Okay, so you all knew Glass was going to be the biggest movie of the weekend. But a big surprise came in the form of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the latest big screen movie for the hit Japanese anime which opened on a fraction of the screens that Glass did, but managed to debut in third place. Box Office Mojo reports that the film made $10 million over the three day weekend, giving it an astonishingly high per-venue average of $22,800. To provide a little comparison to just how big that number is, that’s more than double the per-venue average for Glass, which opened to $40 million.

Making the story even more impressive is that Dragon Ball has made $21 million since opening on Wednesday. It’s hard to say where the fan-driven film goes from here, as it was almost certainly front-loaded, but defied expectations in ways that make a screen expansion hard to not justify. In any case, Dragon Ball is already the third highest grossing anime movie of all time in the states, currently only behind Pokemon: The Movie and its follow-up Pokemon: The Movie 2000.