Month: January 2013

American Dad gets new showrunner

Family Guy vet Steve Callaghan is taking over Fox’s well-reviewed American Dad!, Deadline is reporting. This marks the first time in the show’s eight year history that such a change has been made in the series’ production. Until now, Dad was managed by series creators Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman, who will remain involved as executive producers. The […]

Seven posters Escape from Planet Earth

Seven new characer posters (and some plot details) from the upcoming Escape from Planet Earth are online. To see them all head to Entertainment Weekly for the first three and Moviefone for the last four. Starring Brendan Fraser, Jessica Alba, Rob Corddry, James Gandolfini, and Sarah Jessica Parker the film opens on February 14th.

Iron Man 3 poster and more comic book movie news

Like the films themselves, the news on the latest comic book related movie projects in the pipeline never stops! Marvel shows off a dramatic new Iron Man 3 poster (see the full size version below) and a Super Bowl ad. From Screen Crush: new images from Thor: The Dark World are online and you could […]

Disney, Google help you Find Your Way To Oz

Deadline reports that Disney and Google have teamed up to create Find Your Way To Oz, a plugin-free, in-browser experience using the very latest web technology. Look for it online February 5th and the film itself in theatres March 8th.

Disney posts Paperman online

Disney Animation’s YouTube channel has posted the full Oscar nomianted short Paperman. “Introducing a groundbreaking technique that seamlessly merges computer-generated and hand-drawn animation techniques, first-time director John Kahrs takes the art of animation in a bold new direction”. You can view the short in full here:

Kermit talks Muppets sequel

Entertainment Weekly has scored an exclusive interview with Kermit the Frog, who talks about his upcoming movie The Muppets… Again! “The idea of this film is that our gang is on this global tour, and we’re selling out these grand theaters all over Europe—in Berlin, Madrid, London—but we sort of get into a little bit […]

South Park Gets Shorter

Each year South Park entertains people with its off-color humor and comedy that pokes fun at everyone and everything. Fans usually have fourteen episodes to look forward to, but the creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker decided to cut back. The decision came after Parker and Stone’s launch of a Important Studios, their new production […]

Time To Go Dragon Ball Hunting With Col. Sanders

The famous Kentucky Colonel is getting a new makeover to coincide with the new Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods. In seven Tokyo Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants, statues of Col. Sanders will be cosplaying as the series’ main character Son Goku and each will sport a one of the seven coveted Dragon Balls. Dragon […]

Download Oz character posters

Disney has released five new character posters from their upcoming film Oz The Great and Powerful. The posters feature James Franco as Oscar Diggs, Rachel Weisz as Evanora, Mila Kunis as Theodora, Michelle Williams as Glinda, and the Wicked Witch. The film opens March 8th. You can download all the posters at the Oz Facebook […]

DreamWorks reveals the tech behind the art

Techradar gets a behind the scenes look at the tech powering DreamWorks’ computer animated films. As you can probably imagine if you’ve ever filled a hard drive on your own PC, a CG film takes up a lot of space. A typical DreamWorks film “might render 65 million hours of footage to come up with […]

Cartoon Network reveals a full slate

Cartoon Network has unveiled thier 2013-14 lineup and Animation Magazine has the details of what is a very full slate. Original premieres include Incredible Crew, Steven Universe, Uncle Grandpa, Clarence, and Grojband. Other premieres include re-imagined Powerpuff Girls and Tom and Jerry shows, Teen Titans Go, Beware The Batman, LEGO Legends of Chima, Total Drama […]

Tiny Toon Adventures Volume 3: Crazy Crew Rescues

The Tiny Toons are back on top form after their Vacation movie suffered less than notable treatment from Warners: this is the first of two final sets that will wrap up the show on DVD.

Brad Bird heading into…Tomorrowland

Brad Bird’s top secret science fiction project 1952 has been given an official title…which offers major hints about what the subject matter of the film might be. THR is reporting that the movie is now called Tomorrowland, and that it will feature George Clooney in the lead role. No other information has been provided beyond that, […]

Ted song to be performed at Oscars

Everybody Needs a Best Friend, from Seth MacFarlene’s blockbuster animated/live-action film Ted, will be performed by Norah Jones at the Academy Awards this year, is reporting. Although the movie about a potty mouthed teddy bear more than earned its R rating, the Oscar-nominated song is actually sweet and simple, sounding more like something that would come from a […]

Van Dyke honored at SAGs

Disney Legend Dick Van Dyke accepted his previously announced SAG Life Achievement Award this past weekend according to CBS News. The 87 year-old told the audience giving him a standing ovation “That does an old man a lot of good”. At an awards ceremony for actors and only voted on by actors he added, “Aren’t […]

Wreck-It Ralph wins PGA award

Deadline reports that Wreck-It Ralph outscored the competition for Outstanding Producer of Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures at the Producers Guild Awards. Winner Clark Spencer said, “I joined Disney 23 years ago during difficult times and always wondered when I should leave. But I always believed in the studio. There is a renaissance going on at […]

Dungeons & Dragons comic Table Titans debuts

Table Titans, a new comic strip about a group of Dungeons & Dragons playing friends, premieres today. Eisner and Harvey Award winner Scott Kurtz of PVP is the artist behind the strip. What makes this one different from all the other geeky strips out there is it has the official blessing of Wizards of the […]

Iger talks Jobs

The Wrap has the scoop on a recent Hollywood Radio and Television Society panel where Disney CEO Bob Iger was interviewed by Academy Award winning producer Brian Grazer. The first topic discussed was Pixar founder Steve Jobs who died in 2011. At the time Iger became CEO Disney’s relationship with Pixar had deteriorated. When Iger […]


Tim Burton’s latest doesn’t have the warmth and heart of his previous stop-motion outings, and Disney’s lackluster disc package doesn’t really make up for things.

Menken says Lidsville is underway

In addition to the previously mentioned Aladdin musical, notes that composer Alan Menken also has several other projects on his plate, including the animated film adaptation of the Sid and Marty Krofft TV series Lidsville. Menken recently tweeted, “Lidsville is underway…FINALLY. Peace, love and psychedelia! And DreamWorks is pretty great. So many old friends […]

From Up on Poppy Hill poster revealed

The American poster for Studio Ghibli’s From Up on Poppy Hill has been revealed on and can be seen here. The film focuses on two high schoolers in Japan during the aftermath of World War II as the country prepares to host the 1964 Olympics. Perhaps because of its thematic content, this is the […]

Aladdin coming to Broadway

Disney Theatrical Productions has officially announced that the 1992 animated film Aladdin is getting the Broadway treatment. A pre-Broadway run will take place at Toronto’s Ed Mirvish Theatre from November 13, 2013 to January 12, 2014. The show will get its big opening on the Great White Way at the New Amsterdam Theatre in 2014. […]

Sanders posts deleted Croods ideas

The Croods director Chris Sanders, who is working on the final sound mix, is using some of his free time to post deleted story panels from the movie to his blog. “I have a big box of them – I’m still in the dark ages when it comes to boarding which means all of my […]

Cryptic 1952 details revealed

The mysterious Brad Bird directed, Damon Lindelof written, and George Clooney starring 1952 film project (if that is its real name) finally revealed some of its secrets. Yesterday, Lindelof tweeted this photo of an old Walt Disney Productions archive box with a label reading “1952”. Bird then tweeted this picture of the box opened. Ain’t […]

Disney opera opens

The Perfect American, an opera about Walt Disney by Philip Glass, opened in Madrid this week. The L.A. Times review says that it “delves deep into the psyche of a visionary at the end of his life, of an artist who devoted his life to a vision of a world without death, now grappling with […]

Taylor Swift as Rapunzel

The latest Disney Dream Portrait (a series of photographs of classic scenes recreated by Annie Leibovitz and various celebrities) features Taylor Swift as Rapunzel. The series began in 2007 as a promotion for Disney Parks. Huff Post Travel has some behind the scenes images.

Nick looking for your pitches

Nickelodeon is looking for the next big thing with their Animated Shorts Program Contest, according to Animation Magazine. They are looking for pitches that are “comedic, character driven and have kid appeal”, with an “original, funny lead character”. Any animation style is welcome. You can submit here but the deadline is March 29th.

Comic book projects in the news

Screen Crush has a slew of news on upcoming comic book projects. Iron Man 3 shot some explosive scenes outside the famous Chinese Theater, so of course there is publicly shot footage. Why no Batman films until 2017 at least? Ask the Justice League. The first photos from the Joss Whedon TV series S.H.E.I.L.D. are […]

Charlie Brown actor arrested

The AP reports that Peter Robbins, the actor who played Charlie Brown in A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, was arrested. The now 56 year-old is charged with making a threat to cause death or great bodily injury and stalking.

Keri Russell to fly in Disney’s Planes?

IMDb has added Keri Russell to the cast of DisneyToon Studios’ Planes. Until an official confirmation arrives, one should take this bit of casting news with a grain of salt, since IMDb also still has Jon Cryer as the voice of protagonist Dusty Crophopper. In December, sources revealed Cryer had left the project for reasons […]