Legendary animator Richard Williams RIP aged 86

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that legendary Who Framed Roger Rabbit animator Richard Williams has passed away at his Bristol home in the UK, aged 86. The multiple Oscar-winning animator, writer and director was also known for his Animator’s Survival Kit book and masterclasses, as well as his unfinished epic work The Thief And The Cobbler.

2019 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

An exclusive recap of the annual convention, including coverage of Marvel 80th Anniversary through animation, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Seis Manos, and Sesame Street 50th Anniversary!

Box office slingshot doesn’t fling Angry Birds far

The well-reviewed video game comedy made respectively less than its predecessor during its opening weekend.

The Angry Birds Movie 2

Game over, hopefully.

Didier Ghez uncovers the hidden art of Disney’s early renaissance

The author explains why the fifth volume in the celebrated They Drew As They Pleased series is a personal favourite.

SpongeBob celebrates 20 years with a Big Birthday Blowout and the Best Year Ever

Nickelodeon’s iconic series, SpongeBob SquarePants, has reached its 20th anniversary, and the network is celebrating the “Best Year Ever”!

Toy Story 4

Funny, suspenseful, and profoundly heartfelt, Toy Story 4 is the best Pixar movie in years.

The Calendar and Countdown app are back!

Count down to opening dates for upcoming animated films on our calendar, and carry the calendar in your pocket with our smart phone app!

Pixar Graphics Art Director Craig Foster on Toy Story 4

Find out how fun it can be to create all the graphics seen in the Pixar films. There’s more to it than you think!

Director Juan Antin talks about Pachamama on Netflix

This story of an initiation journey for a would-be shaman has its roots in the history and culture of Latin America. Learn more of this film’s development from its director.

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

The newest Godzilla film delivers some satisfying monster mayhem, but it’s too bad the human drama is pretty silly this time around.

Arnold Leibovit on producing The Puppetoon Movie Volume 2

This exclusive interview touches on George Pal’s contribution to popular culture, and Leibovit’s own efforts to preserve that legacy, including his current campaign to restore more Puppetoons.

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