According to Business Week “like everyone in Hollywood, Disney execs learned about Pixar’s surprise move from the press release”. Even Disney’s studio chief Dick Cook, “who enjoyed a stronger rapport with Jobs than Eisner did, was caught off guard by Pixar’s announcement. No phone call. No heads-up… Cook, who called Jobs after hearing the news, is said to believe that Pixar is heading toward a deal with someone else”.

However, the analyst thinks that “perhaps Jobs simply intends to pressure Eisner, and do so at a time when the Disney chief is perceived to be vulnerable… Jobs may simply be trying to yank Eisner’s chain… Yet Pixar likely wouldn’t come out better if it follows through and severs ties to the Magic Kingdom. Disney’s marketing muscle, which includes its mammoth theme parks, the Disney Channel, and radio and TV stations, can’t easily be duplicated, even by Warner. That’s yet another reason why Jobs may be… planning a surprise ending”.