Month: September 2002

The Incredible Mr Limpet

Ben Simon finds his fins with Don Knotts’ classic animation and live-action combination comedy.

Cats Don’t Dance

First-time director Mark Dindal was given the difficult task of tackling a musical comedy called Cats Don’t Dance about a cat named Danny who tries to make it in Hollywood.


15 Disney classics get the modern day treatment from some of today’s brightest artists, and the results are bubblegum pop you might just have fun with!

Monsters, Inc.: 2-Disc Collectors Edition

Disney/Pixar’s monstrous hit makes it to DVD in a monster of a package!

LaserDisc Archives: A Primer On The LD Format

The first in our LaserDisc Archives feature for Toon Review looks back on the original movie-disc format and teases some titles that have still not been outshone by their DVD “upgrades”.