The Luca  teaser takes a trip to paradise

Check out the beautiful animation from Pixar’s latest feature film.

Nick is looking to create an “expanded universe” through movies and streaming with the original series creators serving as creative consultants.

Pixar’s Paul Abadilla, Sets Art Director on Soul 

Like the film itself, the art direction on Soul is a mix of the concrete and the abstract, and with a big musical influence!

MeTV generates nostalgia with Toon In With Me  and Saturday Morning Cartoons 

We talk with “Cartoon Curator” Bill Leff about the show aimed at those who remember the good old days of TV before 24-hour networks and streaming.

The 2020 AV Readers’ Choice Poll

Critics, the Academy, Hollywood guilds, and even the Animated Views staff will tell you what they think. But now it’s your turn to be the critic! What was the the best animated film of 2020?


Soul has lofty aspirations and it hits the high notes almost every time, with incredible animation, captivating music, and an engrossing plot. While it’ll make you think a lot more than laugh, the end result is a virtuoso performance.

Helluva Boss 

This is not a family-friendly show, pushing acceptable adult content to a shocking degree, but those willing to brave the fires of Beelzebub may enjoy the independently produced high quality animation, eccentric characters, and nice melodies.

The Puppetoon Movie: Volume 2 

Featuring brilliant restoration work, this new compilation of classic George Pal stop-motion shorts astounds the viewer with its animation, music, and color. Also included are rare European films, including ones with hand-drawn animation.

Disney Historian Christian Renaut on The Best Of Disney’s Animated Features 

Renaut tells Animated Views what separates his book from other Disney film books, in Jeremie’s exclusive interview.

Warning From Space 

Arrow Video brings out the Japanese classic, allowing a reappraisal after years of low-quality TV broadcasts and public domain DVDs. It’s good, too, once you get past the silly-looking starfish aliens.

Chiodo Bros talk Netflix’s Alien Xmas 

The talented brothers realize their dream of a stop-motion special in the classic tradition, speaking about the immense project, its origins as a book, and how producer Jon Favreau helped guide production, in our exclusive, in-depth interview.

ZooPhobia: Bad Luck Jack 

While the characters and story echo Disney Channel programming, the independently produced short contains high quality animation and catchy songs, presenting a wholesome creature that is fun to watch and not fear.

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