link}} (paid subscription required).

Home on the Range Song Featured on Disneymania Volume 2

Hitting stores yesterday, Disneymania Volume 2 features new takes on classic Disney songs, with performances by Jump5, Raven, Baha Men, Stevie Brock, Hillary and Hailey Duff, LMNT, Jesse McCartney, Ashley Gearing, Daniel Bedingfield, and They Might Be Giants. Highlights on the disc include a brand-new song, “Anytime You Need a Friend,” from Home on the […]

Lion King 1½ Soundtrack Listing

Business Wire has the song list from The Lion King 1½: Songs from Timon & Pumbaa’s Hilarious Adventure, the soundtrack to The Lion King 1½. The Lion King 1½: Songs from Timon & Pumbaa’s Hilarious Adventure is set to hit stores on February 3. Thanks to Toon Zone for the heads up! Also, on the […]

Eisner's Pay Raise in 2003

Yahoo! Finance reports that the Walt Disney Company’s filings revealed on Tuesday that “Chairman Michael Eisner’s pay package rose 20 percent to $7.3 million in 2003, when earnings rose 2.5 percent and Disney stock jumped 28 percent.”

Game Over To Start March 10

According to Toon Zone, UPN’s Game Over, the first computer-animated television series to air in prime-time, will debut Wednesday, March 10 at 8:00 pm ET/PT. Six episodes are already completed. Patrick Warburton, Lucy Liu, E.G. Daily, Rachel Dratch, and Artie Lang provide the voices for the Smashenburns, a family who “must deal with the trials […]

New Concept Art from Over the Hedge

Carrey Debatten (Discussions) has new concept art pictures from Over the Hedge.