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The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #74: We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story

Get ready, the Rotoscopes are warping back in time to review the 1993 animated film We’re Back: A Dinosaur’s Story.

Views Director Kevin Munroe revisits Imagi’s TMNT franchise

With the Ninja Turtles back in theaters, Munroe remembers their computer animated film, TMNT, and the epic trilogy that never happened due to studio troubles.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #73: Ice Age – Scratology 101

In this week’s episode The Rotoscopers discuss an animated movie of mammoth-size proportions: Blue Sky’s first film, Ice Age.

Views Animator/Director Nassos Vakalis invites us to his Dinner for Few

Nassos Vakalis discusses his short film Dinner for Few, an allegorical take on how every system so far created by man inevitably ends with a few eating while the rest struggle to survive.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #72: Dinosaur – Well… Here It Is

In this episode, the Rotoscopers have a riveting discussion about one of Disney’s most forgotten about animated films Dinosaur.

Event Coverage
Views 2014 San Diego Comic-Con schedule highlights

It’s San Diego Comic-Con time again, and Lord Akiyama from the Animated Views Forum has compiled some highlights from the schedule for our readers.

Views Planes: Fire & Rescue

With a more interesting subject and setting, and a wider canvas, Planes: Fire & Rescue is better than its predecessor — but it isn’t quite a first-class upgrade.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #71: The Land Before Time – Fellowship of the Tree Star

The Rotoscopers kick off their Dinos & Dragons series by reviewing Don Bluth’s 1988 classic The Land Before Time.

Views Ratatouille: The Adventure at Disneyland Paris: Pixar Creative Director Roger Gould talks about an “animated” attraction

Just as the exciting new ride opens, we have an exclusive interview direct from France about this innovative and unique attraction.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #70: Tarzan – Attack of the Disney Theories

The Rotoscopers review the last film of the Disney Renaissance, 1999′s Tarzan.

Tooning In
Views Less is more, and more animated news is good news!

In order to bring you the latest happenings in the animation world in a more timely manner, we’re switching our news posts to a headline only format to get more links to you in less time.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #69: Princess Mononoke – Go Away

The Rotoscopers review Studio Ghibli’s epic film Princess Mononoke with special guest host, Rotowriter Mayra Amaya.

Views Great songs never die: how animation students are bringing a fresh touch to Aria For A Cow

We continue our look at the production of the short based on the Howard Ashman song, by meeting the students who are making a major contribution to the project.

Views How To Train Your Dragon 2

Though it doesn’t quite reach the same heights, How To Train Your Dragon 2 is a worthy followup to the original. And it makes us yearn for DreamWorks to stop coasting and train themselves to fly higher.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #68: One Hundred and One Dalmatians – Do You Got Any Chloroform?

The Rotoscopers review Disney’s first modern animated movie, the 1961 canine classic One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

Views Buried Treasure: The ill-fated voyage to Treasure Planet 2

Director Jun Falkenstein maps out the story and artwork for the canceled Treasure Planet 2, in which Jim Hawkins and Silver would have taken on the villainous Ironbeard.

Views Son Of Batman

Talia al Ghul has a surprise for Batman, in the form of an arrogant but accomplished ten-year-old. It’s a great premise, but the presentation has some problems in terms of believability and basic taste.

Views Green Lantern: The Animated Series

The film was a bust, but it did lead to the production of what turned out to be a very fine cartoon show. Sleek CGI animation, strong scripts, and intriguing characters add to an already great sci-fi concept, and make the show impressive.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #65: Balto – Streetdog

The Rotoscopers go on a journey to watch Amblimation’s final movie, Balto.

Views The Pirate Fairy

This fun family film keeps up the quality of the Fairies franchise, serving as a clever prequel to Peter Pan, while in some ways almost being a super-hero film for little girls.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #64: The Lord of the Rings – So Many Miniskirts

Morgan, Mason and Chelsea have a rotospective at Ralph Bakshi’s 1978 The Lord of the Rings.

Views Rio 2

Rio 2 is the type of film that needs to become an endangered species in Hollywood — a vapid, unoriginal movie that will appeal only to young children who aren’t familiar with all the cliches and stereotypes.

Views The Venture Bros.: The Fifth Season

The latest season of the [adult swim] fan favorite sees the rebirth and fall of SPHINX, The Monarch gain his revenge on Doctor Venture (or so he says), and the recently graduated Venture Bros. clumsily finding their way in the world, even as family secrets come to light.

Views Great songs never die: how art director Amos Sussigan is crafting the look of Aria For A Cow

We check in on the production of the short based on the Howard Ashman song, and look at its visual style.

Views Composer Frode Fjellheim on Frozen‘s native spirit

We speak with the Norwegian composer about helping to give the Disney hit its own unique sound.


Animated News

Big Hero 6 to feature new music from Fall Out Boy

Machinima grabs animated miniseries Justice League: Gods & Monsters Chronicles

Disney to release a Frozen-themed wedding dress

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit now greeting guests at California Adventure

Stan Lee cameo likely in Disney’s Big Hero 6

Traditionally animated Henry & Me gets Oscar qualification run

PBS web series creates animation out of rare Michael Jackson interview

Anima takes computer animated Top Cat Begins to the bigscreen

Children’s network The Hub to be rebranded as Discovery Family

Tommy Davidson talks Black Dynamite‘s second season

Brazen Animation launches in Dallas

The Little Prince gets a teaser trailer, poster, and release dates

How Disney is carefully handling Frozen’s extreme popularity

Animation studio class-action suit wants the judge who scuttled Apple settlement

Big Hero 6‘s 4D preview coming to Disneyland on September 26

Is The Good Dinosaur Pixar’s most troubled production yet?

Frozen finishes worldwide theatrical run

How the Dinobots of Transformers: Age Of Extinction were brought to life

Wakfu: The Animated Series comes to Netflix

Latvia selects Rocks In My Pockets as foreign-language Oscar entry

Prizing imagery over story in animation

Behind the visual effects of Arrow‘s second season

Victoria Justice and Josh Peck lend voices to Jungle Master

First look at DreamWorks’ B.O.O. characters

Joan Vogelesang steps down as CEO of Toon Boom

Charles Kenny: “It’s time to admit that 2-D animation does not need ‘saving’”

Op-Docs series Animated Life explores pivotal moments of discovery

Iron Giant to be showcased at MondoCon

Dreamworks Animation “not just a film studio”

Titan announces four-issue Penguins Of Madagascar comic series

Australia bans Duff Beer

Universal partners with Foodfight! studio for more CGI films

Watch Ellen DeGeneres and Kristen Wiig butcher Let It Go in the best way possible

Planes: Fire & Rescue swoops to Blu-ray on November 4

Jeremy Scott revives Shrek in his spring 2015 collection

Watch Conan O’Brien, Weird Al sing at Simpsons‘ 25th anniversary live show

Season 4 of The Legend of Korra coming online on October 3rd (less than two months after season 3 ended)

Disney, DreamWorks and Sony face class action lawsuit over wage suppression

How Star Wars Rebels could change the face of Star Wars

The Simpsons officially reaches China, in its 26th season

Rio 2 following Frozen’s footsteps with Sing-Along release

La Jolla Playhouse bringing Disney’s Hunchback to the stage in October

Song Of The Sea will make waves in Oscar animation race

Story details revealed for Once Upon A Time‘s first Frozen episode

Simpsons‘ Matt Groening and Family Guy‘s Seth MacFarlane draw each other

Russia experiences toon boom with hits such as Three Heroes, Snow Queen

New Big Hero 6 TV spot shows off other team members

Watch footage of the unmade version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Future of Studio Ghibli in doubt after Miyazaki signs off

Season 4 of The Legend of Korra confirmed; will be titled Balance

Movies help make Lego the world’s largest toymaker

Angry Birds Transformers gets an ’80s-inspired trailer

How Disney will make you cry again with Big Hero 6

Lego Guardians Of The Galaxy video pokes fun at Star-Lord’s cassette tape

Frozen‘s Elsa and Anna discover Storybrooke in new Once Upon A Time promo

Bender takes on Homer in first look at Simpsons/Futurama crossover episode

Review: Disney On Ice Presents Frozen is an “ice skating spectacular”

Hand-drawn Hullabaloo exceeds crowdfunding goal

Nickelodeon Animation to host Loop-De-Loop Festival in Burbank

Family-film overload? Hollywood ramps up animated releases




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