Month: July 2024

Bob Newhart dies; comedy icon voiced Bernard in The Rescuers films
Hanna And Barbera: Conversations

They lost their jobs after winning several Oscars at MGM, then went on to become the kings of Saturday morning, before their life work helped to jumpstart Cartoon Network. This collection of interviews and articles covers the whole history of what was once the biggest cartoon studio in the world.

Inside Out 2 becomes Pixar’s top-grossing movie of all time globally
Shrek 5 sets summer 2026 release at DreamWorks
Despicable Me 4 conquers holiday weekend
Despicable Me 4

With barely any story to speak of, the only reason to see Despicable Me 4 is if you enjoyed the previous films. But for everyone else, it’s criminal how little there is here to recommend.

Jon Landau passes away; prolific Avatar producer was 63
Why Inside Out 2 has been such a big hit in Mexico
Inside Out 2

While still a few too many contrivances, overall Inside Out 2 is a joy, deeper and more emotionally satisfying than the first, with some memorable performances.

The Garfield Movie

The Garfield Movie takes everything you know and love about the fat cat and tosses it all out in favor of making an action movie instead.

Marvel’s What If…? to end after three seasons
Despicable Me 4 opens

Illumination’s Despicable Me 4 opens today. The critical consensus is mixed, with the film just falling short of a fresh Rotten Tomatoes score at 55%. Box Office Pro still projects a strong first place opening week domestically, with the movie potentially taking $70-$85 million for the three-day weekend, and $115–$135 million for the longer five-day […]