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Views Trolls Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Lacking context due to its early release, one Can’t Stop the Feeling! that the Trolls soundtrack has an identity crisis and could affect the film’s enjoyment.

Views Storks

Storks is the kind of movie you’ll want to watch over and over. With great animation, top-notch voice talent, an engaging story, and incredible humor, this film delivers.

Views Star Wars – Rebels: Complete Season Two

All the excitement of Star Wars is present in Rebels, with solid specs and the addition of great bonus features in this second season set.

Views The Walt Disney Studios: A Lot To Remember

Becky Cline and Steven Clark prove there is a lot to remember about the Walt Disney Studios, and all of it worthy of discovering or revisiting in this lavish new book.

Views The Jungle Book

A terrific audio-visual presentation, commentary and documentary bolster this disc debut for Disney’s triumphant re-do, though it feels more might come in a promised 3D edition.

Views Raiders! The Story Of The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made

A terrific extras package makes up for a slight lack of focus in the main feature itself, which tells of a bunch of kids remaking Indy’s first screen adventure.

Views April And The Extraordinary World

GKids gives us yet another slick international feature, this time an exciting steampunk adventure that utilizes the conceptual skills of cartoonist Jacques Tardi.

Views Kubo and the Two Strings

A beautiful looking film with a unique plot, some surprising turns, bold choices, and an emotional core, Kubo and the Two Strings is magical storytelling.

Views How Disney historian Didier Ghez wrote (twice) as he pleased…

We talk to Ghez about the second book in his series that sheds light on unsung Disney artists and their work.

Views Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

Kingsglaive boasts the most impressive, photo realistic animation to date. But the narrative doesn’t live up to the storytelling standards of the video game franchise it is based in.

Views DC Superhero Girls: Hero of the Year

Cute, spunky, and light on its feet, DC Superhero Girls: Hero of the Year should be super fun for its target audience.

Views Around the world with Mila: interview with Visual Development Supervisor Cesar Alejandro Montero Orozco

Our latest update on the development of Mila focuses on the look of this ambitious independent short.

Views Sausage Party

Sausage Party is irreverent, pornographic, sacrilegious, bigoted… and pretty funny! The story is weak but if raunchy humor and seeing touchy topics get ridiculed is something you’re hungry for, then this film will hit the spot!

Event Coverage
Views San Diego 2016 Comic-Con Exclusive

An exclusive recap of the annual San Diego Comic Con, including the anniversaries of Captain America and NickToons, coverage of Moana, Nancy Cartwright’s first art gallery, and Animaniacs Live!

Views Ice Age: Collision Course

It may be a stale pun to make but it’s still funnier than almost everything in Ice Age: Collision Course: hopefully this franchise is now extinct.

Views Only Yesterday

A young woman from Tokyo reflects back to her life at age ten, leading to a re-evaluation of who she is now. The final theatrical Studio Ghibli film to make it to disc in North America is now here.

Views The Secret Life of Pets

Secret Life barely checks the boxes for what it needs to do and never excels at any of them. A young studio like Illumination should aspire to more; hopefully they’ll learn some new tricks before they get too set in their ways.

Views Around the world with Mila: Additional Character Designer Matthew Bates

Our exclusive look at Mila continues with another key member of the production team.

Views A History of DreamWorks Animation: Part Four – Can’t Stop The Feeling

As Kung Fu Panda 3 arrives on disc, the final of a four-part series looks at the films that nearly caused DreamWorks to collapse and the few that kept the studio alive.

Views Anomalisa

Not for everyone, and certainly not for kids, Anomalisa reminds us that animation is a medium, not a genre, and can be used to tell all kinds of stories, from the fantastical to the mundane…in a fantastical fashion.

Views Elstree 1976

The Force isn’t too strong with this peek behind the masks of a bunch of Star Wars actors and bit-parters that’s as down to earth as its personalities and lacking a true spark of real content over curiosity.

Views Finding Dory

Finding Dory, like most Pixar films whether original or sequels, is unforgettable and should have animation fans hooked and craving more.

Views A History of DreamWorks Animation: Part Three – We Have…Dragons!

The third of a four-part series looks at DreamWorks Animation building franchises while saying goodbye to their bread and butter Shrek series.

Views Alice Through The Looking Glass

Spectacular visuals and a wonderful performance from Sasha Baron Cohen make this a Trip Through the Looking Glass worth taking.

Views Around the world with Mila: Writer (and Director) Cinzia Angelini

The driving force behind this special project tells AV how she translated family memories into a short film, in this exclusive interview.


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M. Night Shyamalan developing animated Indian family comedy Eleven Little Indians for Fox

Adventure Time to end in 2018

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Storks opens


Warner Animation Group's Storks opens today, in 3,922 theatres according to Box Office Mojo. The film is getting mixed reviews from the critics, garnering a 56% at Rotten Tomatoes. The Wall Street Journal says. "The whole movie seems to be on fast-forward, with crushingly brainless dialogue, hollow imagery and no way of slowing down the febrile action or making sense of the chaotic plot", while counters, "Zippy and zany, cute and cuddly, Storks manages to balance wild humor with winning heart -- for the most part". BOM projects a second place finish for the weekend with $31.7 million.

Amy Schumer to guest star on The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, and Family Guy in one night

Another “every Simpsons ever” marathon is coming to FXX

Disney pulls “offensive” Moana Halloween costume after backlash

New international Moana trailer debuts

First episode of Milo Murphy’s Law now available for free on Amazon and iTunes

New international Trolls posters released

Watch the first teaser trailer of Smurfs: The Lost Village

Princess Anna and Dory “meet” in Ellen Show clip

Paige O’Hara gives Emma Watson her seal of approval for Beauty and the Beast

The first poster for Smurfs: The Lost Village is here

Andy Samberg talks Storks

Storks producer discusses process behind finding voice actors

Avatar interactive exhibit to open in Taiwan

First look at Anastasia Broadway musical revealed

Ducktales reboot logo revealed

Watch the trailer for the next animated Resident Evil movie

Idina Menzel is supportive of “Give Elsa a Girlfriend” Twitter campaign

Jurassic World 2 gets $260 million budget

Japan naming 88 manga, animation landmarks to boost tourism

Cast, creator of Storks on making comedy and babies

Adult Swim animator and voice actor Clay Martin Croker passes away

Kristen Bell implies that Frozen 2 might be a long way off

Watch the trailer for season two of Thunderbirds Are Go!

Batman: The Animated Series is getting its own View Master VR experience

Zack Snyder reveals how Commissioner Gordon will look in Justice League

Check out the new poster for The Lego Batman Movie

Michael Giacchino takes over musical score duties for Rouge One

Even more Moana posters released

Doctor Who’s Tom Baker will guest star on Star Wars Rebels

New Trolls website lets users “Trollify” themselves

Apple’s new messenger app has a glitch that (somehow) leads to adult My Little Pony imagery

Is modern society becoming more like WALL-E’s future?

Well that was quick: 200 DreamWorkers lose jobs under NBCUniversal

The new trailer for Moana is here

Harley Quinn movie “won’t be a solo film”; Margot Robbie executive producing

Batman’s new suit in Justice League revealed

The new trailer for Trolls is here

Sing gets extremely warm reception at TIFF premiere, could be heavy hitter in Oscar race

Another new Moana poster revealed

Watch Fairly OddParents creator Butch Hartman draw various cartoons in his show’s style

Smurfs: The Lost Village teaser trailer smurfing online next week

Turner acquires ten Star Wars films in massive TV contract

Trey Park and Matt Stone discuss twenty seasons of South Park (contains mature content)

Things get serious in new Star Wars Rebels trailer

Jeffrey Katzenberg and the future of Hollywood




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