Month: December 2003 – page 2

Christmas Nightmare

Halloween movie or Christmas classic? However you think of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, there’s no denying that it’s a holiday favorite and a technical marvel. Just as its tenth year celebrations come to a close, Alex Weitzman at The Big Cartoon Database’s {{link The Animated Word}} takes a look back at the […]

DreamWorks Animation Preview

‘Bobbie’ on the {{link AN Forum}} posts a press release from the upcoming 21st {{link Rustycon}} convention (running January 16th through January 18th in Seattle) that announces that DreamWorks will preview their upcoming animation slate at the event. “DreamWorks will be hosting a booth featuring art from the animated films Shrek 2, Shark […]

Bozzetto's New 3d Animated Short

CG Networks reports that Bruno Bozzetto is working on a 3D animated short in collaboration with Simple Pictures. Apparently he is not busy enough with his new feature Mammuk! The short will debut in summer 2004, but a teaser that presents the main characters is available form the official web site. This is the first […]

Spaghetti, Pizza and… Animation

Have you ever wondered how the most famous Italian dish was born? The new animated feature Toto’ Sapore e la Magica Storia della Pizza (Toto’ Flavour and the Magic Story of Pizza) has the answer. The movie, produced by Lanterna Magica narrates how, in 1700, a Neapolitan minstrel with the dream of becoming a chef […]

Upcoming projects from Disney?

A poster at {{link;f=1;t=007214 Animation Nation}} has discovered the webpage of a writer named Michelle Spitz where she lists her writing credits. They include several unheard of projects for Disney Feature Animation. You Don’t Know Jack About the Beanstalk (’03) A Day with Wilbur Robinson (’02) Chicken Little (’02) Just So Stories (’02) Emperor’s […]

February set as new Pooh trial date

{{link Toon Zone}} reports that the ongoing dispute between the owners and licensors of A.A. Milne’s Winnie The Pooh characters is set to continue on February 24th, when the Disney Company will argue that “its opponents stole documents”, in the trial’s first major hearing in more than a year – though it’s just another […]

Farrellys' animated comedy

{{link Dark Horizons}}, among a list of other (live-action) news bites, mentions that the next Farrelly Brothers comedy “(the animated one) will be based on the novel {{link Frisco Pigeon Mambo}} by C.D. Payne”.

Down and Out in Orlando: Impending Layoffs Hit Hard

Kristin points us to an article at the St. Petersburg Times Floridian website for a glimpse of real lives being hit hard by the closure of Disney’s Florida animation studios. There’s also insights into corporate struggles, the “so-called” 2D vs. 3D animation war, fat cat capitalism wherein those who control all the money give themselves […]

No One Goes Tromping Around Wearing Boots Like . . . Michael Eisner?

Jim Hill Media has a new article in which he compares Disney CEO Michael Eisner to Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston (whose hubris led him to falling from a great height) and to other Disney villains in general in the recent Roy Disney/Stanley Gold controversy yet still holds out hope that Eisner can come down […]

Noodlesoup's \\The Venture Brothers\\ wins Cineme TV Series award

Noodlesoup Productions’ \\The Venture Brothers\\ won the Best Animated Television Series award at this year’s Cineme, the Chicago International Animation Film Festival. The show’s pilot aired this past February and the series is scheduled to premiere on Cartoon Network this spring. \\The Venture Brothers\\ “parodies the 1960’s favorite \\Jonny Quest\\, featuring brothers Hank and Dean, their […]

\\Lil' Pimp\\ status changed… again

{{link}} reports that the much troubled feature \\Lil’ Pimp\\ has, once again, been removed from the release date schedule and is now heading straight to video. \\{{link Lil’ Pimp}}\\ is the first feature film to be shot entirely with Flash animation.

Has the Animated Feature Oscar changed anything?

{{link AWN}} asks “Has the Oscar for Animated Feature Affected the Industry?” The article looks at the previous and current contenders, their fates, and some of the controversies the new category has generated. In the end the author decides that the “Features category is clearly building respect for animated work outside of the community […]

Visual Effects Oscar contenders announced

{{link The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences}} has announced the the seven films being considered for the Best Visual Effects Academy Award: \\The Hulk\\, \\The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King\\, \\Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World\\, \\Peter Pan\\, \\Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of […]

Top 10 DVDs of the year!

Following our own {{link Picks Of The Year}} feature, which ranged from books to DVDs, Rand Cyrenne sticks to just the discs, compiling the best editions from 2003, based on a shortlist made up from the reviewers, including myself, at {{link DVD Toons}}. The list (also featuring further links to full reviews) brings […]

Harry Potter, Polar Express and Willy Wonka headed for Imax?

Following Jim Hill’s feature last week that reveals that Disney’s Aladdin is not quite yet headed for the Imax screen (though Disney’s reasons to replace it with a new Black Stallion film is unlikely to change the company’s current attitude to large format releases) comes news that another family studio, Warner Brothers, is taking up […]

Belleville Region 2 DVD!

‘2099net’ posts on the {{link AN Forum}} that Sylvain Chomet’s Belleville Rendezvouz (The Triplets Of Belleville) is headed for DVD on January 26th. The disc site {{link}} is showing the film available in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen and DTS sound, with several bonus features including audio commentary on three scenes, music video, making […]

Lion King 3 Amazon UK pre-order

‘Baloo’ in the {{link Animated News Forum}} shows us the UK artwork for the upcoming Lion King 1½ 2-disc DVD, known internationally as The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata. It’s listed as a pre-order on the {{link}} site for £13.99, and will be released on February 16th 2004.

Bruno Bozzetto's new feature: Mammuk

Renowned Italian director Bruno Bozzetto (West & Soda, Allegro non Troppo) is working on a new feature film. Set in the prehistory, Mammuk is the story of a mammoth and two kids, learning to survive in a world of violence and brutality. The movie is produced by RAI Cinema and has a budget of 10 […]

Ed's new book…

Fantasy writer Ed McCray, who “moonlights” as a reviewer for DVD Toons, has published a new book, with an eye for an animated feature to follow. Jill Chill And The Baron Of Glacier Mountain is “a brand new holiday story that explores the possibility of Jack Frost having a female counterpart”. The book, just on […]

Ultimate Disney's ultimate DVDs!

The {{link Ultimate Disney}} DVD fansite posted their “Most Popular DVDs on the Site” for December, which places Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl at number one, and the upcoming Brother Bear as the most requested pre-roder. Also today is a look at early specs for Disney’s catalogue release slate […]

Reminder: Robbie the Reindeer tonight on CBS

CBS is airing a Christmas special tonight at 8:00 PM: two episodes of the stop motion show Robbie the Reindeeer. The show is a production of BBC’s Animation Unit in Bristol, UK and has has received 19 international awards, including a BAFTA for Best Entertainment Program. The voice cast includes big names like Ben Stiller […]

Hi-res shots from \\Shrek 2\\ and \\Shark Tale\\

{{link DreamWorks SKG Fansite}} has new hi-resolution pictures from DreamWorks’ 2004 animated films \\Shrek 2\\ and \\Shark Tale\\.

\\The Triplets of Belleville\\ wins BSFC award

\\{{link,6115,561576_1_0_,00.html Entertainment Weekly}}\\ reports that \\The Triplets of Belleville\\ won the Best Foreign Language Film award from the Boston Society of Film Critics on their 23rd annual awards list. [paid registration required]

Disney signs writers for \\The Three Pigs\\

{{link}} has the \\Variety\\ report that Grant Calof and Greg Lee have been signed by Disney to adapt David Wiesner’s Caldecott Medal winning children’s book \\The Three Pigs\\. Wiesner’s version of the story “updates the traditional tale and follows the pigs’ adventures” as they escape the Big Bad Wolf by going into other […]

Warner Bros. to buy MGM?

CBS MarketWatch reports, via Cartoon Research, that the Time-Warner juggernaut may expand its properties with an attempt at MGM Studios. Quotage – “Daily Variety first reported that Time Warner, the world’s largest media company, and MGM, one of the most venerable names in moviemaking, are resuming discussions they had last year when MGM reportedly was […]

You've Got Questions? Jim's Got Answers

Jim Hill Media has a new “Why For” column where various questions are answered concerning the delay of Aladdin’s IMAX presentation (I was really hoping to see it), the release date of Home on the Range, and more. After reading his answers you may wonder if there’s anything Jim Hill doesn’t know. I think what […]

DVD Toons reviews Space Jam: Special Edition!

While reviewer Randall Cyrenne still grumbles a bit about the film’s overall quality, he still likes its subtler touches, widescreen presentation (finally!), and its moderate 2-disc treatment in the new Special Edition DVD. Click here for the full review!

"Enchanted World" is just that…

Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass created some of the most memorable animated Christmas specials ever to grace the small screen. Now that magic can be found between the covers of a great new book that Jim Hill says was just made to be enjoyed during the holiday season. So as the snow is falling, […]

Farrelly Brothers Going Wild With Animated Movie

Dark Horizons reports, “The duos next animated feature apparently follows lab animals that are tested for nicotine-addictions and are freed by animal-rights activists. The animals run amock in Manhattan and suffer from withdrawals from their various testings they went through and want to get back in the lab.”

Shaggy Remake

According to Variety, Disney’s remake of The Shaggy Dog, which is being directed by Brian Robbins (Good Burger, Hard Ball), will start filming in July. Tim Allen is set to star as the man who morphs into a sheepdog.