CBS MarketWatch reports, via Cartoon Research, that the Time-Warner juggernaut may expand its properties with an attempt at MGM Studios.

Quotage –

“Daily Variety first reported that Time Warner, the world’s largest media company, and MGM, one of the most venerable names in moviemaking, are resuming discussions they had last year when MGM reportedly was looking for a buyer. Time Warner, which already owns a large portion of MGM’s formidable film library, may be looking to buy the rest of it.
Kirk Kerkorian, MGM’s chief shareholder, was said to have put the studio up for grabs in 2002 with an asking price of $7 billion. MGM couldn’t find a willing buyer at the time. Whether the deal actually will come to pass is unclear. MGM is free of debt, and Kerkorian reportedly is unwilling to sell unless he gets the right offer.”

Of course, the biggest question out of all of this is – if given to the WB, would The Secret of NIMH finally get a proper Special Edition DVD? ;-)