Month: March 2015 – page 2

Inside Out, Tomorrowland get PG ratings from MPAA
Pixar releases free version of RenderMan software
Glen Keane talks Duet
Tinker Bell And The Legend Of The Neverbeast

The Disney Fairy series gets a little darker with this tale of a monster-like creature, but the movie stays true to the messages of friendship and learning positive life lessons.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 begins filming next month
The politics of Disney rebooting its animated classics
Cinderella should have good legs as Insurgent leads box office
Frozen, Guardians of the Galaxy made Disney the biggest studio of 2014
How Rocket Raccoon came to life in Guardians of the Galaxy
J.J. Abrams to return for Star Wars: Episode IX?
Pac-Man invades the planet in the first trailer for Pixels
The Peanuts kids sing classic rock songs in fan-made mash-ups
What Hayao Miyazaki’s films look like as color palettes
Adult Swim: How to run a creative hothouse
Kermit talks to kids in Disney Junior’s Muppet Moments
What if Toy Story were a gritty action movie?
Disney’s Hunchback stage adaptation gets mixed response at Paper Mill
Inside Out gets into March Madness with new TV spot
SpongeBob: Sponge Out of Water Blu-ray coming October 20th
AV Interactive #5: DreamWorks Disorder

To celebrate the release of DreamWorks’ 31st feature, Home, show off how familiar you are with their history! Arrange these twelve films into the order they were released.

Why DreamWorks needs for Home to be a hit
Here’s a look at the new Simpsons Legos
Cinderella opens to $132 million worldwide
Has Popeye been sunk for good?
Big Hero 6 officially the biggest animated film of 2014