Reuters has posted a 6 minute preview clip of Linkin Park’s new anime-style music video, Breaking The Habit. The video involved close collaboration between the band and Gonzo Digimation Studios in Japan, which is known for combining 2D and 3D effects in a single animated scene. The video was directed by the band’s “turntablist” and music sampler, Joe Hahn, who says they wanted something new. “Doing videos now it’s always a challenge to come up with something different each time and this opportunity came up and we were like, ‘OK let’s do it,’ you know, this is going to be really cool and we know the fans are going to dig it,” Hahn says.

To access the video clip, click here and play the ‘Linkin Park Breaks The Habit’ clip from the column at right. If it’s no longer on the front page, it will be in the column’s video archive; just click on the ‘Reuters Television’ link.