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Views Big Hero 6

It’s Frozen for the boys as Disney strikes back with their take on lesser-known characters from the pages of Marvel Comics for another, freshly Academy Award-winning blockbuster!

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #88: Shrek – The Anti-Fairytale

The Rotoscopers review DreamWorks’ second CGI animated film–the amazing, hilarious, irreverent Shrek.

Tooning In
Views Oscar Night 2015

The biggest night in movies is here…even if none of the movies themselves are that big! Come be part of our 11th Oscar event, with live show chat, our contest winners, and the consensus picks from our readers!

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #87: The Secret of NIMH – Too Many “J” Names

All good things must come to a close–it’s the final film in the Mice & Rats podcast series, Don Bluth’s debut film The Secret of NIMH.

Views One Hundred And One Dalmatians: Diamond Edition

Walt Disney’s fantastic animated thriller makes a solid return to disc, here in an HD transfer that hits the spot and with a fairly robust package of old and new extras.

Views The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

While Sponge has the humor and style kids expect, it never reaches the amazing highs the show achieved in its glory days — this is one sponge who should’ve stayed underwater.

Views The Kingdom Of Dreams And Madness

This wonderful documentary grants a fascinating glimpse at how Studio Ghibli functioned in its final year with master director Hayao Miyazaki.

Views The Boxtrolls

Laika returns with another slightly oddball release, where the film’s strong villain isn’t quite matched by such a solid storyline, even if the hand-crafted animation is as exquisite as ever.

AV Interactive
Views Animated Views’ 2015 Oscar Contest

Animated Views is giving away $100 worth of movies — your choice of either an Amazon gift card or a Fandango gift card — during our 11th Annual Oscar Event! Enter today for your chance to win!

Views The Best Of 2014: Son Of 2013!

The good, the bad and the ugly of the past year are all exposed in the return of our annual survey, featuring our top picks in DVD, Blu-ray and theatrical releases – plus your choices too!

Views Strange Magic

Want a head start to making a great movie? It’s no secret. You just need a good solid story. Otherwise you’ll have to resort to cheap tricks and strange magic.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #86: Once Upon a Forest – How Alvin and the Chipmunks Save the Forest

The fans voted and the Rotoscopers delivered! Chelsea, Morgan and Mason’s Rats and Mice Series on Once Upon a Forest!

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #85: Cinderella – Mason Dubs

The Rotoscopres continue with their Mice & Rats podcast series with the rag-to-riches story, Disney’s 1950 classic Cinderella!

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #84: Best of 2014

It’s time for the Animation Addicts Best of 2014 show! This episode celebrates the best that 2014 had to offer in animation and the Animation Addicts podcast.

Views Uncle Grandpa: Tiger Trails

This fairly new Cartoon Network series gets its first DVD, without any special features to speak of. But the show itself ends up being hilarious, with a cast of fun, wacky characters and an enjoyably zany nature behind it all.

AV Interactive
Views AV Interactive #3: Readers’ Choice – Best Animated Feature Film of 2014

The Academy, guilds, critics, and even the AV staff will be rendering their judgment on the year’s top films. But now it’s your turn to pick – what was the best animated film of 2014?

Views Of pigs and men – Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi talk about The Dam Keeper

Our exclusive interview looks at how two former Pixar artists created a singluar style for their new animated short.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #83: Mickey’s Christmas Carol – They’re Just Actors

For the annual Christmas episode of the Animation Addicts Podcast, the Rotoscopers review 1983 short Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #82: Duet – Interview with Glen Keane

Disney Legend, Glen Keane, takes a moment out of his very busy schedule to talk to Mason and Chelsea about his new short, Duet! Check it out! You won’t be disappointed!

Views A Duet with Glen Keane

The legendary animator discusses how new technology mixed with traditional craft to form his breakthrough Google animation.

The Rotoscopers
Views Animation Addicts Podcast #81: Ratatouille – Da Brad Bird

The Rotoscopers continue with their Mice & Rats podcast series by reviewing one of Pixar’s most critically acclaimed films: Ratatouille.

Views Toy Story That Time Forgot

The latest adventure starring everyone’s favorite toys proves to be a fun one, with cool new characters and great jokes. Just don’t expect it to feel like a Christmas special.

AV Interactive
Views AV Interactive #2: Sorting the Classic Animated Christmas Specials

With the holidays just a few weeks away, we want to find out how well you know those Classic Animated Christmas Specials from the 1960s and 1970s!

Views Penguins of Madagascar

Penguins of Madagascar is not Pixar, but it’s not trying to be either. It compares much more favorably with the Looney Tunes cartoons of the past — zany, silly fun for fun’s sake. And, Hoover Dam, does it succeed!

Views The Wind Rises

The final Miyazaki is a fictional account of the life of a major figure in Japanese history. It’s a tricky and even controversial subject, leading to conflicted viewer reactions, but the filmmaker’s craft has never been stronger.


Animated News

Into the Woods coming to Blu-Ray in March

Your first look at Disney World’s Avatar land

What time is it? Adventure Time! The Movie coming to the big screen

Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy passes away at age 83

Frozen with Emoji should be the cutest thing you see all day

First look at Jem and the Holograms

The trailer for the season finale of Star Wars Rebels debuts

Lots of new posters for Home

New Thunderbirds Are Go! images

Creating a CGI lead character in a live-action film in Chappie

New Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse shows are coming to Netflix

Lego Movie sequel now titled Lego Movie Sequel; gets Community director

Duck Tales reboot coming in 2017 to Disney XD (Woo-hoo!)

Queen Elsa is back in Frozen Fever trailer

A look back at Billy Joel’s Why Should I Worry?

Star Wars Rebels season finale will include Darth Vader cameo

Watch Sesame Street’s Caroll Spinney in Big Birdman spoof

Following “warrant,” “Elsa” arrested and then released in South Carolina, apparently cleared of all “charges”

Invader Zim to return in comic book form

Does a Golden Globe win boost business for a film more than an Oscar does?

Here’s Everything Is Awesome! being performed at the Oscars in case you missed it (or want to watch it again)

Big Hero 6 takes home Oscar


Disney took home both animated Oscars this year winning the Best Animated Feature award for Big Hero 6 and the Best Animated Short award for Feast. Interstellar won the trophy for Visual Effects.

Big Hero 6 beat out How To Train Your Dragon 2, Song of the Sea, The Boxtrolls, and The Tale of Princess Kaguya. Feast topped The Bigger Picture, The Dam Keeper, Me and My Moulton, and A Single Life.

This is second time Disney has won the Best Animated Feature Academy Award since its inception in 2001. They previously won last year for Frozen. Disney has won the Shorts category 15 times, with the last coming in 2012 for Paperman.

The Lego Movie lost its bid for Best Original Song for Everything Is Awesome.

If you played, be sure to check out the results of our Oscar contest.

Never too old for a reboot: Laurel & Hardy are getting a new cartoon show

Could Steven Spielberg direct an Indiana Jones reboot with Chris Pratt in the title role?

Let It Go’s deserved win aside, the Best Original Song category at the Oscars has become “a mess”

Cartoon Network announces Uncle Grandpa/Steven Universe crossover special, Regular Show: The Movie, and more

Behind the scenes of Disney’s Feast

Early details on Cartoon Network’s Powerpuff Girls reboot

Six short trailers for Thunderbirds Are Go! reboot now online

Big Hero 6 “bloopers” revealed; filmmakers discuss movie’s origins

How Dawn of the Planet of the Apes revolutionized motion capture animation

Bringing Rocket Raccoon and Groot to life in the Oscar-nominated Guardians of the Galaxy

Kentucky police issue “arrest warrant” for Queen Elsa due to snowy weather (because, yeah, that happened)

Reel FX announces Kung Fu Space Western, signs Book of Life director to multi-year deal

Animated Guardians of the Galaxy reveals Drax and Star Lord voice actors

Mark Hamill will guest star on Miles From Tomorrowland Friday morning

If Big Hero 6 sequel happens, it won’t be for a while

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales begins production; plot summary revealed

A look at how Batman: The Animated Series’ Harley Quinn became one of DC Comics’ most popular characters

New clip from the next Tinker Bell movie now online

Dragons, robots, trolls run tight race for animation Oscar

Sneak peek of DreamWorks Home

Pixar in Concert depicts pairing of animation and music

Do animated features turn people into suckers?

After renovations, Disney’s animation building will be a hub of creativity

Oscar-nominated Princess looks to the past for animation inspiration

Big Hero 6 has quietly become Disney’s third highest grossing animated film ever, behind only Frozen and The Lion King

Baymax talks Frozen, laughter, and fame in USA Today “interview”

Check out a new TV spot for Inside Out

Sponge Out of Water has outgrossed the first SpongeBob movie after just ten days of release

Are animated movies becoming more diverse?

The PTC is angry about Family Guy (again)

Disney’s The Descendants officially revealed…in the form of Hasbro dolls

Adult Swim cancels Black Dynamite

SpongeBob should stay afloat even as Fifty Shades of Grey leaves everything else all wet

DreamWorks Animation spending $1 million on How to Train Your Dragon 2’s Oscar campaign

Is Frozen coming to Broadway in 2017?

Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Road Chip set for Christmas 2016 release; Tony Hale cast as sequel’s villain

Pete’s Dragon remake begins filming

Still another trailer for Disney’s Cinderella




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