Month: July 2017

The Emoji Movie loses box office war to Dunkirk

The Emoji Movie had to settle for second place as Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk took the top spot from it in a tight race, Box Office Mojo is reporting. Still, the $25 million debut for the animated comedy was a solid-enough start, especially since the budget for Emoji was a relatively small $50 million. The Emoji […]

Warner Bros. considering “formidable” Oscar campaign for Wonder Woman
Patrick Stewart discusses playing a Poop in The Emoji Movie
Disney Legend Imagineer Marty Sklar dies aged 83
The Simpsons Movie’s writer and director discuss the film on its 10th anniversary
Why Hollywood is adapting material that doesn’t have a narrative or even characters
Donald Trump animated series from Stephen Colbert coming to Showtime
The Emoji Movie expected to text its way to box office victory
Leap! leaps up a week
First trailer for The Star released
Wonder Woman 2 lands December 2019 release date
Netflix announces Matt Groening’s fantasy animated series Disenchantment
Watch the trailer for The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar

Scar’s ghost is coming to Disney Junior’s The Lion Guard, and you can check out the trailer for his comeback in the player below. The Rise of Scar premieres on Disney Channel this Saturday at 9:00AM EST.

Anne Hathaway might be Barbie
VIEW Conference 2017: an interview with director Maria Elena Gutierrez

Jeremie has an exclusive interview with the director of this important graphics and animation conference.

The Thor: Ragnarok trailer is here

The full trailer for Thor: Ragnarok is now online, and can be viewed in the player below. The superhero epic soars into theaters this November.

The extended SDCC Justice League trailer is here

The extended (and action-packed) Comic-Con trailer for Justice League is now online for your viewing pleasure. The much-anticipated release opens everywhere this November.

The Iron Giant cameos in the jaw-dropping Ready Player One trailer

The SDCC trailer for Ready Player One is now online, and it features cameos from everyone from The Iron Giant to Harley Quinn. The Steven Spielberg actioner hits theaters everywhere in 2018.

Adventure Time: The Complete Seventh Season

Continuing its creative storytelling and ambitious world-building, this show doesn’t lose any of its spark, also experimenting with its first miniseries: Marceline-centric Stakes.

New Justice League Comic-Con poster

The newest poster for Justice League is now online via Facebook, and can be checked out below. In addition, a new trailer for the film is expected to possibly drop online today. Justice League blasts into theaters this holiday season.

The new Lego Ninjago Movie trailer is here

The Comic-Con trailer for The Lego Ninjago Movie is now online, and can be viewed in the player below. In addition, a brand new poster has also been released. It kicks its way into theaters this September.

Watch the Comic-Con preview for Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

The Comic-Con preview for Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie: The Legend of Arnold is now online for your viewing pleasure. It airs on Nick later this year.