The indie cinema company Landmark Theatres has just announced an American circuit for the elusive Disney/Dali short, Destino! According to their site, “the never-before-seen animated short Destino has premiered at several festivals around the world and will be shown exclusively at Landmark Theatres (in most of our markets) with the animated French feature The Triplets Of Belleville.” The only footnote to this fantastic duo is that in Los Angeles, the short will be shown with Calendar Girls, while in New York it will be hosted elsewhere (though I’ve heard from NY natives that it was, at least initially, showing with the Girls, as well).

Wanna know if this odd couple is playing near you? Just click here to see the locations it’s playing at now, or coming to soon. Not playing anywhere remotely near you? Don’t despair – the news broke back in October that a 2004 DVD was on its way, complete with a “making-of” documentary and galleries of Salvador Dali’s original artwork. A date has not yet been set – but look for that release sometime early next year!