The Best of the 2010s

With the 2010s now behind us, we thought it was a perfect time to look back at the best of what the past decade in animation had to offer. But instead of giving you our views, we placed the ball in your hands and asked “What are YOUR picks for the best animated films from the last ten years?” Here’s what you chose!

Oscar Night 2020

It’s time — the winners of the 92nd Annual Academy Awards will be revealed this weekend. And we’ll be covering it as part of our annual Oscar event, now in its 16th year! UPDATE: Congrats to our contest winner! Results now online!

The Owl House 

The Owl House tells a nice, fun premise with quirky characters and some really good animation while playing with fantasy conventions in bizarre fashion that’s a hoot.

The Best of 2019: And Then It Was Over

With awards season now in full swing, it’s time once again for our site’s annual look back at the year that was, with our staff’s favorites from what the world of entertainment had to offer, along with your picks for what you chose as the best animated movies of 2019 from our Reader’s Choice poll.

Spies in Disguise 

While a few details may ruffle your feathers, Spies in Disguise checks the necessary boxes to be an enjoyable enough film.

Finding Santa: A Christmas Adventure 

Even with an interesting animation style, Finding Santa doesn’t quite earn itself a place on top of Santa’s nice list.

Playmobil: The Movie 

Playmobil: The Movie is not The Lego Movie. Fortunately, the filmmakers know this too and give viewers something different to play with.

Frozen II 

While actually topping a film like Frozen would be as impossible as finding two identical snowflakes, Frozen II is no more than a lukewarm attempt.

Hazbin Hotel 

Be warned: Hazbin Hotel is not a family-friendly show. Yet the independently produced pilot features high quality animation, wonderful characters, and catchy show-tunes that is worth checking in to.

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