The dynamic duo are set to return in a feature-length film for Netflix. Plus, a first image from Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget has been released.


A teaser trailer for the highly anticipated adaption of the many Middle-Earth stories by JRR Tolkien reveals the title and brings to light a focal narrative to the series.

2021 Quick Review Recaps

Join us as we end the year off right with a quick review recap of some of the big studio releases of 2021!

Composer Dan Romer dives into the music of Luca  and Ciao Alberto 

Read how Romer was inspired by various forms of Italian music, including film scores, for his music in Pixar’s well-received feature Luca and its spin-off short.

Composer Germaine Franco on her enchanting score for Encanto 

Encanto brilliantly showcases the beautifully diverse music of Colombia. Read how the richness of this culture was utilized in creating and shaping the new Disney film!

Santa Inc. 

Bah humbug!


The animated series based on League Of Legends boasts a wonderfully emotional narrative, breathtaking visuals that mix CG and hand-drawn animation, and a delightful ensemble cast of characters, making Arcane a legendary show.

Inside Job 

A very adult comedy whose fascinating exploration of conspiracy theories being real is merely a cover for chronicling the social life of its megalomaniacal and enduring lead, though at the cost of under-developing other characters.

Star Wars: Visions 

The anime anthology series invites audiences to explore a fascinating new approach to the Star Wars mythology, presenting an exciting and unique look at the galaxy far, far away.

Composer Michael Kramer on He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe 

Find out how Kramer’s evolution as a composer blended with his love of toys to create Master-ful music that is tremendously original, yet evocative of the classic characters that fans remember.

Showrunner Rob David and Co-Executive Producer Jeff Matsuda on He-Man 

With yet another He-Man show about to launch, find out what makes this one unique and still faithful to the original 1980s concept.

Comic-Con@Home 2021 Coverage

Watch our coverage of Comic-Con@Home 2021 featuring an X-Men fandom surprise party, the 50th anniversary of Rolling Stone magazine’s coverage of Marvel, a celebration of geekdom in 1981, The Owl House, Family Guy, and more!

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