Month: March 2016 – page 3

The Secret Life of Pets gets PG rating
Finding Nemo becomes second movie, first animated, to be dubbed in Navajo
The Little Prince will now go straight to Netflix Streaming in the US
New Ice Age 5 posters
Disney XD to air Post Finale Edition of Gravity Falls: Between the Pines special

Disney XD will be airing a Post Finale Edition of the Gravity Falls: Between the Pines special that originally aired the week prior to the Gravity Falls series finale. The updated special will presumably include additional facts and secrets from the show, specially from the finale. The Post Finale Edition of Gravity Falls: Between the […]

Studio Ghibli adapts 12th century manga to promote Marubeni Power

Studio Ghibli has been enlisted by Marubeni Power to help in promoting their new electric power option called Plan G by adapting a 12th century manga called Chōjū-Jinbutsu-Giga Emaki, or Scrolls of Cartoons of Birds, Animals, and People, for a commercial to begin airing on April 1. Marubeni Power has posted 30-seconds of the commercial […]

Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson on bringing Anomalisa to life
Sausage Party’s “work-in-progress” cut gets positive response at SXSW
Yet another Finding Dory poster released
Batman Vs. Superman outpacing The Avengers in advance ticket sales
An Adventure Time! Lego set is on the way

Lego has just revealed that a playset based off of Cartoon Network’s popular Adventure Time! will be available later on this year. You can watch the announcement video below.

The red band trailer for Sausage Party is here

The new trailer for Seth Rogen’s R-rated animated comedy Sausage Party is now online. Keep in mind that this preview has a lot of bad words, so make sure you have those headphones on if you’re in public. The movie opens everywhere August 12th

Steven Spielberg and Harrsion Ford confirmed for Indiana Jones 5 in 2019
Watch the trailer for The Wild Life

Apparently just added to the release calendar for 2016, Summit Entertainment has revealed the trailer for The Wild Life online. Telling the story of Robinson Crusoe from the perspective of the animals on the island, the movie opens everywhere in September.

Official trailer for Disney Magic Kingdoms mobile game

Disney has launched a trailer for Disney Magic Kingdoms, a mobile game that allows players to build their own Disney theme parks from the ground up. The game will be released on Thursday, March 17.

Kevin Conroy to once again play Batman in The Killing Joke
Oriental DreamWorks CCO Joe Aguilar jumps to new Huyai Bros. animation branch in China
Into The Forest Of Enchantement – A Disney Musical Adventure at Disneyland Paris

Our exclusive interview with the creatives behind Disneyland Paris’ new show sheds light on creating entertainment for the parks!

Trailer for DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High special to air on Boomerang

DC Super Hero Girls will being having its first special titled Super Hero High. The special will center on Supergirl’s introduction to Super Hero High School while the Junior Detective Club investigates a mysterious series of security breaches. DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High will air on Boomerang on March 19.

Word-of-mouth propels Zootopia to second weekend take of $50 million
New Alice Through the Looking Glass TV spot

A new TV spot for Alice Through the Looking Glass has just landed online. The sequel to the Tim Burton mega-blockbuster opens this Memorial Day.

Storks sneak peek aired during Kid’s Choice Awards

A brief sneak peek of the upcoming movie Storks aired during the Kid’s Choice Awards on Nick last night, and has now been delivered online. The animated comedy comes to theaters everywhere in September.

Is a new Frozen short coming this summer?
Jeffrey Katzenberg’s recipe for “the perfect family movie”
Rian Johnson posts first on-set photo of Star Wars Episode VIII
Paramount dumps The Little Prince one week before release
Finding Dory, Moana could be among the biggest movies of 2016