Month: September 2012

Hotel Transylvania composer Mark Mothersbaugh’s DEVO-tion to animation

As Hotel Transylvania arrives on screens and breaks box-office records, the man behind the film’s music speaks about his approach to Sony’s Animation projects!

Heidi’s Song

Hanna-Barbera’s animated musical take on the classic story of Heidi provides all the elements you’d expect, but with an artistry of craftsmanship rarely seen from the Studio. WB’s disc adds nothing to a lovely presentation.

First Smurfs 2 poster revealed

Moviefone has the first teaser poster for The Smurfs 2 now online. A first trailer for the film is expected to play in theaters with Hotel Transylvania on Friday, with the preview possibly appearing on the internet shortly beforehand. The sequel will send the Smurfs to Paris where they once again must deal with the bumbling […]

Q&A with Disney director George Scribner

Disney feature director and Imagineer George Scribner is captured in Q&A mode by Kaki Flynn, in an eight-part session now posted to YouTube. With a 30-plus year career, he provides great advice and several never-before-heard behind-the-scenes stories, including anecdotes on the original director of The Lion King, Oliver And Company and the theme park rides […]

Looney Tunes back in action again?

Bugs, Daffy and company are about to have a little Harry Potter magic sprinkled upon them if THR’s Heat Vision blog’s announcement makes it from script to screen. Potter‘s David Heyman has turned to one-time Saturday Night Live cast member Jenny Slate to pen a new CG/live-action hybrid feature that is apparently non-related to Kevin […]

New Wreck-It Ralph posters

Four new posters for Disney’s upcoming Wreck-It Ralph have made their way online and can be seen at the IMP Awards. The posters feature both original film characters and classic video game ones like Sonic the Hedgehog. The much anticipated release comes to theaters everywhere on November 2nd.

Full Hobbit trailer finally online

After going without a preview for the film since last December, Lord of the Rings fans can finally whet their appetite for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with a brand new trailer for the film that Warner Bros. has just released. The preview is also rumored to be playing on the big screen this weekend with […]

Manimal Gets CGI Treatment

Riding on the success of live-action/CGI movie The Smurfs, Sony has plans to make a sequel and they also plan to adapt puppet show sitcom Alf. If that was not enough, the eight episode TV series Manimal is being transformed into a movie as well. The short-lived, campy Manimal was about a doctor who fought […]

Beyond Beyond From Copenhagen Bombay Gets Financed

Copenhagen Bombay has closed financing on a new animated film by critically acclaimed director Esben Toft Jacobsen. The new movie has the working title Beyond Beyond and is about a little bunny named Johan who lives on a fishing boat with his father. One day when his father goes ashore, Johan receives a phone call […]

The Fraggle Star in Ben Folds Five New Music Video

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Fraggle Rock, the Henson Company,Ben Folds Five, and The Nerdiest Channel have produced a new music video. Ben Folds Five and the Fraggles perform in “Do It Anyway.” All parties involved in making the video were all equally excited and you can tell they had a lot of fun […]

Finding Nemo 3D can’t overcome Evil

The 3D re-release of Finding Nemo came to theaters this week, with the movie opening in second place with $17.5 million, is reporting. Although some were expecting for the film to open on top, it was unable to beat the fifth film in Sony’s highly successful Resident Evil franchise. Nemo will also face competition fors […]

Big Money Losses for Disney and Nickelodeon

If you have paid attention to animation news this past week, you would have noticed that two of the biggest names in the game are not doing so well financially. Nickelodeon, the first kid-based cable network, is not doing so well in ratings. Pivotal Research Group found that Nick wasn’t earning its keep from Viacom. […]

Cardboard Will Be Animated

If you think that someone is going to make an animated film entirely out of cardboard, then you would be wrong…somewhat. Cardboard is a graphic novel by Doug TenNapel of Earthworm Jim fame. It is about an impoverished father and son who build a boxer (get the pun?) out of magic cardboard. A neighbor kid […]

The Elusive Rose of Versailles Finally Comes West

The Rose of Versailles is a legendary anime/manga in Japan, but it has never crossed into the US legally. Finally, after many years of waiting, Right Stuf has picked up the US license according to Anime News Network. The 40 episode anime will be released in a special edition 2-disc DVD set and it a […]

Wreck-It Ralph theatrical trailer now online

A brand new full length theatrical trailer for Disney’s video game inspired animated feature Wreck-It Ralph has debuted online. Directed by Rich Moore and featuring the voices of John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch, Wreck-It Ralph opens in theatres November 2nd.

Bob Lambert Passes On

It is with solemn regret, that we annouce the death of Bob Lambert. Bob Lambert was the pioneering force behind Disney’s transition from hand-drawn cel animation to CGI. He intitated the deal with Pixar and for his efforts earned Disney the Academy Award for Scientific & Technical Achievement. He was a twenty-five year veteran of […]

Madagascar 3 coming home in Ocotober has the first official details involving the DVD and Blu-Ray release of DreamWorks Animation’s Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. Extras on the Blu-Ray will include audio commentary and deleted scenes. Extras on the DVD release have yet to be revealed. A 3-D version of the Blu-Ray will also be available. Grossing more than $200 million […]

Looney Tunes’ Mouse Chronicles

Three of Chuck Jones’ lesser-known Looney Tunes characters come to the fore in this very nice looking but otherwise non-too essential collection for all but the biggest fans.

Mia And The Migoo

The mystical elements turn out ot be an unncessary diversion in a story about two kids seperated from their fathers. Focus on that aspect, and the beautiful hand-drawn animation, and you will enjoy this lovely film.

Andrew Stanton discusses John Carter’s box office

Several months after its theatrical run, Andrew Stanton recently spoke with the LA Times about the box office results for his first live-action feature, John Carter. In the interview, he talks about the film’s production problems, as well as the controversial marketing campaign that the movie was given. He also says that, despite internet rumors that […]

Still more South Park on the way

Eric, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny will be back for more R-rated adventures when South Park wraps up its current season starting on September 26th. The current season has seven episodes remaining. In addition to being aired on Comedy Central, the shows will also be made available online over at, and can be seen in […]

DreamWorks Animation reveals massive release date slate

DreamWorks Animation, via its new distributor, 20th Century Fox, has revealed its upcoming movies from 2013-2016, is reporting. The slate, which begins with next spring’s The Croods, includes 16 animated features for the next four years–a record for any studio–and confirms previously rumored titles such as Kung Fu Panda 3 and The Penguins of Madagascar. “What we […]

Sherlock Gnomes scores a director

The upcoming–and unexpected–sequel to Disney’s Gnomeo and Juliet is apparently really moving forward now, with the project now having a director, Indie Wire is reporting. The film will be helmed by Kung Fu Panda director John Stevenson, who also worked on Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas and Madagascar. The plot will involve Gnomeo and Juliet […]

Michael Clarke Duncan passes away

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan, who was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in The Green Mile, has passed away at age 54, NBC News is reporting. Duncan’s powerful voice could be heard as the voice of Commander Vachir in Kung Fu Panda and as the voice of Tug in Brother Bear. In addition, Duncan […]

The Heathcliff And Dingbat Show

A cat who creates fun for himself while annoying others, and a crew of creepy but goofy friends are a part of this 1980 Ruby-Spears show. It’s tempting to dismiss it as mediocre entertainment, but the voice cast does shine.