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A love-letter to comic strips, Stripped is the story of the funny pages — from the golden days of print to the wild west of the web — told by over ninety of the cartoonists themselves. But they need your help to tell it.

Gold Nugget, Common Sense, Two-Headed Cop, and Junkyard

This month Outside the Lines circles the globe to bring you some interesting work you might not have seen yet — with animation from France, Israel, Belgium and The Netherlands, and the United States.

Feeding aliens, feuding mimes, and foodie astronauts

This month’s Outside the Lines blog includes some student projects, a film looking for funding, and a preview of a animated documentary on the festival circuit.

The Lady of Names, Making an Animatic

AV’s new blog, Outside the Lines, will bring to your attention projects from animators, studios, companies, and others working hard at their craft that maybe you’ve never heard of… yet.