Month: September 2013

Get ready for live-action Cruella…again

Maleficent hasn’t even come out yet, but Disney is apparently banking on it being a hit, as they already have a live-action Cruella De Vil movie in development, says The Hollywood Reporter. The villain, of course, was the cause of terror for dogs everywhere in the original animated 101 Dalmatians, its 1996 live-action remake, the […]

Still more Free Birds posters

The always dependable Internet Movie Poster Awards has four new character posters for Free Birds. As with previous ads for the film, the marketing here is once again focused on puns and bird jokes. Free Birds opens everywhere this November.

Planes flying home sooner than expected

Although it was originally reported that the movie wouldn’t come to DVD and Blu-Ray until December, is reporting that Planes will soar home on November 19th instead. Extras on the Blu-Ray include a deleted musical number, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and a “fast-paced 8-minute countdown of the greatest aviators in history.” A 3-D edition will also […]

Crood talk with Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco

ComingSoon.Net has an exclusive interview with Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco in which they talk working together on The Croods, the process of the bringing the story to the screen, and creating the look of the film’s many fantastic creatures. A box office hit, The Croods comes to DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow.

New Walking With Dinosaurs trailer

Rounding out what has been a big week for new previews for animated movies is what could be the final trailer for Walking With Dinosaurs, which is available at Although previous ads for the film indicated that it would be told by a narrator, this joke-filled trailer reveals that the dinosaurs in the film […]

The full trailer for Free Birds debuts

The full trailer for Free Birds made its debut a few days ago, and it can be seen at Collider. Starring Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson and Amy Poehler, the animated comedy kicks off the holiday movie season on November 1st.

The Nut Job trailer now online

The first trailer for Open Road’s upcoming animated movie The Nut Job is now online and can be seen at MovieFone. The film stars Will Arnett as the voice of a squirrel who plots an elaborate heist of a nut store. Also starring Liam Neeson and Brendon Fraser, The Nut Job cracks its way into theaters […]

Cloudy with a chance of box office success

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 easily lead the box office this weekend, with a take of $35 million, Box Office Mojo is reporting. Although it made less than some were expecting–tracking indicated the movie might reach the $40 million mark–, it still beat the 2009 opening of the original. The bad news for […]

New Frozen trailer chills its way online

The full trailer for Frozen is finally online and can be seen on Disney’s official YouTube page. The preview is also expected to be seen on the big screen at 3-D showings of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 this weekend. A much-anticipated release, Frozen opens everywhere this Thanksgiving.

New posters for Free Birds, Walking With Dinosaurs revealed

New posters for two upcoming animated movies have made their way online, and can be seen via The Internet Movie Poster Awards. First up is a new one sheet for Free Birds, which continues the marketing campaign’s focus on bad bird puns. Then there’s a poster for Walking With Dinosaurs, which rather than featuring imagery from […]

First look at Rio 2

USA Today has an exclusive sneak peek at Rio 2, offering early details about the film’s plot. It turns out that Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) and Jewel (Anne Hathaway) aren’t the last of their kind after all, and go on a search for their relatives. Unfortunately, they aren’t trusting of humans, and led by a “radical […]

The Minions are coming in the summer of 2015

Originally slated for a Christmas 2014 release, Universal’s Minions is now going to scramble into theaters during the increasingly busy-looking summer 2015 movie season. Box Office Mojo is reporting that the Despicable Me spin-off will open on July 10th of that year, just one week before a little movie called Batman Vs. Superman. That shouldn’t matter […]

Disney releases first production photo from live-action Cinderella

Following Hollywood’s recent trend to remake classic fairy tales, Disney is taking a turn on Cinderella. The Huffington Post has the first press photo from the new live-action film with Lily James (Downton Abbey) as the title character riding a horse in a meadow. Also in the film will with Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter […]

Foosball snags Rupert Grint

Why does the US have a hard time getting animated films made in foreign countries? Blame it on getting the distribution rights, but there is another movie called Foosball made by Juan Jose Campanella in a joint venture between Spain and Argentina that might take some time to get here. Animation Magazine reports that Rupert […]

Deja on a shelved Fraidy Cat

How many projects are hidden in the Disney vault that could have been something grand? While the number is probably more than we have fingers and toes, Andreas Deja revealed a shelved project called Fraidy Cat. He posted character designs on his blog and to complete the concept Hans Bacher posted his background treatments along […]

Animation Addicts Podcast #48: Interview with Steve Hickner

Steve Hickner, co-director of The Prince of Egypt and Bee Movie, discusses his new book, his advice for creative professionals, and tells anecdotes and lessons learned from his career.

Good Dinosaur, Finding Dory both pushed back

Almost certainly due to a number of reported production problems surrounding the film–including the hunt for a new director after Bob Peterson was fired by John Lasseter–, Disney has pushed Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur back more than a year, with the movie now coming out on November 25th, 2015 instead of its planned May 30th, […]

New Frozen poster

A new poster for Disney’s upcoming Frozen has been revealed on the film’s official Facebook page. The site also reveals that a brand new trailer for the movie can expected online in ten days. Frozen opens everywhere this Thanksgiving.

From Up On Poppy Hill

Goro Miyazaki lives up to the family name this time, with a wonderful piece of filmmaking. This nostalgic look at Japan in the 1960s features the conflict of progressives vs. traditionalists, and a love story you haven’t seen before.

The Wind Rises to open in states early for Oscar-qualifying run

Disney has decided to release Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises for a brief run in LA and New York this November, Collider is reporting. The reason for the week-long release? To give the film the chance to qualify for next year’s Oscars before it has its actual US release in February. The Wind Rises will play […]

Animation Addicts Podcast #47: Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation – It’s Direct-to-video for a Reason

School’s back in, so Morgan and Chelsea thought it fitting to discuss the looney Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation.

First look at Escape from Tomorrow trailer

One way to make Disney mad is to masquerade as a normal tourist family and then secretly shoot a nightmarish film at the theme parks. The Mouse House might be upset, but they are allowing the movie called Escape from Tomorrow to be shown in theaters next month. Inside the Magic has the trailer and […]

First award for Monsters University

It might be a little early for award season, but The Hollywood Reporter says that Monsters University has won the Hollywood Animation Award. Director Dan Scanlon and producer Kori Rae will receive the award on behalf of Pixar. Carlos de Abreu, the founder of the awards, and a committee determine who win the honor. A […]

John Kahrs explains why he left Disney

Anyone would think John Kahrs was crazy for leaving Disney after his Paperman short won the Oscar, thus abandoning a promising career. Kahrs offers us curious fans a statement about why he left the Mouse House: “I will miss working with them, and feel lucky to have played a part in the revitalization of the […]

Stone, Cage and Reynolds all ready for more Crood humor

Chris Sanders confirmed to ComingSoon.Net that Emma Stone, Nicolas Cage and Ryan Reynolds are all confirmed to return for The Croods 2. The director also hinted that more colorful creatures can be expected in the sequel, including some rejected ideas from the original. As for the plot, Sanders just said that “There’s not much to […]

Peter Pan: Return To Never-Land

Pan flies again in Disney’s direct-to-video turned theatrically-released sequel, breaking the curse of the DTVs but not really providing anything we haven’t seen before.

Director Stephan Franck tells The Legend Of Smurfy Hollow

The director takes Animated Views’ Jérémie Noyer behind the scenes of the Smurfs’ latest “mini-movie” adaptation of a literary classic, set to hit stores next week.

John Kahrs of Paperman leaves Disney

In an astounding move, John Kahrs, director of the Oscar-winning animated short Paperman, is set to leave Disney. An unofficial resignation came from a post on the Disney Animators Twitter account, when the Mouse House wished him luck. Kahrs has not said anything about where he is going or what he is going to do, […]

End of a Miyazaki era

Today is a good day to cry, because one of the most beloved animation directors of our era, Hayao Miyazaki, announced at the Venice Film Festival that he was retiring from full-length animated features, says The Guardian, after the premiere of his new movie The Wind Rises. Miyazaki made a similar announcement in 1997 after […]

Animation Addicts Podcast #46: Meet the Robinsons – ‘Blame You’ Wins Hands Down!

Mason and Chelsea join the Rotoscopers’ new writer, Alex Parker, as they discuss Disney’s CGI animated film Meet the Robinsons.