Despicable Me 4 

With barely any story to speak of, the only reason to see Despicable Me 4 is if you enjoyed the previous films. But for everyone else, it’s criminal how little there is here to recommend.

Inside Out 2 

While still a few too many contrivances, overall Inside Out 2 is a joy, deeper and more emotionally satisfying than the first, with some memorable performances.

The Garfield Movie 

The Garfield Movie takes everything you know and love about the fat cat and tosses it all out in favor of making an action movie instead.

The Best Of 2023: Back To Normal-ish?

Time to relive the past year again, which kind of, sort of, not really quite got us back on track but still served up some treats. We share our faves, and your picks too!

Dave Metzger’s Wish  Comes True…

The veteran composer, arranger, and orchestrator discusses composing the score for Disney’s latest film, intended as a celebration of the studio’s 100th anniversary year.

Flip The Frog: The Complete Series 

Thunderbean’s greatest achievement is here, as Steve Stanchfield and his team bring Ub Iwerks’ 1930s creation to high definition disc, with all shorts lovingly restored and accompanied by scads of quality bonus features.

The Puppetoon Movie Volume 3 

With 21 stop-motion puppet films and seven hand-drawn animated shorts, this third volume of George Pal’s classic cartoons is overflowing with creativity, fun, and simply amazing artistry!

Twenty Questions with the AV Staff

Whether you started reading in 2003 or found us in the years since, how well do you actually know the writers who bring you Animated Views? For our 20th anniversary, the AV staff answers 20 questions about the site, their opinions, and themselves.

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