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Disney Legend Imagineer Marty Sklar dies aged 83

The Simpsons Movie’s writer and director discuss the film on its 10th anniversary

The Emoji Movie expected to text its way to box office victory

Leap! leaps up a week

First trailer for The Star released

Wonder Woman 2 lands December 2019 release date

Netflix announces Matt Groening’s fantasy animated series Disenchantment

Watch the trailer for The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar

Anne Hathaway might be Barbie

The Thor: Ragnarok trailer is here

The extended SDCC Justice League trailer is here

The Iron Giant cameos in the jaw-dropping Ready Player One trailer

New Justice League Comic-Con poster

The new Lego Ninjago Movie trailer is here

Watch the Comic-Con preview for Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

Archer and Kingsman collide in new crossover clip

Channing Tatum may be Gambit after all

Watch the Comic-Con trailer for Voltron: Legendary Defender

Doctor Doom movie on the way from Fox?

Another new My Little Pony: The Movie poster debuts


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