Coming Soon! announces that DIC Entertainment and Mainframe Entertainment are releasing Inspector Gadget Saves the Day…Maybe, an all-new, computer-animated Inspector Gadget television special and DVD release. The film’s premise is, “In the new special, the world’s greatest bionic detective is back and more bumbling than ever. With his niece, Penny, who’s now sweet sixteen and even more devoted to Gadget than before, and Penny’s dog, Brain, who is still smarter than Gadget could ever hope to be, the Inspector protects Metro City from the heinous machinations of the evil Doctor Claw and his incompetent minions on one hand, and the lunacy of its deranged Mayor on the other. Metro City’s Mayor misguidedly buys a thawed, prehistoric Giant Flying Lizard egg to attract tourists. Inspector Gadget must save the pricy egg when Doctor Claw steals it and then save Metro City — and the entire world — when it hatches!” “Transforming classic characters like Gadget from 2-D to high quality 3-D, CGI is becoming a Mainframe specialty,” says Rick Mischel, CEO of Mainframe Entertainment. “As a co-distributor, this high profile project also fits into our ongoing efforts with IDT Entertainment to distribute programs featuring well-known branded characters.”