CNN has a semi-serious article on the merits, pitfalls, and feasibility of Apple Computer (CEO Steve Jobs) buying Pixar (CEO Steve Jobs). “Apple, with its huge success in the online music arena, is beginning to look more and more like a content company, as opposed to a pure hardware firm. Plus, Apple is one of the best marketers around”. One analyst says “It’s an interesting idea. The basis of Pixar’s success is computer animation and Jobs is trying to get more into music and entertainment. It’s a little convoluted but stranger things have happened”. With almost $5 billion in cash in the bank, Apple does have the ability to buyout Pixar. However, in the end “the odds of it actually happening are fairly remote”, though “five or ten years down the road, a merger with Pixar might make more sense”.

But what if? “Just think of the cross-marketing opportunities. Those surfer dude sea turtles from Finding Nemo listening to the Beach Boys on their iPods. Toy Story’s Woody using Apple’s new GarageBand software to compose a love song for his girlfriend Bo Peep. And how about Sully from Monsters Inc. editing ‘How to Scare Kids’ videos with iMovie on his Power Mac G5?”