Month: February 2004

THE 76th ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS – Nemo wins, Rings is King and Krumpet amazes!

The voting is over, the numbers are in, and it’s Oscar night not only in Los Angeles’ capital of film itself, Hollywood, but the world over, with an estimated one billion people tuning in and watching the film industry’s most important event on television and the web. As well as the predictable winners (Finding Nemo), […]

Don't forget – it's Oscar Night!

At 6:00pm Central Time, on both ABC SD and HDTV, Barbara Walters will be doing her yearly inteview show and one of actors will be the big green guy himself: no, not Jabba the Hut, but Shrek. So go over to, print out your Oscar ballet, and have fun tonight when the main show […]

Family Guy is back!

After many rumors that the high DVD sales of the show could urge the networks to commission new episodes of Family Guy, it looks like it’s finally happening. At {{link IGN}}, creator Seth MacFarlane reveals “he’s been given the go-ahead and the only question mark left is whether the new material will air initially […]

Belleville's director on animation as art

{{link Toon Zone}} points to a new editorial at the New York Times, where The Triplets Of Belleville director Sylvain Chomet argues for “the merits of animation as a great and legitimate artform”.

Animated Riddick

Just as they’re doing with the Van Helsing movie, Universal is issuing an animated prequel to their Vin Diesel film, The Chronicles Of Riddick, the sequel to sci-fi shocker Pitch Black, this summer. Retailing for $14.98 and arriving on June 15, The Chronicles Of Riddick: Dark Fury will come with a 1.78:1 anamorphic transfer, Dolby […]

"Truth & Justice the Afro-American Way" – Undercover Brother on DVD

Thanks go out to ‘MusicFan’ who sent in {{link this link}} to the full spec, details and hi-res cover art for the animated Undercover Brother DVD coming from UrbanWorks Entertainment on May 18th. The disc collects all 12 episodes and features “an intro and commentary by the Undercover Brother himself, star Eddie Griffin”, who […]

Shark Tale and new Shrek 2 posters unveiled…

Thanks to the {{link Internet Movie Poster Awards}}, we have a chance to see the initial one-sheet teaser poster for DreamWorks’ upcoming Shark Tale. Interestingly, the word “theaters” is spelt on the poster as “theatres” – could this be an international poster, with October 1 the UK release date also? Hats off to ‘Dalboz’ […]

Disney shareholder meeting to be broadcast on web

The annual shareholders’ meeting of The Walt Disney Company will be available live via webcast at the {{link Investor Relations’ Web site}} beginning at 10:00 a.m. EST on Mar. 3, 2004. A re-play will be provided through Wed., Mar. 10, 2004 at 5:00 p.m. PST

More bad news, some good news for Eisner

After this week’s report that pension funds representing public employees in seven states announced they would vote NO on Disney CEO Michael Eisner’s reelection to the Board, one state fund has announced they intend to vote YES. According to the \\{{link,1,5371620.story?coll=la-headlines-business L.A. Times}}\\, officials that run the New York City police, fire, school and […]

Why Pixar's films are more "Disney" than Disney's…

Tim Hauser, aka Merlin Jones, has written an eloquent editorial piece at examining the abstract qualities of story that the Walt Disney Company has shown so well in the past, and which now belong to Pixar more than any other. He believes that, among other things, the Disney of today has tried too hard […]

The Harry Potter Puppet Pals – Now With Shiny New Website!!

A strange, yet hilarious Flash series of Harry Potter-inspired cartoons called the Harry Potter Puppet Pals has recently moved to its own domain, consolidating all Puppet Pals goodness into one easy-to-find location! The Puppet Pals madness began in September 2003, when an odd little animated short called “Bothering Snape” appeared online on the 30th. Over […]

Rob Lowe to dance at the Oscars with…

Be sure to vote at today’s Internet Movie Database poll, “Since Rob Lowe’s out of a job again, I hope he opens the Oscar show dancing with…” which includes some very animated choices.

Brother Bear Region 2 DVD artwork

DVD Answers has the artwork for the Brother Bear Region 2 DVD, which, unlike the Region 1 version, will be a single disc DVD. Thanks to ‘CaptainJasHook’ for the heads up!

FilmForce takes an "Adult Swim"

Saying “Not quite as consistent as the previous season but it had its moments,” FilmForce reviews the Futurama: Volume 3 DVD, giving it an overall score of 7. Also, the website announces the specs and cover art for the Sealab 2021 two-disc DVD, which will come with all of the episodes from season one, plus […]

Lion King 1 1/2 remains the "king" of DVD sales

Coming Soon! reports that Buena Vista Home Entertainment’s animated feature The Lion King 1 1/2 was the number one VHS and DVD for the second consecutive week, and also generated an estimated $3.23 million in weekly gross rental revenue in the number 10 slot for a 12-day total near $6.7 million.

Hellboy set to star in animated series

During an interview with Counting Down, Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro revealed that negotiations are underway to create a Japanese-produced Hellboy animated series. The half-hour series would “absolutely” feature Ron Perlman as the title character, and would reflect the original art style in a “100%…unadulturated” manner.

Animation Unlimited: Innovative Short Films Since 1940

“Designed like a run-of-the-mill graphic design tome, this is more than the sum of its parts. The authors have chosen 50 animators – from around the world, and across generations – dividing their work into four loose categories: Form, Sound, Words and Character. Each animator is represented by a short: the formal Synchromy (1971) for […]

UK box office numbers

It’s been a good couple of weeks for animation and fantasy films at this week’s theaters in the UK, mainly due to the school holidays. The Haunted Mansion was off to a good start at number one with $10.1 million in the bank, and Looney Tunes: Back In Action stayed the course after two weeks, […]

UPDATED! Five Six more state pension funds call on NO vote for Eisner

\\{{link Variety}}\\ reports that public pension funds in 5 states – New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, New Jersey, and Connecticut – have joined California in calling for a no vote on Disney CEO Michael Eisner at next weeks shareholder meeting. “I call on Disney directors to separate the positions of chairman and chief executive and […]

Art, Date, and Specs for Ralph Bakshi's Wizards DVD!!

The ever-reliable DVD Toons has posted the specs and extras for the May 25th release of Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards. The 20th Century Fox title will be presented in anamorphic widescreen video, with Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo audio. Extras will include audio commentary with Bakshi, the “Ralph Bakshi: The Wizard of Animation” featurette, 2 theatrical trailers, […]

Michael Eisner Has a Fan Club Too

This is the site I have literally been waiting to find. In the interest of objective and unbiased journalism I have felt bad that we here at Animated News seem to only post stories which favor Roy Disney and Stanley Gold’s view of the future of The Walt Disney Company and who its CEO should […]

A look at Oscar's Animated Short Films

With the Oscars only days away, Animated News brings together reports from around the web to give you a closer look at the five films nominated for Best Animated Short.

The Disney Board answers Roy Disney's Save Disney email

Those people who supported Roy Disney’s recent call to email the Board of The Walt Disney Company and voice their concern at the direction the company was taking have been finding a direct response from board member George Mitchell in their inboxes. “Thank you for your recent email. I appreciate your taking the time to […]

"Go, Go CGI Gadget!"

Coming Soon! announces that DIC Entertainment and Mainframe Entertainment are releasing Inspector Gadget Saves the Day…Maybe, an all-new, computer-animated Inspector Gadget television special and DVD release. The film’s premise is, “In the new special, the world’s greatest bionic detective is back and more bumbling than ever. With his niece, Penny, who’s now sweet sixteen and […]

Thunderbirds teaser poster revealed

In late but interesting news, Latino Review has the teaser poster for Thunderbirds. Thanks to ‘CaptainJasHook‘ for the heads up!

Dragonball Z Meets Superman

Dark Horizons reveals the newest rumor concerning a live-action, movie version of the animated series, Dragonball Z: Smallville‘s Tom Welling is being rumoured to play “Goku.”

Roecker set to Live Freaky

Rolling Stone reports that John Roecker will write and direct Live Freaky, Die Freaky, a new stop-motion effects/puppetry movie. The premise is, “Set in the future, the twisted tale follows a young man who discovers an old copy of Helter Skelter (former Los Angeles D.A. Vincent Bugliosi’s account of Charles Manson’s killing spree) and decides […]

Poor little Jonah

Well, it wasn’t long ago that Big Idea’s CG feature Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie had two big distinctions about it. One, it was the movie that buried Big Idea up to its neck in financial problems; along with some other poor management deals. Two, it was, for a short while, the highest grossing Christian movie […]

Aladdin DVD cover art

The cover art for the Aladdin: Platinum Edition DVD is now available at Ultimate Disney.

Cartoon Network Unveils New Shows

In a presentation to advertising executives in New York, The Cartoon Network announced it will air more than 500 new half-hours, including five new animated series this year. The new shows are: Megas XLR – A new action-comedy series about a 20-something grease monkey who discovers a giant fighting robot from the future in a […]