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Pixar's 2004 fourth-quarter earnings to be annouced today

Forbes’ “Eye On Stock” feature gives their estimates of Pixar’s fourth-quarter earnings, which will be announced after the market closes today. “First Boston maintained a ‘neutral’ rating and $88 target price. ‘Our view on Pixar fundamentals hasn’t changed. We believe its long-term business model will dramatically improve upon signing a new distribution deal,’ it said.”

A Tale of Treachery in the Magic Kingdom

The New York Times [free subscription required] has an excellent review up today of the new book Disney War, set to be released February 22nd. “The book describes Disney’s Darwinian corporate culture. (‘What Michael likes to do is put six pit bulls together and see which five die.’) It presents this on a Monopoly board […]

Harryhausen Goes Ape Over Kong

Dark Horizons forwards an article from Now Playing Magazine, reporting legendary stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen’s thoughts on Peter Jackson’s upcoming remake of King Kong, scheduled to open December 14th. “‘There will always only be one King Kong, it was such a unique production. Dino De Laurentiis’s [1976] interpretation, he left all the fantasy out. He […]

Animated film director Miyazaki to get award in Venice

The Kyodo News (via Yahoo Asia) reports that “Director Hayao Miyazaki will receive the Honorary Golden Lion award for professional achievements at the 62nd Venice International Film Festival in August. Miyazaki, 64, will be the first Japanese, and the first director of animated films, to receive the prestigious prize, according to Toho.” Kyodo also notes […]

Weaver lends her voice to N'Ever After

Sigourney Weaver recently talked to SCI FI Wire about her upcoming role in the new comedy/fantasy feature film Happily N’Ever After, based on the classic tales of the Brothers Grimm. “‘Frieda is Cinderella’s stepmother. She gets power, and she undoes all the laws of physics that govern happy endings. All hell breaks loose, and she […]

Beyoncé's Oscars duet

UK Yahoo! site Launch reports that Beyoncé Knowles will perform at the Academy Awards this year. “According to, the Destiny’s Child singer will duet with Josh Groban on the Oscar-nominated song ‘Believe’ from the animated film The Polar Express.” The Oscars are scheduled to air Sunday, February 27th at 8 Eastern, on the ABC […]

Roundabout reprise

The Welwyn & Hatfield Times has news on a new film of an animated British TV classic. “It first appeared on British television screens in the 1960s, and many generations have grown up watching the animated children’s classic, The Magic Roundabout. Now [it] is returning with an outing on the big screen, with an all-star […]

Review of Batman:TAS – Volume Two

The folks over at IGN have a great new review up – this time of the recently-released second volume of Batman: The Animated Series. “Though it was positioned as a cartoon for kids, it was easily something that adult fans of the Caped Crusader could enjoy too. The cinematic staging and gothic designs gave it […]

Critics gnash Shark Tale DVD

The New York Daily News reports more protest about Italian stereotypes have risen upon its release to DVD. “[Tony] Avella, who heads the 12-member Italian-American caucus of the City Council, was joined at a press conference outside City Hall by several other Council members and representatives of Italian-American organizations. ‘All too often, the media, especially […]

Disney Dissidents to Withhold Votes

The Associated Press (via Yahoo! Business) has an article covering Roy Disney and Stanley Gold’s repeated vote of “no confidence” for the Disney Company, as well as their current criticism of the board’s handling of the search for a CEO successor. “The two dissidents have acknowledged progress made by the Disney board, but said the […]

Reviews of Region 1 Winnie the Pooh TV series DVDs…

Ultimate Disney has a couple new reviews that look at two new DVDs featuring a compilation of episodes from The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Each volume has been dubbed “Growing Up with Winnie the Pooh,” and feature four episodes each. The episodes are linked loosely by theme, including the adventurous Great Day of […]

New Film Shows Demise Of Disney's Hand-Drawn Animation

The Associated Press, via Twin Cities local news station WCCO, has written an article on Dan Lund’s 40-minute documentary, Dream On Silly Dreamer, which covers the closing of Disney’s 75-year-old hand-drawn animation department. The film will be screened this Thursday in Minneapolis, a day before the annual Disney shareholder meeting. “Lund said he hopes Disney […]

Flintstones Are "Way Too Gay"

In a clever retaliation to recent accusations by conservatist groups that the characters of SpongeBob SquarePants display homosexual behavior, Newsweek‘s Andy Borowitz has written up a satirical article using the Flintstones characters. “Harland Devane, leader of the group Focus on the Flintstones, said at a press conference in Washington, D.C. today that his organization was […]

Japanese animé still hot, but South Korea in focus at Belgian festival

Kyodo News (via Yahoo! Asia) reports on Belgium’s “Anima 2005” film festival, where Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle opened, and a special retrospective on South Korean animé, like Oseam, will also be featured. “‘For a long time Korea was seen as a place where Europeans could make their cartoons in a cheap way,’ the festival director, […]

Fuller Turns Screw-On Head

“After some fits and starts, [Bryan Fuller] is moving ahead with his upcoming animated alternative series Amazing Screw-On Head,” Sci-Fi Wire reports. Based on a comic by Hellboy‘s Mike Mignola, the series is set to air on the SCI FI Channel next year. “‘The Mignola comic book is brilliant absurdism,’ Fuller said in an interview. […]

Song of the South deserves a fresh look

The Boston Globe has an excellent article up about Song of the South‘s controversial history, and its push for a release on DVD. “This isn’t kowtowing to political correctness, as some may maintain, but an opportunity to deal with issues that most of us would rather not think about. Important discussions about still-relevant issues can […]

Tentative U.S. release date for Howl's Moving Castle…

According to Box Office Mojo, Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film has been targeted for a June 10th release date! It was previously reported that Buena Vista was aiming for a June release, but no date had been specified. Pixar’s Pete Docter is overseeing the English translation of the film, although no voice cast has been announced […]

New review for Mulan II…

Ultimate Disney has posted another new review – this time around they take a look at Mulan II, Disney’s direct-to-video sequel coming out February 1st. Coming up less-than-impressed, they write that “the film is passably entertaining at best and mediocre at worst. The elements are in place for a better than average sequel, but in […]

The Incredibles DVD press release; menus for Studio Ghibli Wave Two

Finally! A press release for the March 15th Incredibles DVD has been posted online at Ultimate Disney, confirming that the 2-Disc Collector’s Edition promises loads of great bonus materials, including making-of featurettes, deleted scenes, and the new animated short Jack-Jack Attack. The DVD will also be available in separate Widescreen or Fullscreen Editions – a […]

Aladdin 2-Pack DVD review, and Disney DVD's 2005 line up

A review for the 2 Aladdin direct-to-video sequels, released for the first time on DVD (curiously, as a double pack), is now online at Ultimate Disney. “These are undoubtedly direct-to-video sequels, but as Disney’s first forays into this domain, they’re neither as schlocky as some of the bottom-rung follow-ups we’ve seen since nor as ambitious […]

More Bambi content details…

Ultimate Disney has created an excellent preview page for the upcoming Platinum Edition DVD of Bambi, arriving March 1st. Included are a detailed list of extras, screenshots of the DVD’s painterly menus, and preview shots of the 2-disc set’s bonus features. The menus alone are worth a peek at this page, so check it out!

Gargoyles: The Complete First Season review now online!

Ultimate Disney has a fabulous review of the 2-disc season set of Gargoyles, due in stores on December 7th. Certainly an event for Gargoyles fans, the set also marks a Disney milestone, as this is the first Disney animated series to be released in a complete season format. As the review puts it, “Whether or […]

Bambi DVD teaser site…

Although there isn’t much there yet, an official Flash teaser site for the Platinum Edition DVD of Bambi, set to come out March 1st, has been set up for your viewing pleasure!

The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bear coming to DVD

Animated Bliss has the press release for the acclaimed (if not too creatively titled) independent animated film The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bear. Central Park Media will release this Danish film to both a standard and a collector’s edition DVD on February 8th of next year.

Is that you, Mr. Wonka?

British tabloid The Sun has a short column today featuring an image of Johnny Depp as the one and only Willy Wonka, from Tim Burton’s upcoming adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In addition, Movie Hole has a few set pics that have been sneaked onto the net.

The weekly Why For?

Jim Hill returns with even more answers to your Disney-related questions. This time around, Jim talks about the Times Square hotel that the Walt Disney Company almost built, where to look to find Frank & Ollie in The Incredibles, as well as announcing his next set of Disney World tours.

Early review of Howl's Moving Castle!

All the way from Japan, ‘Senator Ovaltine’ has sent Ain’t It Cool News a positive early review of the next Hayao Miyazaki film Howl’s Moving Castle. While he has a few minor quibbles, it was overall a great experience; hopefully this bodes well for the film when it arrives in U.S. theaters next year!

"…and then there's the other kind!" More Shadow Puppet delights…

Michel Gagné, ambitiously continuing his Insanely Twisted Puppet Show pet project, has released a new teaser for the series, first reported about by Animated News on October 30th. This time around he gives us a much eerier and more tantalizing glimpse at what’s in store!

Disney announces… the Classic Cartoon Favorites!

Be prepared for yet another new DVD line from Disney; this time with Walt Disney’s Classic Cartoon Favorites! Mimicking the Spotlight Collection series that Warner Bros. has utilized with the Looney Tunes, among others, these four single-disc DVD volumes will each contain an hour of classic Disney shorts – making the cartoons more widely available […]

Studio Ghibli Wave 2 titles announced!!

Many thanks to Ultimate Disney for the exciting press release! Buena Vista has, at last, announced the release of three more 2-disc Special Edition DVDs of long sought-after Studio Ghibli films! In short – the good news is the release date is still February 22nd, 2005; it has not been pushed back further. The bad […]