Month: August 2004

Katzenberg defends Pride

The Internet Movie Database reports that Jeffrey Katzenberg holds NBC’s promo department responsible for any negative buzz regarding the DreamWorks-produced Father of the Pride. Responding to the negative reaction that the series received from advertisers after they were shown a preview of the show earlier this year, Katzenberg states, “I think NBC has one of […]

Sky Captain cast ready for prequel; new film clip online

Angelina Jolie tells Coming Soon! that should Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow be a hit, the cast is ready to make a prequel. Issues covered in the prequel would include Franky Cook’s romance with Sky Captain, why Cook has an eye patch, and much more. In other Sky Captain news, Moviefone has a […]

Coming Soon's Lion King 2: Simba's Pride Special Edition DVD review

Coming Soon! reviews the Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride Special Editon DVD, giving the film a score of 6/10 and the extras a score of 8/10. The website’s “bottom line” is, “Kids will enjoy Simba’s Pride, but adults will probably enjoy going back and watching the first film more. The extras on this Special Edition […]

\\Father of the Pride\\ premieres tonight

DreamWorks’ \\Father of the Pride\\ premieres tonight on NBC at 9pm ET to mixed reviews. \\{{link The Cincinnati Post}}\\ calls it “a mostly tired version of the family sitcom”, while \\{{link The San Francisco Chronicle}}\\ says “Let’s hope \\Father of the Pride\\ is on the road to extinction”. \\{{link,0,7615358.story?coll=mmx-television_heds The Chicago Tribune}}\\ […]

New Kingdom Hearts II update

‘Monkeyboy12’ in the {{link Animated News Forum}} posts a link to an interesting piece at {{link IGN’s PS2 site}} on the still-in-development Kingdom Hearts II game from Square and Disney, which promises easier gameplay and a new camera system.

More on Paul And His Bananas: main character redesiged.

Bishop Animation, as a result of an {{link invitation to leave feedback}} on the lead in independent short Paul And His Bananas, has revised the character. Check out the {{link new look here}} and check out the site for more details!

Composer change on the Boop musical

Max and Dave Fleischer’s Boop-Oop-A-Doop girl Betty’s transfer to the stages of Broadway just took another turn: replacing Jason Robert Brown as composer is Andrew Lippa (A Little Princess), who will work with David Lindsay-Abaire on the project. Producers Robin Goodman and Andrew Farber had previously hoped to put together a workshop in summer 2004, […]

From screen to console: interview with Shark Tale game manager

The DreamWorks Fansite talks exclusively with {{link creator Bill Kim}}, project manager of Edge Reality, to discuss the upcoming Shark Tale game on PS2, XBox and Game Cube patforms.

Disney DVD updates

Luke from Ultimate Disney has posted some Disney DVD updates including the press release for the Bambi DVD, cover art for Mulan II, and some miscellaneous news items. The Bambi DVD seems to be shaping up pretty good; according to Disney, “Today’s technology meets Walt Disney’s vision, as the Bambi Special Edition has undergone one […]

New Shark Tale Trailer

A new trailer for DreamWorks’ Shark Tale is now online and can be found at the official site for the film. Thanks to ‘monkeyboy’ in the AN Forum for the heads up!

DVDExclusive on Disney's direct-to-video success

DVDExclusive has a new article (Adobe Acrobat document) about Disney’s low cost/high profit direct-to-video (DTV) phenomenon. The article contains plenty of information about voice talent, cost-to-profit ratio, top 10 DTV titles chart, upcoming DTV plans, etc.

Prepping for 2004 Annie Awards

ASIFA-Hollywood has now updated the Annie Awards page to include information on the upcoming 2004 awards ceremony to be held January 30, 2005, including entry forms, advertising and sponsorship information, and details on how to volunteer to help.

Review of Pixar's Boundin'

Ain’t It Cool News has a new review of Pixar’s short Boundin’, which will be shown in front of The Incredibles this November. The short is about a narcissistic lamb who is in love with his beautiful white coat of fur but then loses it suddenly and unexpectedly. The lamb then learns how to deal […]

Wicked RGB makes artist booking easier

For production managers wishing to book the best computer artists, where do you go? That’s the question that was on Michael Christensen’s mind, before he founded Wicked RGB, whick seeks to gather today’s cutting edge artists and let clients book them directly online. For more details, read their press release here:

More Father Of The Pride updates

After stripping their interview with the producers and cast of Father Of The Pride over the past few days, the {{link DreamWorks Animation Fansite}} has opened up a dedicated section for the show, with stacks of episode guides, news updates and images, including the first unveiling of the official poster.

Ghost In The Shell 2 Canadian premiere

DreamWorks have announced that writer/director Mamoru Oshii’s sequel Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence will have its Canadian premiere this September in the Midnight Madness section of the {{link 29th Toronto International Film Festival}}. Public screenings will take place on Thursday, September 9th at 11:59pm and Friday, September 10th at 3:00pm at the Ryerson […]

Interview with Father of the Pride's Cheryl Hines and Julian Holloway.

IGN FilmForce interviews Father of the Pride stars Cheryl Hines and Julian Holloway.

New Witchblade anime series in the works

ICv2 reveals that at the Top Cow panel at Wizard World Chicago, the licensing of Witchblade to the Japanese studio Gonzo Digimation (Blue Submarine #6, Burst Angel) for the production of a 26-episode anime TV series was announced. Matt Hawkins states that Gonzo would drop the character of Sara Pezzini, the heroine of the American […]

More info on Pirates of the Caribbean's "lost disc"

Ultimate Disney has the cover art and more information for the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 3-disc DVD, hitting store shelves on November 2, 2004. In addition to carrying the two discs of the previous Pirates DVD release, the new set will include “The Lost Disc”, featuring 8 never-before-scene […]

TV Spots for The Incredibles Online

Disney has released a first online look at two new TV spots for Pixar’s highly-anticipated animated superhero comedy, The Incredibles, hitting theaters on November 5. The first spot gives a character profile for Dash, showing his powers and weaknesses, and the second spot features much of the footage you saw in the teaser trailer. Here […]

A little bit of Pride: Part III and IV

The Dreamworks SKG Fansite has added Part III and IV of their interview with the producers of Father of the Pride.

Star Wars Episodes 7 – 9 to be animated?

Moviehole and IESB report that Star Wars Episodes 7 – 9 – if the sequels do happen – may be animated, considering the actors from the original trilogy are respectively older than they were in the previous installments, and Lucasfilm has a new Singapore animation studio that would be perfect for such a venture. If […]

Bambi Platinum Edition DVD to hit stores on March 1, 2005

USA Today mentions that Bambi’s Platinum Edition DVD will be released on March 1, a week earlier than expected. As for the film’s digitally restored video and surround sound, Disney home video executive Gordon Ho remarks, “It’s amazing how much more vivid and clear it looks from the color and clarity standpoint.” As for the […]

Dragons: Fire and Ice trailer

Here is a trailer for Bardel Entertainment’s direct to video CGI feature Dragons: Fire and Ice. Based on the Mega Bloks toy line, the film tells the story of two kingdoms, the Draigar and the Norvagen, that have been at war for a thousand years. The great Dragons who brought peace and wisdom through their […]

The Incredibles: "plenty of superhero action"; "human characters based on 1960s Disney"

Pixar’s story supervisor Mark Andrews speaks to the {{link,0,4863759.story?coll=orl-calmoviestop Orlando Sentinel}} about the upcoming Brad Bird superhero spoof The Incredibles. “According to Andrews, there will be plenty of superhero action. In fact, he says that [this is why] the film will be rated PG, instead of the customary G for Pixar films. Still, much […]

New Lion King II and Aladdin CDs

Along with the 2-disc Special Edition DVD, and helping somewhat to bulk up the profile of a so-so DTV feature, Walt Disney Records will also re-release The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride {{link soundtrack}} on August 31, with new cover image tied in to the new video re-issue. Disney has also just released Aladdin: […]

New European feature

‘Kirikou’ at the {{link Forums}} has posted art from what looks to be a new Spanish animated feature in development. Brendan And The Secret Of Kells hasn’t turned up on any radars yet, but another poster does say that it is at the same stage of production as Filmax’s Nocturna, so it may […]

Tarantino and Latifah join Muppets in Oz

The Daily Record reports that director Quentin Tarantino will appear in The Muppets’ Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Dark Horizons adds that the synopsis for the film revolves around Dorothy Gale (R&B singer Ashanti), who longs to hit the big time, while she works at the diner of her Auntie Em (possibly Queen Latifah, who is […]

BVHE DVD presentation photos

The invitation and three photographs from Buena Vista Home Entertainment’s DVD presentation held on August 18 in Hollywood, CA, can be found here:

Watch the new Team America television spot online has an exclusive new preview for Team America: World Police.