Month: December 2003

Time Magazine's top ten for 2003

Thanks to ‘ChayaA’ in the {{link AN Forums}} for pointing out a link to Time Magazine’s revealing of their reviewers’ picks for the {{link best and worst}} films of 2003. Richard Corliss has Nemo and Belleville tied together at the number 2 spot, second only to Return Of The King, while Nemo appears […]

Disney Adds "Terror" To the Rose Parade

According to the Internet Movie Database, “The Walt Disney Co. was being taken to task Tuesday for its plan to present a float titled the ‘Twilight Zone Tower of Terror’ during the Rose Parade in Pasadena Thursday. The float, which depicts a Disney theme park ride in which a hotel skyscraper is struck by lightning […]

Finding Seventh Place

Representing critics in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, the Southeastern Film Critics Association, giving out its 12th annual awards, has placed Finding Nemo in 7th place on its list of 2003’s top 10 films. Thanks to the Big Cartoon Database‘s forum for the heads up!

Jim Hill Media's Person of the Year

Jim Hill Media has unveiled its “Person of the Year” for 2003! Who is it? Click here to find out. Also, the website provides “Walt Disney and Harvard,” an intriguing story about when Mr. Disney was given an honorary degree at the prestigous college, and “DoomBuggy Productions presents: An Oogie Boogie Desserta,” a delightful recipe […]

Disney Gets Stamped

According to the forum at the Big Cartoon Database, the United States Postal Service revealed Tuesday that Disney characters Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio, Bambi, Thumper, Simba, and his father Musafa will be included on 37-cent postage stamps, being released next summer. In regards to the stamps, Disney Consumer Products’ Mary Beech […]

"Voice of Tarzan" found?

{{link Playbill}} (via Toon Zone) is reporting that Broadway actor Adam Pascal (already known to Disney fans for his role as Radames in Elton John/Tim Rice’s Aida) has been tapped to perform in the next stage of workshops for the upcoming stage translation of Disney’s Tarzan. Pascal says “I’m playing the storyteller, so basically […]

"Michael Pan?"

“Did you know at one time Barrie considered writing a sequel to Peter Pan entitled Michael Pan?” Find out more interesting trivia and discover the story behind author James Barrie and his creation of the boy who wouldn’t grow up, in the article “Off to Neverland,” at Jim Hill Media.

DVD Suggestions for 2004

USA Today takes a detailed look at what things should change or remain when it comes to DVD releases and packaging in 2004.

Trick or Treat?

The Hollywood Reporter examines the tactic that studios use to advertise their films by inserting advertisements, disguised as treats, into newspapers.

New year: new animation books

Jerry Beck, over at his {{link Cartoon Research}} page, takes a look at the new Definitive Guide To Betty Boop Memoribilia book, as well as Mike Joens’ An Animated Death In Burbank and another push for the very fun Son Of Faster Cheaper, by Floyd Norman.

Box office returns

The {{link IMDB}} today reports an upswing in the recent box office slump of the summer, with Peter Jackson’s Return Of The King perhaps unsurprisingly leading the way (for a total gross, in 2003 alone, of $224 million). The much heralded Peter Pan, at the other end of the spectrum, has only managed to […]

More animation on DVD for 2004

With the new year just around the corner, {{link The Digital Bits}} has posted a slate of what we can expect from some of the major studios. All of these are subject to change, but at the moment, here’s what we can expect, animation wise: Paramount has more Jimmy Neutron, SpongeBob SquarePants and other […]

Jim Hill Media Returns!

After taking a holiday break, Jim Hill Media is back with two interesting articles. In “But on the other hand…,” an original look is taken at both sides in the Roy Disney / Stanley Gold / Michael Eisner argument. Then, in “Cartoon Crazy X,” surprising trivia is revealed about some of history’s favorite cartoon stars.

New "Incredible" Clips Online

From Pixar’s official website comes three new clips, previously seen on the Wonderful World of Disney’s presentation of Toy Story, for Disney and Pixar’s upcoming The Incredibles. Thanks to JoBlo for the heads up!

Garfield's New Promotional Pictures

JoBlo presents two new promotional stills from Garfield.

Clerks: Sell Out Test Footage brings us test footage from Clerks: Sell Out, which is to be completely Flash-animated. As the website reminds us, “Mind you, none of this material will be in the animated movie; this was just the guys showcasing what they could accomplish with Flash.”

Howl's Moving Castle hits another delay

‘Wolf Tooth’ on the {{link AN Forum}} tells us that Yahoo Japan is reporting a release date change from July to November next year, to give director Miyazaki extra time to complete the movie (rumored to be his last, though he’s been saying that for a while now)! The {{link Anime News Network}} […]

Belleville not bizarre enough for ya? Then try a Destino twofer!!

The indie cinema company Landmark Theatres has just announced an American circuit for the elusive Disney/Dali short, Destino! According to their site, “the never-before-seen animated short Destino has premiered at several festivals around the world and will be shown exclusively at Landmark Theatres (in most of our markets) with the animated French feature The Triplets […]

Missed the BBC's Belleville?

If you couldn’t wrestle control of the TV remote to catch BBC 2’s showing of Belleville Rendezvous this past Christmas Day, a scan through the UK TV listings reveals that the digital cable channel BBC 4 is re-showing the film as part of their World Cinema Award season. It’s on tonight, the 28th December, at […]

The Last Unicorn finally comes home

Rankin/Bass’ 1982 fantasy animated feature The Last Unicorn has appeared as a pre-order on the {{link DVD Empire}} website, listing a March 16th release date, for under $10. No specs yet, but the title is already available in region 2 countries, in its original letterboxed aspect ratio, particularly {{link the UK}} and {{link […]

Muppet Castings…

The Muppet Wizard Of Oz, the next film in the on-going almost-animated Muppet film series, has had the “casting” of the principal roles announced, according to {{link AICN}}. Kermit is the Scarecrow, while the rumor is that Natalie Portman is being eyed for the lead part of Dorothy. In not so good news, it’s […]

More on the Trouble at the Mouse House

Ain’t It Cool News updates with a letter from roving media reporter Jim Hill written to Hollywood sneak peek guru Harry Knowles with more insights into the Roy Disney/Stanley Gold/Michael Eisner situation. Does anyone have an easy, two- or three-word, catchy title for this “situation” yet? Until someone stops me I believe I will refer […]

Suing Nemo: Litigation Hits The Undersea World

As if there wasn’t already enough controversy over Simba and Kimba, Toon Zone alerts us to an article at BBC News Online about an author of children’s books in France suing Disney. The author, Franck Le Calvez, claims that many of the characters in Disney/Pixar’s smash hit Finding Nemo are similar to characters in a […]

\\SpongeBob SquarePants\\ trailer online

The first teaser trailer for the \\SpongeBob SquarePants\\ movie is now online at {{link Apple’s Quicktime Movie Trailer site}}.

Seinfeld's DreamWorks movie title confirmed?

‘MusicFan’ in the {{link Animated News Forum}} lets us know that DreamWorks have secured the web domain names ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’, which can only be a sign of confirmation that the studio is going with Bee Movie as the actual title of their next CG animated comedy, described as “Antz with bees” (Beez, […]

Don't Forget! Belleville screens tonight!

Although we’ve mentioned it on a couple of past occasions, this really is my last chance to highlight the UK TV showing of the Oscar-worthy {{link Belleville Rendezvouz}} (The Triplets Of Belleville) on the BBC 2 channel. Sylvain Chomet’s astonishing film (the best I have seen produced outside of the main studio system) is […]

Looney Tunes: Back In Action cover art

DVD Answers has the cover art for the Looney Tunes: Back In Action DVD, due to arrive in stores on March 2.

Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie poster and trailer!

JoBlo’s Movie Emporium brings us a large version of the film’s poster, while Yahoo! Movies has the trailer for Spongebob Squarepants.

Jim's festive farewell feature…

The always enjoyable {{link Jim Hill Media}} shuts down today until the 29th, with a final three posts. {{link Walt Disney Christmas Stories}} has Wade Sampson recounting “a series of Christmas-related tales that feature the old Mousetro himself and the Studio’s resident genius, Ward Kimball, while Matt Springer’s {{link The Essential Geek}} […]


The end of the year gives us cause for celebration, but it’s also a chance to look back and remember those who have passed away. Recently, the animation community lost two such artists: stop-motion animator Wah Chang (Oscar winner for special effects on George Pal’s The Time Machine and contributor to animated sequences in other […]