Disney’s Comic-con panel had many revelations, two of which were about animated projects. Wreck-it Ralph had an extended 10 minute (non-continuous) video preview shown. In the discussion it was revealed that Disney tried to get video game character Mario included in the film but the price was too high. Also mentioned was that famed musician and DJ Skrillex will be providing some music for “Hero’s Duty” game world portion of the movie. IGN has the details. Tim Burton was on hand to discuss his upcoming film Frankenweenie, though the topics meandered a bt in what sounds like an interesting back and forth with the audience. Deadline and the Wall Street Journal have more on that as well as info from the entire panel.

Also at Comic-con, Disney was teasing Twitter and Facebook followers throughout the day about a “rare” find, later revealed to be the “last” two Fix-it Felix Jr arcade cabinets known to exist and ready to be played in downtown San Diego.