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Views DuckTales


Views “With a smile and a song” with music historian James Bohn

Find out more about the Music In Disney’s Animated Features, a new book addressing this under-represented aspect of Disney research, in our exclusive interview!

Event Coverage
Views 2017 D23 Expo Exclusive

An exclusive recap of Disney’s biennial event, including the animation and live-action panels, Hercules 20th anniversary, and Oswald The Lucky Rabbit’s 90th birthday!

Views Rick And Morty: Rickmancing The Stone

Adult Swim’s brilliant series is back for its third season, possibly more hilarious and twisted than ever. If you’re not already watching it, now’s the time to start.

Views The Emoji Movie

The Emoji Movie is a stupid idea for an animated movie which is also probably better than it deserves to be.

Event Coverage
Views VIEW Conference 2017: an interview with director Maria Elena Gutierrez

Jeremie has an exclusive interview with the director of this important graphics and animation conference.

Views Adventure Time: The Complete Seventh Season

Continuing its creative storytelling and ambitious world-building, this show doesn’t lose any of its spark, also experimenting with its first miniseries: Marceline-centric Stakes.

Views Despicable Me 3

Though it’s elevated by plenty of laughs and a fun new bad guy, Despicable Me 3 would’ve benefited from a little more focus…and, dare we say it, more Minions.

Views Cars 3

Cars 3 is a little too similar to the original model. But with fun characters, nice writing, and top of the line animation, the film easily leaves the previous entry of the franchise in the dust.

Views Production Designer Bill Cone feels at “Eze” in the world of Cars 3

To get behind-the-scenes of one of summer’s most anticipated films, we met with Bill Cone, who was instrumental in giving Cars 3 its visual identity and soul.

Views Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

With fun animation, hit-or-miss jokes, and a meandering plot, Captain Underpants is a mixed bag, somewhere between “not bad” and “not great”, and more tepid than epic.

Views Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a pretty good superhero movie and the best DCEU film to date, boosted by Gal Gadot’s performance and director Patty Jenkins’ storytelling.

Views The Red Turtle

The award-winning Studio Ghibli film, that actually is a European production, has characters that never speak, but the film has plenty to say.

Event Coverage
Views Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil Tribute Exhibition and Panel Event

An exclusive visit to a tribute exhibition and panel event for Disney XD’s hit series, with behind the scenes stories, details of Season 3, and a look at the various art on show!

Views For Smurfs: The Lost Village‘s art department, it’s great to feel blue!

We discuss the new design of the Smurfs and their world, with the new film’s character designer and production designer, in this exclusive interview.

Views Tangled: Before Ever After

The Tangled television series kicks off with this debut movie, whose job is simply to restore Rapunzel’s golden locks for the ongoing show in an entertaining enough fashion.

Views The Road To Broadway And Beyond: Disney’s Aladdin – A Whole New World

As opulent as the film and current stage smash it documents and celebrates, Michael Lassell’s book is a wish come true for fans.

Views The Boss Baby

While there is some fun for kids in The Boss Baby, adults sitting with them will be wishing they were at the grown-ups table instead.

Views Sing

Fun and funny, with a killer, wide-ranging soundtrack that overcomes its cartoon karaoke concept, and some great character animation, Sing turns out to be the best singing contest on screens right now.

Views Beauty and the Beast

While it manages to be good, the live-action adaption of Disney’s animated classic suffers from glaring flaws that make the film a disappointment given the hype and ambitions.

Views Miss Hokusai

This tale of famous Japanese artists – a man and his daughter – is told using Buddhist ideas of life’s simple pleasures, rather than trying to fit a Western-style genre. Its rewards are subtle and may be unexpected.

Views Moana: Ultimate Collectors Edition

Disney’s second animated smash of 2016 is this brilliant action adventure musical from masters of the craft John Musker and Ron Clements, and this disc presentation is as solid as they come!

Views Mickey And The Roadster Racers

This Mickey Mouse Clubhouse spin-off offers plenty of slapstick-heavy action for kids, even as some adults wonder how much mileage Disney can get out of it.

Views Legend Quest

Endure the rough start and one will find Legend Quest to be an exciting, dramatic adventure filled with scary creatures and fascinating mythologies to explore.

Views The Powerpuff Girls: Tiara Trouble

Though it may not capture the absurd magic of the original series, the new Powerpuff Girls still provides plenty of laughs for both kids and adults.


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Leap! leaps up a week

Rick and Morty creators discuss “the pursuit of perfection” with Season 3

First trailer for The Star released

Wonder Woman 2 lands December 2019 release date




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