Month: July 2012

Nausicaa of the Vallley of the Wind Gets Live Action Treatment

Miyazaki’s environmentally conscious/futuristic film, Nausicaa of the Vallley of the Wind is being given the live action treatment by Studio Ghibli and Hideaki Anno (Neon Genesis Evangelion). They have teamed up to create a contemporary piece based off the anime classic called Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo. The short will be filmed in the […]

Director Barry Cook remembers the Peoples of Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida

Barry Cook recalls how WDFA-F was to bridge the transition from traditional to CG animation with My Peoples, only to find the project canceled and the studio shut down.

Masters of the Universe Goes Live Action!

Taking a cue from some of the 1980s cartoon reboot, Masters of the Universe is being handed over to Jon Chu. Currently, Chu is working on a 3D post-conversion of GI Joe: Retaliation, according to Collider. The script will follow the same storyline: He-Man battles Skeletor and so forth and Alex Litvak and Mike Finch […]

Jon Favreau Taking Things Slow With Magic Kingdom

Jon Favreau of the Iron Man movies is working on a new project: Magic Kingdom. It is, of course, another movie based off a Disney Park attraction, in this case a park itself. Rather than rushing off the make the picture, according to Collider, Favreau is taking his time to get the story right. For […]

New Frankenweenie images

New images from Disney’s Frankenweenie–each showcasing a different character from the film–have been revealed over at Cinema Blend. The Tim Burton film comes to theaters everywhere on October 5th.

Bad Boys II to become a feature film

In one of those “yes, this is actually happening” moments, Adam Sandler is producing an animated feature based off of the internet video Bad Boys II, THR is reporting. The French short film, a stop-motion animated parody of Michael Bay’s Bad Boys II, became a YouTube sensation when it made its debut online earlier this year. The movie’s plot, […]

First Glimpse of DreamWorks Me and My Shadow

Indie Wire has the first poster for DreamWorks’ Me and My Shadow. The movie follows Shadow Stan, a shadow tired of being attached to a humdrum human. To have a more exciting life, Shadow Stan takes control of his human with ensuing comedy and chaos following. Animation will be a blend of traditional and CGI […]

Monsters, Inc. 3-D bumped up

Disney’s upcoming 3-D re-release of Monsters, Inc. is coming out an entire month sooner than expected, with Mike and Sulley now returning to theaters this holiday season on December 21st, is reporting. This will put the film in direct competition with big tentpoles such as The Hobbit, Les Miserables, Django Unchained and Jack Reacher, although […]

Miyazaki’s New Movie

Hayao Miyazaki was supposed to have retired years ago, but the world is grateful the man does not stop making movies. Animation Magazine reports that Miyazaki’s next film will focus on the life of Jiro Horikoshi, the designer of the Zero fighter plane used to bomb Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Horikoshi was an aeronautical […]

DreamWorks buys Classic Media

The L.A.Times reports that DreamWorks has bought Classic Media for $155 million. DreamWorks Animation Chief Executive Jeffrey Katzenberg said, “Classic Media brings a large and diverse collection of characters and branded assets that is extremely complementary to DreamWorks Animation’s franchise business, and we plan to leverage it across our motion picture, television, home entertainment, consumer […]

Emmy nominations announced

American Dad!, The Penguins of Madagascar, Bob’s Burgers, Futurama and The Simpsons have all scored nominations for Outstanding Animated Program at this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards. For Short Format Animated Program, the nominations were Phineas and Ferb, Robot Chicken, MAD TV, Adventure Time and Regular Show. And for Voice Over Performance, the nominations were Dan […]

Treasure Planet: 10th Anniversary Edition

Disney’s “tradigital” adventure represents the epitome of hand-drawn and computer animation, and even though a Visual Commentary is (kind of) missing, the set is the best presentation one could hope for!

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Neither good nor that bad, the latest Ice Age film will leave you… not caring… and wondering if the franchise is drifting now and maybe needs to be allowed to melt away.

DreamWorks Wants Classic Media

Casper the Friendly Ghost, Richie Rich, Gumby, Rocky & Bulllwinkle, and even Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer are owned by Classic Media. DreamWorks, according to the International Business Times, is looking to acquire the company to bolster its less than successful stock this quarter. Classic Media already owns franchises that have built-in fans, ready made cartoons, […]

Andrew Stanton to direct Finding Nemo sequel

After John Carter of Mars, Andrew Stanton is seemingly returning to his animation roots and has been signed on to direct a sequel to Pixar’s 2003 hit Finding Nemo, reports THR. Produced by Lindsey Collins and scripted by Victoria Strouse, the film is likely to see a 2016 release. Further details of the sequel are […]

Home On The Range

Disney’s wild Wild West comedy isn’t the layered kind of film that the 1990s renaissance was built on, but it wasn’t meant to be: Home On The Range is simply comical fun for the sake of it!

Phineas and Ferb Play With Marvel Superheroes In TV Movie

Disney has finally revealed the first crossover between one of their self-created titles and Marvel since acquiring the company in 2009. The popular Phineas and Ferb genius brother duo will team up with Spider-Man, the Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man. The event has been christened Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel and will debut on the […]

Ice Age: Continental Drift opens

Fox/Blue Sky’s Ice Age: Continental Drift opens in 3,800 theatres today, according to Box Office Mojo. It isn’t faring well with critics, earning only a 46% at Rotten Tomatoes, which says the critical consensus is that the movie “has moments of charm and witty slapstick, but it often seems content to recycle ideas from the […]

Wreck-it Ralph gets extended preview, Burton talks Frankenweenie

Disney’s Comic-con panel had many revelations, two of which were about animated projects. Wreck-it Ralph had an extended 10 minute (non-continuous) video preview shown. In the discussion it was revealed that Disney tried to get video game character Mario included in the film but the price was too high. Also mentioned was that famed musician […]

Penguins to get film, more DreamWorks news from Comic-con

DreamWorks had plenty of announcements to make at their Comic-con panel and Entertainment Weekly has the scoops. The Penguins of Madagascar will be getting their own feature film slated for 2015 according to Madagascar 3 director McGrath. Bill Damaschke, chief creative officer of DreamWorks Animation, admitted Kung Fu Panda 3 is in the works. Footage […]

Academy to screen Sleeping Beauty

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is screening the 1959 animated classic Sleeping Beauty as the second film in their series The Last 70mm Film Festival. Showtime is Monday, July 16, at 7:30pm at the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. The film will be introduced by animator Andreas Deja and character […]

DreamWorks strikes deal for theme park

The New York Times reports that DreamWorks has made a deal with the company behind the United States’ biggest mall that would bring their characters to a new amusement park as part of a entertainment and retail mall in the New Jersey Meadowlands. Jeffrey Katzenberg said the park would involve the studio’s “characters, storytelling and […]

New cast members talk Ice Age 4

With the latest installment of the Ice Age franchise set to open this weekend, some of the new cast members are speaking to the press. Game of Thrones‘ Peter Dinklage, who stars as the antagnoist, a prehistoric ape named Captain Gutt, talks with the New York Daily News. Rapper Nicki Minaj, who plays a woolly […]

Gold Nugget, Common Sense, Two-Headed Cop, and Junkyard

This month Outside the Lines circles the globe to bring you some interesting work you might not have seen yet — with animation from France, Israel, Belgium and The Netherlands, and the United States.

New Anime Movies Based of Classics: Dragon Ball Z and Cyborg 009

Classic anime cannot be beat, especially when they are reinvigorated by new projects. Anime News Network reports that Ishimori Productions is working on adapting Cyborg 009 with Joseph DeSanto of The Spirit attached as producer. Also Akira Toriyama is involved in a new Dragon Ball Z film, the first one he has worked on in […]

Brave: Into the open air with songwriter Alex Mandel

From Emeryville to Ancient Scotland, Pixar’s Alex Mandel speaks to Jeremie Noyer about his songwriting journey for the Studio’s latest animated adventure, Brave!

Ice Age cast discuss reasons for returning for fourth outing

The cast for Blue Sky’s Ice Age franchise returns to the big screen this week. Why? Depends on which cast member you ask! But the short answers according to Queen Latifah, John Leguizamo, and Ray Romano are: profit, plot, and pajamas. Check out the following video from the Today show for details.

Disney first to pass billion dollar mark this year

Thanks in large part to a big boost from The Avengers, Disney has become the first studio to surpass a billion dollars domestically at the box office this year according to Deadline.

Ice Age 4 opens this weekend but already a hit?

In a move more and more studios have been employing recently to prevent a film from losing traction internationally when the US box office for the film is weak, Blue Sky’s latest title, Ice Age: Continental Drift, has already been released overseas. And the strategy is working as the film is a hit before it […]

DreamWorks announces Happy Smekday! reports on DreamWorks’ announcement of a new upcoming animated film. Happy Smekday!, based on the book The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex, is slated for release in late 2014, and will star Emmy Award winner Jim Parsons and Grammy Award winner Rihanna. “In Happy Smekday! an alien race invades Earth and uses […]