‘2099net’ posts on the AN Forum that Sylvain Chomet’s Belleville Rendezvouz (The Triplets Of Belleville) is headed for DVD on January 26th. The disc site Play.com is showing the film available in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen and DTS sound, with several bonus features including audio commentary on three scenes, music video, making of the music video featurette, a documentary on the film, and the theatrical trailer.

Personally, although this sounds like a great edition, I would wait to see what Sony, the American distributors of the film, compile for their release (plus, bear in mind that UK region 2 PAL discs speed up the 24-frame film to 25-frame video process and do not run at the original theatrical length or musical pitch – a vital component in a film like this). UK viewers do have another option to catch the film on TV in their home – BBC2 is showing it at 7pm on Christmas Day.