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Views AV Interactive #6: Scoring Pixar

After a brief hiatus, AV Interactive is back! To celebrate the release of Inside Out, show us what you know about the four people who have composed all 15 scores for Pixar’s films.

Views Insider Access To Inside Out

The sneak peek at Pixar’s latest was a worthwhile evening that included some nice bonus features, but the main attraction was Pete Docter’s extraordinary film.

Views Strange Magic

Where is Jar Jar Binks when you need him? Only interminable tedium is to be found in George Lucas’ jukebox musical, which you get the feeling Disney has (quite rightly) dumped out due to a contractual obligation.

Views A Conversation with Terry Rawlings

Editor Terry Rawlings counts many impressive films amongst his credits, including Alien and Blade Runner. Here he talks about his 50-plus year career and his picture cutting debut Watership Down, newly available on Blu-ray.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #94: The Brave Little Toaster – Let the ‘Toy Story’ Comparisons Begin!

The Rotoscopers take a look back at an interesting 1980s animated film, Disney’s The Brave Little Toaster.

Views Batman Vs. Robin: Exclusive Figure Edition

The script tries hard to make a sophisticated story of father-son conflict, but the movie’s action-fueled direction brings it close to being just another fight-filled exercise in excess.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #93: Pinocchio – Now That’s How You Do a Sidekick

When you wish upon a podcast, you get the Rotoscopers reviewing Walt Disney’s 2nd masterpiece, the 1940 classic Pinocchio.

Views More Cartoons For Victory!

More Thunderbean greatness! Foreign propaganda, rare Private Snafu Quick Facts, footage from the First Motion Picture Unit, and rarities from Disney and UPA make this an outstanding collection of wartime shorts.

Views Noveltoons: Original Classics

Thunderbean shows us how Famous Studios lived up to the Fleischer name, at least in the 1940s, with this collection of wonderful cartoons. Those that thought Famous meant “second rate” are in for a surprise.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #92: Watership Down – Complete with Criterion Snobbery

The Rotoscopers go across the pond to review the highly requested cult classic 1978 British film Watership Down.

Views Frozen: The Poster Collection

Disney keeps the Frozen merchandising wheel a-turning with an oversized print presentation of 40 pull-out-and-frame poster images. Most collectors will likely keep the book intact – if they can fit it onto their shelves!

Views Home

Home is a lackluster and innocuous affair that will, at best, be forgotten about the day after you see it, or at worst, make you ask if you can has those ninety minutes back.

Views Cinderella

The animated classic gets a magical live-action retelling that should please audiences both young and old, while Frozen Fever proves to be a delightful follow-up to the Disney blockbuster.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #91: Kung Fu Panda 2 – Kaboom of Doom

We just love kung fu! Last episode the Rotoscopers reviewed Kung Fu Panda and we just couldn’t get enough. This episode, they review the 2011 sequel Kung Fu Panda 2!

Views Tinker Bell And The Legend Of The Neverbeast

The Disney Fairy series gets a little darker with this tale of a monster-like creature, but the movie stays true to the messages of friendship and learning positive life lessons.

AV Interactive
Views AV Interactive #5: DreamWorks Disorder

To celebrate the release of DreamWorks’ 31st feature, Home, show off how familiar you are with their history! Arrange these twelve films into the order they were released.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #90: Kung Fu Panda – How to Train Your Dragon Warrior

It’s back to back DreamWorks films for the Rotoscopers! This episode we tackle the 2008 CGI film Kung Fu Panda.

Views Gladiators Of Rome

Lazy storytelling, uneven comedy and questionable subject matter combine in this Italian animation; somehow both bizarre and generic at the same time. Zero extras and mediocre audio tempt a big thumbs down.

Views Big Hero 6

It’s Frozen for the boys as Disney strikes back with their take on lesser-known characters from the pages of Marvel Comics for another, freshly Academy Award-winning blockbuster!

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #88: Shrek – The Anti-Fairytale

The Rotoscopers review DreamWorks’ second CGI animated film–the amazing, hilarious, irreverent Shrek.

Tooning In
Views Oscar Night 2015

The biggest night in movies is here…even if none of the movies themselves are that big! Come be part of our 11th Oscar event, with live show chat, our contest winners, and the consensus picks from our readers!

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #87: The Secret of NIMH – Too Many “J” Names

All good things must come to a close–it’s the final film in the Mice & Rats podcast series, Don Bluth’s debut film The Secret of NIMH.

Views One Hundred And One Dalmatians: Diamond Edition

Walt Disney’s fantastic animated thriller makes a solid return to disc, here in an HD transfer that hits the spot and with a fairly robust package of old and new extras.

Views The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

While Sponge has the humor and style kids expect, it never reaches the amazing highs the show achieved in its glory days — this is one sponge who should’ve stayed underwater.

Views The Kingdom Of Dreams And Madness

This wonderful documentary grants a fascinating glimpse at how Studio Ghibli functioned in its final year with master director Hayao Miyazaki.


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Inside Out opens


Pixar's Inside Out opens today in 3,946 theatres according to Box Office Mojo. The film is getting universal praise from the critics with a stellar 99% at Rotten Tomatoes. Their consensus: "Inventive, gorgeously animated, and powerfully moving, Inside Out is another outstanding addition to the Pixar library of modern animated classics". However, with dinosaurs still ruling the World, analyst expect this to be the first Pixar film not to open on top. BOM projects an outstanding, but second place, weekend with $71 million, while Box Office Prophets is in agreement with a $72 million prediction.

Inside Out stirred emotions for Amy Poehler and Phyllis Smith

Pixar’s convincing argument against childhood happiness

Inside Out apps from Disney

How the director of Up made Pixar’s wildest movie yet

Maleficent sequel moving forward at Disney…even without Angelina Jolie confirmed to return

The success of Jurassic World may make Inside Out the first Pixar film to not open on top

Kingdom Hearts III trailer reveals Tangled will be a new world; offers no release date

It’s a new trailer for The Peanuts Movie, Charlie Brown

Chinese teaser trailer premieres for Kung Fu Panda 3

Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Road Chip gets teaser poster

Disney, Graphic India team with Amitabh Bachchan for Astra Force

Adama trailer follows West African boy through Europe during WWI

Why the DC Animated Universe should return

Demi Lovato, Rainn Wilson lend voices to computer animated Get Smurfy

Curious George 3 clips swing online

H. Jon Benjamin on Archer, Bob’s Burgers: ‘I don’t even read the scripts’

Seth MacFarlane discusses Family Guy’s Bruce Jenner jokes

Frozen FANdemonium: A Musical Celebration to be held at Disney D23

Voice cast for The Good Dinosaur officially revealed

Life finds a way at box office as Jurassic World stomps over expectations with $82 million opening day




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