James Cameron announces that Avatar 2 release date has been delayed again

It was perhaps inevitable given how COVID-19 has delayed many a Hollywood production, but James Cameron has confirmed via social media thatĀ Avatar 2 has indeed been pushed back. The highly anticipated sequel was on track to be released to theaters for Christmas of 2021, but now the movie is now set to open the following […]

The trailer for Season 2 of His Dark Materials explores new worlds

The trailer for Season 2 of His Dark Materials just premiered online at “Comic-Con@Home”, and can be watched in the player above. The preview features a lot of tension, but very little about where the story is going, but it should still be enough to get fans of the franchise excited (even with a notable […]

Boldly go where Star Trek has never gone before with the trailer for Lower Decks

The first trailer for the upcoming series Star Trek: Lower Decks is now online, and can be viewed in the player above. The preview is being met with a mixed response so far since it “boldly goes” where the franchise has never gone before–into the galaxy of snarky Rick & Morty-style comedy. It’s also notably […]

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