Month: April 2015 – page 4

Simpsons to no longer be released on DVD?
Frozen: The Poster Collection

Disney keeps the Frozen merchandising wheel a-turning with an oversized print presentation of 40 pull-out-and-frame poster images. Most collectors will likely keep the book intact – if they can fit it onto their shelves!

A “Pinocchio-inspired project” could be in the works at Disney
Once again, that Gremlins remake might be moving forward at Warner Bros.
The current state of DisneyToon Studios: “Most everybody is gone.”
Michael Eisner is giving Bazooka Joe a face-lift
Star vs. the Forces of Evil premiere sets record for Disney XD
Head Over Heels director to helm The Lamb for Sony Pictures Animation
Let It Go a finalist for Billboard Music Awards
Liam Neeson to battle Peter Griffin in 250th episode of Family Guy
Russo brothers confirmed to direct The Avengers: Infinity War movies
Seth Green talks Yellowbird, confirms new season of Robot Chicken
A look back at the music of A Goofy Movie twenty years later
DreamWorks sets Dragons, Dinotrux for summer Netflix debut
The first trailer for Justice League: Gods & Monsters
How Frozen deals with themes of social anxiety and depression
Concept art for Inside Out revealed; Pixar talks story
The first hour of Inside Out previewed (obviously contains spoilers)
Home shows decent legs over Easter weekend
Should the Marvel Cinematic Universe extend to animation?
Disney, Sony, DreamWorks antitrust suit dismissed, for now
Revolution in collaboration helped Disney recapture its happy ending
Kids stay Home even as Furious 7 shatters records