‘MusicFan’ in the Animated News Forum lets us know that DreamWorks have secured the web domain names ‘abeemovie.com’, ‘beemovie.net’ and ‘thebeemovie.com’, which can only be a sign of confirmation that the studio is going with Bee Movie as the actual title of their next CG animated comedy, described as “Antz with bees” (Beez, perhaps?), and set to feature Jerry Seinfeld’s animation debut.

In related news, ‘MusicFan’ also fills us in on another DreamWorks deal, this time with games company Activision, who have signed to “develop and publish video games based on DreamWorks’ upcoming animated theatrical Shrek 2 feature film. Activision also holds the exclusive interactive rights to publish games based on DreamWorks’ upcoming films Shark Tale, Madagascar and Over The Hedge“. Here is the original post, while the official press release is also online.