An extremely brief internet promo for Toy Story 4 confirmed that Bo Peep will apparently play a major role in the film, and is also the first official look at her new appearance. It looks like Bo has scrapped her old outfit in favor of one that will probably make it a lot easier to move around (though she’s still, of course, highly breakable, so hopefully she’ll be careful).

It is unknown at this point how much of Bo Peep’s involvement with the movie will resemble the sequel’s original treatment, which was going to see Woody and the gang on a quest to rescue her. Most if not all of that plot has reportedly been ditched since a massive script re-write (originally, former Pixar head John Lasseter himself was set to direct the film). It’s also possible that this promo is simply a tease for a potential Super Bowl movie trailer that will showcase Bo. Though it has yet to be announced which movies Disney will choose to market during the big game on Sunday, it has been confirmed that they have purchased some ad time.

Toy Story 4 opens June 21st. You can check out both the promo video and a brand new character poster below.