Following Steve Jobs’ announcement,’s Corporate Press released a statement, which has ended up on the Animation Nation boards. The first half of the statement features the quotes we’re reading in other stories, but towards the end, Disney reminds us (and Pixar) that they own all rights to the existing Pixar films, as well as the right to explore them through merchandise and sequel potential. The statement continues to play up Disney’s own move into 3D CGI pictures, with mentions of Vanguard’s Valiant and Core’s The Wild as well as WDFA’s upcoming features. Each gets a quick mention and a line of info, except for the last one, which is simply titled Toy Story 3. Read this section of the statement here:

“Tom Staggs, Disney senior executive vice president and chief financial officer, said Disney management could not accept Pixar’s final offer because it would have cost Disney hundreds of millions of dollars it is already entitled to under the existing agreement, while not providing sufficient incremental returns on new collaborations to justify the changes to the existing deal.

In addition to Pixar’s delivery of two more feature films, under the current agreement, Disney maintains the rights to develop and produce sequels to all films created through this partnership, including direct to video presentations, television series and specials; and to exploit all characters and content throughout Disney’s theme park and consumer products units, thereby allowing Disney to continue to nurture and grow these successful franchises while benefiting Disney shareholders into the foreseeable future. Disney also owns the entire Disney/Pixar film library, which includes Toy Story, Toy Story 2, A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc., and Finding Nemo, in addition to the two pictures yet to be completed.”

In addition to Pixar, the Walt Disney Studios has relationships with other emerging animation producing partners including Vanguard Films, currently producing Valiant, and San Francisco-based Complete Pandemonium, producing The Wild in conjunction with CORE Technologies of Toronto.

Walt Disney Feature Animation will release Home on the Range on April 2, featuring songs performed by Tim McGraw, Bonnie Raitt and k.d. lang. Currently in production is Chicken Little, the Studio’s first all-CG effort, which is scheduled for release in Summer 2005. For Summer 2006 and beyond, Walt Disney Feature Animation is producing a series of 3D motion pictures: A Day With Wilbur Robinson, based on the beloved William Joyce book; American Dog, directed by Chris Sanders (Lilo and Stitch); Rapunzel Unbraided, directed by legendary Disney animator Glen Keane; and Toy Story 3. These movies are all anticipated to break new ground in CG movie-making. The Studio has an additional 20 animated features in active development”.

Source: Corporate Press, January 29, 2004.