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The fans voted and the Rotoscopers delivered! Chelsea, Morgan, and Mason continue the “Rats and Mice Series” with Once Upon a Forest!


• Main Discussion: Once Upon a Forest

• It’s ok. Not bad. But just ok.

• Classic James Horner. There’s alway a wind instrument solo.

• Mason soapbox moment: Why are there animals that are selectively clothed and selectively naked?

• It’s the 90s! Look at all the orphans and single parent households.

• Everyone rants about the environmentalist message.

• Message of the movie: stop driving cars and killing all the owls.

• The owls in this film remind of the movie.

• How many people are actually trying to climb up there to get the flower?

• Humans are evil, but not really!

• We rate it!

• Voicemail

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