Month: May 2004

Behind-the-scenes look at Linkin Park's new music video

Reuters has posted a 6 minute preview clip of Linkin Park’s new anime-style music video, Breaking The Habit. The video involved close collaboration between the band and Gonzo Digimation Studios in Japan, which is known for combining 2D and 3D effects in a single animated scene. The video was directed by the band’s “turntablist” and […]

Mr Bug! The original "bug's life" Hoppity to air in the UK

Max and Dave Fleischer’s rarely seen, but fantastically inventive 1941 feature Mr Bug Goes To Town will be screening on UK TV this week, under its 1950s NPA television print title of Hoppity Goes To Town. The second and final feature from the Fleischers, after Gulliver’s Travels in 1939, the film’s relative obscurity comes from […]

\\Shrek 2\\ holds on to #1 spot

In its second week, \\Shrek 2\\ holds on to the #1 spot of the U.S. box office according to {{link Box Office Mojo}}. In spite of tough competition from Fox’s \\The Day After Tomorrow\\, which pulled in $70 million, \\Shrek 2\\ brought in huge second week numbers with $73 million, bringing its 12 day […]

The Three Musketeers disc art unveiled

Ultimate Disney has the disc art for The Three Musketeers, starring Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. The Three Musketeers will arrive in stores on August 17, 2004.

PBS' New Animated Series – Car Talk?

Current, a newspaper which reports about public broadcasting, is reporting that PBS is planning to bring the popular radio show Car Talk to television. The series’ animation style will be a mix of 2D and 3D and the series could premiere as early as next summer. The radio show’s hosts Tom and Ray Magliozzi and […]

John Cleese talks Shrek 2

John Cleese talks to The Age about his role as the King in Shrek 2.

Shrek 2 at No. 2 on Friday

Despite falling to second place, behind The Day After Tomorrow on Friday, Shrek 2 may still have the No. 1 spot by Monday. Shrek 2 grossed an estimated $21.5 million on Friday, sliding just 23% from last Friday. As Box Office Guru reminds, “Three years ago, the first Shrek also had the Memorial Day frame […]

Su and Mo poke "crude, rude and lewd" fun at the Film Festival experience

Rochester’s Animatus Studio has completed work on their latest short, Su and Mo: Lost in Animation. The cartoon, created in Flash animation with the tone of a South Park episode, tells the story of Su and Mo, the world’s only lap-dancing wrestler/animators. Dancing at ClubHippendale’s has finally provided the boys with enough tip money to […]

Incredible reading and photos!

Showing just how traditional hand-drawn cartooning can contain more life and energy than the now ultra-popular CG approach, the French {{link Incredibles Fansite}} features large-scale looks at The Art Of The Incredibles, a Mr Incredible poster, postcard and sticker books, and the Essential Guide cover art. Click the link above and look under ‘Infos’, […]

Vote for Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

Henstooth Home Video are considering adding a number of European animated films to their growing catalog, and have asked for opinions on the 1975 Norwegian film Fl√•klypa Grand Prix (AKA The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix). If you’d like to see this title released on DVD in the US, please leave your feedback in our {{link […]

Tons of movie updates

Over at {{link Dark Horizons}} the site seems to have a ton of updates on animation-related projects. It seems that DreamWorks is looking to {{link remake Forbidden Planet}} (the 1956 original featured special animation effects from The Walt Disney Studios), and Platinum Studios’ comic Cowboys And Aliens is {{link heading to the […]

Eisner says "yes" to Pixar sequels

Either dropping heavy hints to further his cause in bringing Pixar back under the Disney wing, or following through with serious plans, Michael Eisner this week said that sequels to Pixar’s Mouse House films are in development and going forward. The {{link Big Cartoon DataBase}} confirms a Hollywood Reporter story that says Disney is […]

The Art Of Robots

Over at the Cartoon Brew, Amid Amidi updates with a quick look at what is happening with the print edition of Animation Blast No. 9, as well as previewing a new book he’s currently co-writing that will take a look at the making of Chris Wedge’s follow-up to Ice Age. {{link The Art Of […]

Spike and Mike – back for 25th year

Toon Zone notes that the {{link Pittsburgh Tribune-Review}} has a brief profile of the 25th annual edition of Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival.

Paul Dini leaves Warner Bros Animation!

After 15 years at WB Animation, writer/producer Paul Dini, seen by many as one the pivitol few who carried the unit in the right direction with the more mature takes on DC Comics’ Batman and Superman animated series and the likes of new shows Freakazoid and Duck Dodgers, has decided to call it a day. […]

AnimWatch updates

{{link AnimWatch}}, the best place to keep up to date in the world of independent animation, has updated its page with new links to {{link eight new project profiles}}, including Doug Chiang’s Robota.

Jim Hill on Shrek 2

Jim Hill takes leave from his regular roost over at Jim Hill Media to hop across the pond to the UK’s Skwigly magazine online, where {{link he reports}} on Shrek 2‘s many “nods” to Disney product past and present. Spoilers ahoy, but the ever growing list of in-jokes and pop-culture references is now up!

\\Incredibles\\ commercial online

The exclusive online commercial First In Line, for Pixar’s upcoming film \\{{link The Incredibles}}\\, is now available in several sizes and formats. This, and more clips from the upcoming movie, can be found here:

Robota Images and Clips

AnimWatch has a very interesting interview with composer Tim Larkin, who is working on the upcoming Doug Chieng’s CG feature Robota. Tim has just finished the final sound mix for Robota‘s trailer, which will debut sometime soon on Apple’s trailers site. Short clips from the trailer are included in the interview, as well as several […]

Shrek 2 to remain No. 1?

The Dreamworks SKG Fansite reports that despite competition from The Day After Tomorrow, Shrek 2 will likey collect $76-80 million over the four-day weekend. Thus, look for Shrek 2 to gross $240-$245 million in only thirteen days.

International Thunderbirds poster now available

The international poster for Thunderbirds can now be seen at the Internet Movie Poster Awards.

Home on the Range cover art unveiled

Ultimate Disney has the early DVD cover art for Home on the Range, which is set to arrive in stores on September 14, 2004.

An Interview with Ralph Bakshi

FilmForce has an interesting interview with controversial animation director Ralph Bakshi, whose filmography includes the racy Fritz the Cat, based on Robert Crumb’s comic, Heavy Traffic, American Pop, and the animated adaptation of Lord of the Rings that inspired many of the scenes in Peter Jackson’s movie.

ToonTown Online spreads globally

Debuting a year ago in June 2003, Disney’s popular ToonTown Online multi-player game has racked up some big numbers and awards. Now the company is expanding from its US and Japanese availablity to set up shop in the UK, notes {{link Business Wire}}. A 3-day trial version of the {{link original US version}} […]

Disney's Eisner to speak to investors

{{link Toon Zone reports}} that Disney CEO Michael Eisner is to speak at the Sanford C. Bernstein & Company 20th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference on Wednesday, June 2 2004, at 4:00 pm EDT. His remarks will be available via live webcast at the {{link}} page – point your browser approximately five minutes […]

What's Waiting upstairs?

A new animated web short answers the question of what we can look forward to when we finally make that trip to the great upstairs. Mishmash Media’s {{link The Waiting Room}} shows that the “cosmic cycle of life and death ain’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be in this new mind-expanding metaphysical romp”.

Johnny Depp to be Lex Luthor?! No, wait…

Dark Horizons has a couple of interesting scoops; they had previously posted that Johnny Depp was under serious consideration to play Superman’s arch-nemesis Lex Luthor in the 2006 Superman film, stating he was chosen “because he’s the studio’s favourite, and McG wants to work with him. He’s tied because he’s not exactly sure if he […]

Polar Express: an animated oil painting

USA Today has a new article concerning The Polar Express and its new film technology. “I wanted it to look like a movie in an oil painting, then have all the warmth, immediacy and subtleties of a human performance,” says director Robert Zemeckis. “When Tom (Hanks) and I were thinking about how we could do […]

Pixar's Brad Bird gets Wired

The Pixar/Brad Bird article that appears in the June print edition of Wired Magazine can now be enjoyed by everyone and international readers online, over at the official {{link Wired website}}. Among other things, Bird reveals that his own hand-held camera footage will be included in the bonus material of the eventual The Incredibles […]

Shrek coming 2 stores in November

According to DavisDVD, Shrek 2 will be released on video and DVD on November 2, 2004, the Tuesday before The Incredibles is released in theaters.