With Easter about to descend upon us, there’s really no better DVD out there right now than Enchanted to offer up some fun family viewing over the holiday. Our exclusive interviews on the movie continue today with another amazingly fantastic insight into the film’s most obvious special touches, as Jeremie speaks with the two men responsible for Enchanted‘s traditional animation and computer animated effects: James Baxter and Thomas Schelesny, respectively!

This week-long run of articles has been a tremendous way to get a very exclusive peek behind the scenes – something the DVD lacks, especially when it comes to these particular elements. You’re going to learn an awful lot about how Giselle was created in traditional animation, and why it was important to work in that medium, as well as how Pip, her chipmunk pal, was so well brought into our world, convincingly as an animated character while also appearing photoreal. Enjoy!

Another DVD in stores for the holiday is the Rankin/Bass classic The Easter Bunny Is Comin’ To Town, newly released in a Deluxe Edition by Warners. Despite the very satisfying audio and video, the special itself – as narrated by Fred Astaire, no less – is unfortunately less memorable than some of the team’s more popular efforts, even if it’s very sweet in places and simply strives to provide an hour of well-crafted entertainment, which it does. Although this is a less essential addition to shelves, Animagic fans should seek it out and will probably be pleased with the treatment it’s received here, especially the fun, fluffy bunny slipcase!

If you didn’t think our Enchanted exclusives could get any better, wait until you see what we have lined up for you tomorrow, including never before seen art personally selected for us by the film’s executive producer Chris Chase and director Kevin Lima, so stay tooned! – Ben.