Just in time for some light weekend reading, our band of intrepid reviewers have cobbled together their comments for your pleasure. This year’s wave of Treasures have been out just over a week now, and with the low print run of just 39,500 don’t leave it too long before you regret not being able to find these unique and excellent additions to the series.

wdt-dr-syn.jpgDr Syn, Alias The Scarecrow Of Romney Marsh – Patrick McGoohan stars as anti-hero Christopher Syn, who in the dark of night becomes the terrifying enemy to oppressive King George’s men, The Scarecrow, in this thrilling three-part adventure from Walt Disney’s weekly television show. The set also includes the international feature film edition of the story, though its supplements sadly leave a lot to be desired, with some light fluff and missed opportunities. Nevertheless, this is a captivating trio of high quality episodes and a sturdy feature…widely acclaimed as one of Disney’s best!
wdt-donald-4.jpgThe Chronological Donald, Volume Four – The Duck is back for his fourth and final volume of theatrical short subjects. Among the selection is the educational featurette Donald In Mathmagic Land from 1955, and a group of widescreen cartoons presented in their original CinemaScope format, which Rodney calls “a treat” in his review, which takes an in-depth look at all 31 shorts included, discussing the changes the character went through during this era. Though there are some concerns over some “missing” cartoons, Rodney still recommends completing your Donald shorts collections on DVD.
wdt-annette.jpgThe Mickey Mouse Club Presents: Annette – Walt’s premiere Mousketeer lives on, in both a couple of full-length episodes from the famed Disney series and a complete, 20-part serial in which she features and performs a handful of songs that would lead to success as a recording artist. Randall certainly had fun: in his review he says the serial is “corny, wholesome, Disney greatness. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. Annette is never rude, is far from hip, and exudes cleanliness. What a breath of fresh air! The bonus features do her career and her legacy justice, and it is nice to see her so honored”.

So there we have it, folks! Before we go I can reveal that the winner of our WALL•E DVD contest is Christian Minchillo of Vallejo CA, so you’ll find a copy of the 3-disc SE on its way to you soon – congratulations! I’ll leave you today with the last of our WALL•E film fact sheets, which you’ll find by clicking on the “More…” link at the end of this post, this time concentrating on how legendary sound designer Ben Burtt worked his magic on the film’s soundtrack.

Have a great weekend…and stay tooned! – Ben.