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Simba's Pride "a mixed bag"; One By One "a pure delight"

Echoing Ultimate Disney’s thoughts on The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, {{link DVD Toons says}} that “to be fair, it stands up against an impossible to top original pretty well, though admits defeat to the law of diminishing returns, at least artistically. With nothing too outstanding to shout about, nor anything too objectionable to […]

Ultimate Disney reviews Simba's Pride

Ultimate Disney has a new DVD review up today – this time around it’s for the Special Edition 2-discer of Simba’s Pride. “Lacking the power and prestige of its predecessor and the clever irreverence and humor of Lion King 1½, The Lion King II feels like a traditional animated sequel. But, to its credit, Simba’s […]

Shark Tale: game on!

The DreamWorks Fansite has posted a look at the {{link Shark Tale video game}}, with screenshots and specs for three console editions.

Lion King II: Simba’s Pride – Special Edition

A less than worthy follow-up to the then-biggest animated film of all time, Lion King 2 nonetheless tries hard with good intentions and this new DVD package shines thanks to the inclusion of an original short, One By One.

Donovan Cook on The Three Musketeers

Well, now that the new Mickey Mouse feature, The Three Musketeers, is actually on shelves in stores ({{link review here}}), there’s no one better placed than director {{link Donovan Cook to reveal all}} about the making of the picture. He writes for IGN-FilmForce about the three-year production, his genuine respect and enthusiasm for […]

Have yourself a Very Barry Christmas!

‘Prgoddess’ in the {{link Animated News Forum}} links to Cuppa Coffee’s new site promoting an upcoming stopmotion film that crosses The Nightmare Before Christmas with the classic Rankin/Bass television shows, {{link A Very Barry Christmas}}. Set in Australia, the hour-long special sees animal charity worked Barry Buckley trading places with Santa (voiced by […]

"I'll be there right by your side…" My Little Pony comes to DVD!

Rhino continues the ’80s cartoon invasion, as TV Shows on DVD gives us the scoop. Rhino plans to release My Little Pony: Season One – Part One on October 26th, with a retail of $59.95. Specs include 24 original, uncut episodes from the original My Little Pony and Friends series, the original pilot episode, and […]

Garfield and Friends: Volume 2 set for December 7th

TV Shows on DVD has the details on Fox’s official announcement for the second volume of Garfield and Friends, due out this December 7th. In addition to an episode list, the site give the few other specs – full screen ratio, a trailer for the live-action film, and both audio and subtitles in English and […]

Disc art for Pluto and Mickey Mouse

The Disney Database has a preview page of the disc art for two of the three upcoming Walt Disney Treasures DVDs, coming December 7th. Continuing the simple graphic-art look of the previous releases, they look great! Check them out!

Nocturna enters production at Red Kite Films

Edinburgh based Red Kite will start producion on the animated feature Nocturna in collaboration with Filmax Animation (Spain) and Animakids (France). Nocturna tells the story of Tim, an orphan who sees a star fall from the sky and is instantly transported into a world of dreams, darkness, and the mysteries of the night. The film […]

One By One screen shots

Four previously unreleased images from the One By One animated short which is included on Disney’s upcoming 2-disc special edition of The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride can be found here:

Looney Tunes: Golden Collection 2 – more specs!

The new classic animation website {{link Golden Age Cartoons}} has been formed by a group of long-time toon-loving webheads, and looks to be an amazing place to keep up to date on the past. Among their {{link forum topics}} is leaked news that on top of a new 20-minute Bob Clampett featurette, the […]

Muppets stamped!

‘Special Ed’ in the {{link AN Forum}} has linked to an interesting piece at CBS News, which looks at a new series of commemorative stamp pressings coming for 2005. Of particular note will be the series of ten Muppet characters, sharing a sheet with a single stamp for their creator, Jim Henson. Also in […]

Keyframe gets facelift; Balto 3 on the way?

‘Athena’ in the {{link AN Forum}} points out that the animation resource site {{link Keyframe}} has been updated. In their Top 5 stories is news of the previously unannounced Balto 3: Wings Of Change appearing on Universal’s {{link Japanese website}}, though no release dates have been set yet.

Elmer Bernstein dies at 82

Just weeks after losing gifted film composer Jerry Goldsmith, another Hollywood legend, Elmer Bernstein, has passed away. While not as strongly tied to the animation world as Goldsmith, Bernstein’s {{link long-spanning career}} saw him write music for many special effects blockbusters, such as The Ten Commandments, GhostBusters and Wild Wild West. Perhaps his biggest […]

Surf's Up for Sony

Surf’s Up is the second feature announced by Sony Pictures Animation, co-directed by Ash Brannon and Chris Buck, and produced by Chris Jenkins. The CGI pic will be a clever riff on the cult-surfing film Endless Summer with one catch – it stars penguins. The movie will be a mockumentary based on the groundbreaking revelation […]

Barbie sings!

DVD Toons has a trailer up for the fourth computer-animated video movie to star Mattel’s Barbie, {{link The Princess And The Pauper}}, with the twist this time being that she will sing her own songs on screen (previous outings have seen dance sequences and villains hogging the spotlight). Barbie: The Princess And The Pauper […]

Chicken Little: expectations big

“I thought it looked like a commercial for Pixar stock” says one particularly disgruntled money manager about the teaser for Chicken Little. He’s quoted in a story at {{link Yahoo Finance}} about Disney’s upcoming CG boom-without-Pixar. “In recent months, he and many others have seen clips of the film at investor conferences. Reaction was […]

Walt Disney Pictures' official website receives makeover!

The official website for Walt Disney Pictures has been given a new look. Thanks to ‘monkeyboy12’ at the AN Forum for the heads up!

A trio of Three Musketeers reviews

If you’re still wondering if you should rent or purchase a copy of Disney’s new DVD feature The Three Musketeers, here are three more reviews to help you make your decision: Laughing Place Jim Hill Media Animation World Magazine

Nemo to swim on ice

PR Newswire has the press release for Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo, a new Disney On Ice production.

Vote which new FoxBox series should have an early showing

At the official FoxBox website, one can vote for which new fall series FoxBox should show on Saturday, September 4, 2004, at 9:00am Eastern. Choices include F-Zero, Mew Mew Power, or One Piece. All votes must be in by August 30. The three shows will have their official premiere on Saturday, September 18, 2004.

Craig McCracken talks career, Imaginary Friends

The New York Times focuses on Craig McCracken and his new Cartoon Network show Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. [free registration for The New York Times required]

Interview with Paul Dini

RevolutionSF speaks with Paul Dini, in an informative interview that covers such topics as unproduced Batman DTVs, Clone Wars, Jingle Belle, cryptozoology, and the Mystery Machine.

Muppets' Wizard of Oz pre-production underway

Jim Hill Media takes a look at ABC’s upcoming television film Muppets’ Wizard of Oz, providing updates about the movie’s pre-production.

McKellen jumps aboard Magic Roundabout

Variety reports that Ian McKellen will provide the voice of Zebedee in Pathe’s movie version of the classic television show for kids, The Magic Roundabout. Joining McKellen in the voice cast are also Robbie Williams, Jim Broadbent, Ray Winstone, Kylie Minogue and Bill Nighy. The CGI animated movie will hit U.K. cinemas next February. [paid […]

Father of the Pride images and review

A representative from Animated News was recently invited to DreamWorks Feature Animation in Glendale last Friday and got to see two episodes of their upcoming CGI-animated television series Father of the Pride. A full report, plus new and exclusive images from Father of the Pride can be found here:

Kangaroo Jack to get fully animated in new series of films

According to Toon Zone, Warner Home Video and Castle Rock Entertainment are planning to release a series of animated, direct-to-DVD Kangaroo Jack movies. The first in the series, Kangaroo Jack: G’Day USA!, is set for release on November 16.

GI Joe Valor vs. Venom Movie Trailer

Here is a trailer for the direct to video CGI movie featuring the Hasbro action figure, G.I. Joe. America’s daring, highly trained special mission force faces its greatest threat yet from the evil Cobra organization, under the direction of Cobra Commander. DNA from the world’s most ferocious animals has been combined with humans to create […]

Glimpses of three future Disney projects at AICN…

Ain’t It Cool News has a wealth of new preview articles today, beginning with three future Disney projects. First up is a look at Chris Sanders’ latest project, American Dog. As crazy as Sanders’ last project, Lilo & Stitch, American Dog is described as a “twisted story of a canine TV star who finds himself […]