The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run swims off to July
Minions and Sing sequels get new release dates
American Dad! returns to TBS April 13th

American Dad! will begin its new season later on this month according to a new announcement preview, and you can check it out in the player above. The FOX sitcom–which premiered 15 years ago today–moved to TBS in 2014, and it’s become one of the cable network’s highest rated shows. American Dad! returns April 13th. […]

Disney to release throw-back VHS tapes of recent animated films

The throw-back collectable market is huge, with so many adults looking for ways to reclaim a piece of their childhood. And what is more nostalgic than those iconic white clamshell Disney VHS tapes we all used to have back in the day? Well, they’re back! Disney has announced some of their most popular recent titles […]

Rick & Morty return for more insanity in new Season 4.5 trailer

As so many movies and TV shows have been getting delayed indefinitely lately, fans of Rick & Morty can at least be relieved that their favorite ultra-violent yet still weirdly relatable show will be making a comeback right on schedule (even if it’s just for five episodes). You can watch the brand new trailer for […]

Peter Rabbit, Morbius and Ghostbusters all migrate to 2021
Netflix secures rights to live-action Dragon’s Lair movie

After almost a year of negotiating, the streaming service will move forward with a feature film based off the legendary Don Bluth adventure game, with Ryan Reynolds in talks to star as Dirk the Daring.

Disney theme parks to remain closed indefinitely
Everything you need to know about the Disney+ UK launch
Danger lurks behind you in DuckTales Season 3 trailer

The trailer for Season 3 of Disney’s DuckTales reboot is now online, and can be checked out in the player above. As has become the norm for this show, there are Easter Eggs galore here, including the appearance of Steelbeak, a popular villain from Darkwing Duck. DuckTales returns this April.

Asterix creator Albert Uderzo dies at 92