Month: January 2015

Strange Magic vanishes from top ten as Paddington continues its decent run
A closer look at Pixar alumni’s Oscar-nominated Dam Keeper short
Hand-painted film animation celebrates Van Gogh
The history of animation at Jak & Daxter studio Naughty Dog
Why Spongebob’s popularity has persevered
The matte paintings of the original Star Wars trilogy and their creators
The Best Of 2014: Son Of 2013!

The good, the bad and the ugly of the past year are all exposed in the return of our annual survey, featuring our top picks in DVD, Blu-ray and theatrical releases – plus your choices too!

Strange Magic

Want a head start to making a great movie? It’s no secret. You just need a good solid story. Otherwise you’ll have to resort to cheap tricks and strange magic.

Animation Addicts Podcast #86: Once Upon a Forest – How Alvin and the Chipmunks Save the Forest

The fans voted and the Rotoscopers delivered! Chelsea, Morgan and Mason’s Rats and Mice Series on Once Upon a Forest!

DC announces new Batman, Justice League animated features and shorts
Does Disney’s new princess Elena count as Latina?
Short Photographs offers emotional tale about elderly woman and Polaroid camera
Studio Ghibli doc Kingdom of Dreams & Madness released this week
SpongeBob online? Nickelodeon to offer standalone Internet subscription service
Special Phineas & Ferb episode inspired by 25-year-old super fan’s artwork
Hilary Swank, Susan Sarandon join Nut Job studio’s Spark
Did the Annie noms quietly forecast Oscar’s Lego Movie snub?
Guardians, Lego, Dragon 2 among 3D Society Award winners
Joy tries to cheer up Sadness in international Inside Out clip
BBC wants to use animation to win global news battle
With few reviews online, Madea’s Tough Love debuts at #5 on sales chart
What’s worth watching on FXX’s Animation Domination?
Reef creators’ Jungle Shuffle now available to pre-order
Minions takes on the Super Bowl in new TV spot
First look at Tomorrowland’s Super Bowl TV spot